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Winter mod is now available!


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11 minutes ago, Fedora12 said:

I have to say, it's difficult driving with the winter mod physics. Let alone having a double trailer :)

Much much difficult driving with the winter mod, I can't drive more than 70 km/h on the highways, also you can not drive more than 40/50 in the curves, the road is slippery.

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44 minutes ago, korejaac said:



[23:38:46] Connecting to Europe 2 server...
[23:38:49] Connection established (position in queue: 13).
[23:38:53] Connection refused. You are using an invalid client.
[23:38:53] You should redownload the mod through the launcher.

Found solution for this. One of the files is corrupted. Check the Hash values and if they do not match that file is corrupted, check all three files,. :)

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