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  1. Happy Birthday! ???:HaulieLove:

  2. Happy Birthday ??

  3. Angel , Happy Birthday!!?

  4. Happy Birthday! ? 

  5. Alright. Forum back online. Let's do my Practice Test. ?

  6. Companions, welcome to the TruckersMP team<3

  7. Congrats!

    1. Angel_Arrow


      Thanks, buddy.

    2. MattR


      Its great to see you on the team i know you will do great!

  8. Congratulations Trainee :)

    You're having a big day, there, Arrow :D


    1. Angel_Arrow


      Thanks, buddy. 2 months of hard work now. ?

  9. Exactly. That's why I created a tutorial video for it. I wanted to make a separate post for it but it got denied due to this post already being here as a tutorial. I guess the topic starter uploaded his pictures to a certain online photo upload service and that is not working anymore. ?
  10. In the last couple of days, we are driving around with a lot of random people. To be able to drive together, having the same load and having to deliver at the same location and company, we use the program Virtual Speditor. It seems that a lot of people are having issues with that program, so I created an easy to understand tutorial video to help those people out. https://youtu.be/bApqyvgFIt8 Go check it out! ?
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