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The most updated and common settings can also be found on this knowledge base article.

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Along with update 0.1.4, the multiplayer developers added the settings available when starting the multiplayer in the open TAB-e (to launch the settings window, hold the RMB, move the cursor to the Settings button and press the LMB):


General tab:

  • Development logging - disabled / basic / advanced logging. Turn on if there is a possibility that you will publish bug reports or violations of other players;
  • Drivers animation - on / off animation of drivers in cabs, slightly affect performance;
  • Smoothing distance - the distance at which trucks and trailers are loaded in high quality. Does not work if the "Use low detailed models" setting is enabled;
  • Season effects - on / off snow multiplayer weather effects. Disable if you are not using a winter mod.
  • Steam notifications position - setting the position of the Steam notifications during the game;
  • Player tag - setting a tag in front of a nickname (tags containing Cyrillic may cause errors when starting the game!);
  • Load cabin accessories - display of cabin accessories for other players (a reboot of the game is required!);
  • Load flags - displaying flags from DLC players (works only if you have this DLC) affects the FPS level!
  • Scale nametags - tags and nicknames of players are scaled depending on the distance to them - the closer to the player, the larger the font;
  • Players on the world map - the choice of the color of the display of players on the map (+ the attorney)
  • Speed limiter [90 km / h] - setting a speed limit of 90 km / h (except for cities).
  • Default CB radio channel - set the default radio channel
  • Extended CB radio sounds - extended radio sounds


The Sound tab refers to the synchronized sound of other players:

  • Speaker device - select playback device
  • Sound effects - on / off includes synchronized sound effects.
  • Master volume - the volume of the entire synchronized sound.
  • Sound effect volume - the volume of sound effects.
  • Voice volume - setting the volume of the radio.
  • Horn sounds volume - the volume of horn sounds.
  • Engine sounds - on / off engine sounds.
  • Gearbox sounds - on / off sounds of gearboxes.
  • Reversing sounds - turn on / off the reverse sound of other players
  • Lift axle sounds - on / off sounds of a lifting axis.
  • Microphone device — select the sound capture device (microphone).
  • Microphone volume - adjust the microphone volume.


Graphics tab (Graphics):

  • Draw drivers - on / off model of drivers in cabs, slightly affect performance.
  • Additional lights - on / off display of additional light sources (eg flashing beacons on trailers).
  • Draw distance - the distance to display players, affects only the distance of the players in your field of vision.
  • Dynamic shadows - on / off realistic shadow in trucks, greatly affects performance.
  • Fake shadows - enable / disable fake shadows under the truck.
  • Headlights - on / off headlights of other players.
  • Windows opasity - setting the transparency of windows in the game ("TAB" and the settings window).
  • Avatars - on / off avatars next to the player's nickname.
  • Force trailer nametags - on / off displays player's nametag above trailer when it is connected.
  • Player's TruckersMP ID - on / off displays the TruckersMP ID next to the nametag of other players.
  • Show speaking players - display the speaker's nicknames in the radio (in the upper left corner)
  • Background for new chat messages - display a background for chat messages, even when text is closed.


Interface (settings for notifications and scoreboard alterations):

  • Save scoreboard position and size - on / off saves the position of where you have the TAB menu
  • Save position and size of the radio box - on / off saves the position of where you have the Radio Box
  • Notify me about changes to the speed limit - on / off displays the current speed limit whenever it changes 


Mods tab:

  • contains mods that can be activated to work in multiplayer (seasonal, such as the "winter mod").



This list will be updated and supplemented.

Last updated on September 17th 2020

Edited by Μatt
General update to add new features
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