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  1. In the last couple of days, we are driving around with a lot of random people. To be able to drive together, having the same load and having to deliver at the same location and company, we use the program Virtual Speditor. It seems that a lot of people are having issues with that program, so I created an easy to understand tutorial video to help those people out. https://youtu.be/bApqyvgFIt8 Go check it out!
  2. Okay ... did every possible solution. With the SFC/scannow I got this as a result (see attached image). So apparently that scan found some problems. The thing is that I now don't know how to interpret that log file. Way too much information and this is something I've never done. It's strange that I don't have the issue with ATS. It's only in ETS2. Further assistance would be much appreciated. If support can't help me, I'll understand. This is probably way beyond what TMP support is there for.
  3. I'm going to check this out tomorrow. In the main while I found out that I don't have the issue in ATS. A CCleaner register cleanup is what I do on a daily basis. Verifying the game files was already done as well. Now I have to test out to get rid of that folder and the other possible solution. But it's going to be something for tomorrow morning before the stream.
  4. Hello, I'm having an issue with going into the TMP's menu while driving my truck. In the past I could easily click my RMB to get the yellow arrow to hover over somebody's name or even to go into the menu of the MP (while TAB is open). Since a couple of updates that doesn't work anymore. More specifically: I can click RMB but the moment I do that my truck comes to a full stop. So going into the menu acts as if I'm going out of the game and do something in the background. I didn't have that before. This only started happening since a couple of updates ago for the TMP Client but also for Windows. So it could be a Windows Update issue as well. It's just hard to find out which one it is. More likely it'll be Windows, because when I ask around to the people, I regularly drive with, they answer me that they still can go into the menu without their trucks stopping all of a sudden. So, is there anybody who can help me out here? Any ideas? All help and tips are more than welcome.
  5. First of all I want to say that this is very nice material. Everybody should get this to read before they can even start driving on the multiplayer simulation servers. Maybe an idea for the staff to integrate this in some kind of form of information right before people want to connect with the multiplayer?! But ... I wonder where you got those speeds from? Here in Belgium for example it is a little bit more complicated. Let me explain with the following tabel: URBAN AREA Within urban area: 50 km/h Vehicles above 7,5 tons with ADR classe 1: 40 km/h OUTSIDE URBAN AREA Trucks up to 7,5 tons On highways and 4-lane roads: 90 km/h On 4-lane roads: 90 km/h On other roads: 70 km/h Trucks heavier than 7,5 tons On highways: 90 km/h On 4-lane roads: 90 km/h On other roads: 60 km/h Truck - Trailer combo heavier than 7,5 tons On highways: 90 km/h On 4-lane roads: 90 km/h On other roads: 60 km/h HCT heavier than 7,5 tons On highways: 90 km/h On 4-lane roads: 90 km/h On other roads: 60 km/h Trucks heavier than 7,5 tons with ADR On highways: 90 km/h On 4-lane roads: 90 km/h On other roads: 60 km/h Trucks heavier than 7,5 tons with ADR Classe 1 On highways: 85 km/h On 4-lane roads: 70 km/h On other roads: 60 km/h Minimum speed on highways is 70 km/h unless told otherwise with signage. =========================================================================================== In other words is the main speed for trucks on Belgian highways 90 km/h and not 80.
  6. You're welcome. Once in a while I try to make simple tutorials for simple things in the game. Everybody always thinks that anybody else then themselves know how everything works, but that isn't always true. And therefore the tutorial. I'm glad you liked it.
  7. In this video I show people how they can make their own jobs through the Trucksbook dispatcher. Bear in mind that you need the dispatcher rank to be able to do this on the VTC's Trucksbook page. Trucksbook Dispatcher Tutorial
  8. First of all, I want to say that I appreciate the effort the whole staff is doing to bring back TMP to what it was once before. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants the SIM servers to be real simulation servers again! Unfortunately, the reality now, after a couple of days, tells us something completely different. Apparently, a lot of drivers (I don't even want to call them truckers) are not interested in driving in a simulation environment. They just speed, drive reckless, bump into one another and couldn't care less about the rules or even road laws. On one hand, I would say: "Let them be.", but on the other, I don't want that kind of drivers amongst us, real simulation truckers. And that is exactly what is happening now on SIM 1. When we still had EU2 and 1, us simulation truckers already had to move to EU1, which was the simulation server and therefore a logic thing to do. The moment I started trucking there, I didn't have many problems anymore with trolls. Now I started to truck on SIM 1 because it is a simulation server, is it not? So I was in the assumption that truckers should drive according to the rules and the road laws (and the extra details in that first part of the rules, which was needed), but apparently, I'm wrong. SIM 1 is now a server filled with trolls! There are already heated discussions on the TruckersMP Discord and Facebook group in which I talk about the problems on the current servers. Unfortunately, I'm constantly whining, according to some trolls. And maybe I am a bit whiny and salty, but only to accomplish something better out of what we already got with these new changes. When I read everything in those discussions, trolls tell us that they don't want to drive on the arcade servers because those are no collision. Basically, they are asking for a server on which they can do whatever they want and on which they can ram each other. Of course, this is totally against the "Road to simulation" idea, but what happens now is that those trolls are now all on the SIM 1 server. In those discussions, I now get to hear that we, simulation truckers, have to move to SIM 2 and maybe that is not a bad idea?! But then again I come to think: "How many times do we, simulation truckers, have to move out of the way for those trolls?" If I'm right, I thought that SIM 1 was a simulation server and not a TROLL server?! But okay, once more I'll yield and will start my trucking and streaming sessions on SIM 2 (on which nobody will be around of course, but okay). So, basically I want to accomplish 2 things here: I want to make a shoutout to all real simulation truckers who want to have a good simulation trucking experience and ask them to come to SIM 2! If we all do that, that server will be filled with good truckers in no time! Maybe the developers could alter the arcade servers a bit (or at least one) and give those trolls what they want: a server on which they can collide with one another while driving 150 km/h (so that the SIM servers get cleaned once more). Okay, I think this was what I wanted to say. Before people start complaining here as well about the fact that I'm whining again, know that I did write this in a feedback ticket to the project management team as well. So, why here as well? Because if you read the article "Road to simulation", you can clearly see at the bottom "discuss on the forum", and I want other truckers to be aware that not everybody likes or has to like those trolls who ruin every little bit of our simulation experience and all the efforts the staff is doing! Also, I do not do this to whine or to be salty. I just want things to be as they were meant to be by the developers and the whole staff of TruckersMP. Some people don't dare to speak their minds because they're afraid of repercussions from within the community (yes, unfortunately, some people already got very personal with me because of this whole matter) and others don't have the ability to explain themselves in a good way (which is totally okay). And that, ladies and gents, is why I'm taking this (maybe a bit too) serious. Thanks for listening.
  9. Nevermind. What a dumbass I am. Not awake yet I guess. I put the files in the single player mod folder. My bad. Everything is alright now.
  10. I don't know about you guys, but I've downloaded the three files, put them in the correct folder and still I don't have wintermod in game.
  11. How to get this wintermod working???

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      WinterMod will start working when TruckersMP developers make it available, so that means that we'll be able to use that mod from the middle days of December or late until February.

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Please be patient. TMP is working on it :) 

  12. Same shit, different day. After having so much troubles downloading the previous update today it's the same with this late-night update. Every browser gives an error and so I can't download the MP. I can understand that the errors occur when the servers are full, but one day after????? Still overloaded servers???? It's not only Chrome. I have it in different browsers!!! And when you select KEEP, you get a corrupt file!!! You can't do anything with it.
  13. After several times of trying ... I've got the update!!!! A lot of problems on the servers I think. Thank you very much for the update!
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