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  1. Seems like you've lost your gamesave. what you can do for that is, there is several gamesaves online that you could use, or you would have to start a new one. when you format your PC you will loose all progression that you had on your account unless you made a backup of it. Keep in mind if you want to format again at a later time, go into your ETS2 folder and save your profile! (Make a backup OF it and save it somewhere that you can download it later, or on a seperate hardrive!) Hope that helped.
  2. Good luck everyone. Free stuff is allways the best stuff
  3. menphz

    New Game Mode

    I think it's going to be amazing, the most interesting part about it is to see how chaotic its gonna be around cities
  4. I need this in my life, Its so good, cant wait for thius expansion to come
  5. The country i enjoy the most is norway. But scandinavia for sure the roads are amazing there.
  6. I mean it being a simulator just means its as close as they got ti real life trucking at the point where they made the game. And of course its just a game. But he has the right to ha e is own opinions tho
  7. Keep up the good work. things doesnt allways go as planed, but you learn from it
  8. I dont know why that happend, it happend to me aswell, but it should let the automatic transmission shift for you as long as you let go of the trottle for a second when you hear it needs to shift.
  9. Yeah, ive started streaming when i play, mostly for my own safety you also get some funny moments out of it Great guide aswell, more people should do this
  10. Banned because trump decided to do so
  11. Happy birthay man, have a great one ;D
  12. Adding this would actually be amazing, having something like if somebody rams into you doing 100, make them pay, like a 50k ticket or something seems suitable for that, that would make poeple drive more carefully
  13. I really hope this dlc isn't too far away, i cant wait to play it Got some really nice screenshots there aswell
  14. My favorite would be scandinavia for sure, the scenery is beautiful and the roads is quite nice.
  15. I would honestly love a expansion to the scandinavia DLC, get some more cities in, some more small roads etc, there is alot of tight roads in norway for an example, where your driving really ahs to be on point. i would love more challenging roads, and i think a expansion to scandinavia could give us that i feel like there isnt enough cities there
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