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Chat improvment


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Suggestion Name: Chat improvment

Suggestion Description: When someone writes your ingame ID it shows up a little bit colored in the chat, so you can notice it better.

Any example images: no.

Why should it be added?: When someone is writing something special, something important and mention my ID in the chat i can notice it better. 

Hope ya know what i mean

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Firstly, thank you for the sensible,good idea. yes, the chat's sometimes too crowded. tbh ı cant read when it is so . but  I could read when I see a colorful id. it would be very good. 


I think this suggestion should be accepted



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Hello there;

I think it's an unnecessary application. Because if they want to send you a message, They can use the /pm command.





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That is a wonderful idea because it can be really difficult to find important messages addressed to you in a heap of other messages, especially on busy roads with a lot of traffic when most drivers try to write something to each other. 

And using private messages for this purpose may be inconvenient.

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