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Discord commands!

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Hi everyone! Today I'll run through TMP's Discord commands. 


So, there are a few commands for some specific matters. There's basically "rank," "music" and "request voice channel" commands. So let's see how they work!


The "?rank command":


These command gives you access to certain channels. These channels include some "off-topic" subjects and channels for some specific languages (other than English). 


The channel to trigger it is #claim-language-and-rank. To do so, type "?rank [rank name], replace [rank name] for the rank you want to join. Check availability by typing "?ranks"


If you done it properly , the "Dyno" bot will let you know. The rank makes a special channel available for you, just take a look for it! 


The "!p" command:


This command is designed to play songs! Be sure to join the "Music" voice channel before following the step"! The channel to trigger it is #musicbotcmd". To do so, type "!p [ link for the music video, Youtube]"



The extra "+" commands:


There are some extra commands. Trigger them on "#bot-commands"! Check them out: 


   +stats - Get's the current game server statistics from TruckersMP.
   +traffic - Get's the most congested areas on a game server (default is EU2).
   +language - Sends a message, optionally tagging [user], and optionally mentioning [language].
   +whois - Get some information about the user with the given <TruckersMP ID>.
   +delvoice - Delete the voice channel you requested from +vc.
   +permit - Allow the user into the private channel you had created by +vc
   +requestvoice - Request your own voice channel in the server from the bot. Write 'private' after the command for a private channel.

Those are all the basics commands, the ones you'll need to know to get going! Hope it helps! :P



(If you want to help this post, please let me know if you find any mistakes or you have any tips or ideias to add. Please leave some feedback!)

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To make it better! :P
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That's a really great guide for discord users, but It will be great If you also add here text types like **text** __text__ ```css text``` and etc. I understand that this guide is about commands but this could be a great bonus for people who read this topic ;) 

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