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  1. Suggestion Name: Traffic Lights at Calais intersection to Lille/Paris/Brussels Suggestion Description: This place is at high player counts mostly congested and lots of people don't give way at people coming from Calais or Brussels/Duisburg, The current situation is that there are people with pilot cars sometimes controlling it but that is not allowed for that purpose and they get kicked by admins/moderators. A solution for everyone will be, add traffic lights to the congestion like in ProMods, It gives everyone the solution to take their turn and will solve many problems. I think this could be possible since TruckersMP only needs to add some objects, this could be added with a patch. Any example images: Yes (source: ProMods) (In this last image, the cross/road block should be ignored, this is the route to Brussels/Liege from Calais but this route is disabled in ProMods.) Why should it be added?: It makes the traffic there more smoothly and gives everyone a chance of crossing the intersection when it is very busy. Resulting in less accidents.
  2. Hey there, I was curious so I decided to run a poll, Are you in a VTC? And are you in one dedicated VTC or multiple? if yes/no, why? I want to hear from you Regards, Riley
  3. Congrats with your promotion.

  4. Why no mention about the time restriction that changed from 3 months, 50 posts to 12 months? This is just weird since no one mentions anything about it... I think everyone should have an equal chance even if they just play 1/4 of a year, 1/2 of a year or a full year... The recruited person must prove afterwards and during the application he will be active enough.
  5. I thought so but just asked it anyways since some people were confused there are no trucks on it I only use that one for free-roam purposes.
  6. 17 (driving lessons), 20 driving really alone after passing my drivers test (I just waited until my 3 years temporarily license time ended to be sure I really passed the test, could have done it earlier/faster if I did practice less.)
  7. ^ Some might have taken a wrong turn but most of them are just trolling/blocking the C-D road.
  8. Congrats with your promotion.

  9. Hey there, I got some confused looks, so I'm asking it here just to be sure... Am I allowed to use this trailer? -Riley
  10. Thinking about a Pilot Car Dispatch company... Wouldn't it be great if VTC's can contact a pilot car company for their convoys? It would be also more proffesional/simulation wise :) #random #idea

  11. Making it one-way will not help, It only will slow down traffic more. If people need NBFC or LKW I recommend them using the 2nd exit into Calais, but you can not force everyone to do that (it would also just create a extra traffic jam...).
  12. Same here, I like go there once or twice every week but after that it is just enough for me and drive on the other routes There are many routes that are more beautiful and I sometimes think why there aren't more people driving those... It would make TruckersMP way more fun then people that just drive the C-D route alone. Don't understand me wrong though, C-D route is also a fun route but sometimes it just seems most people are the main target for everyone.
  13. Congratulations with your new rank :)

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