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0.1.4 has been released.

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Hello    new update is here! Support for patch 1.16.2s. Added settings. Synchronization has been improved. Fixed some crashes. Happy trucking!

Topic has been closed. We are going to publish hotfix for all existing issues later today [this date may change].  Sorry for inconvenience.

First thought on the update: Blurry screen ahhh my eyes.... :D



Truck dealers are collison areas now, everyone hitting each other in Paris


There are not collision on the SCANIA WORKSHOP. This is BUG.

Not every dealership was a NCZ in the previous


Trailers are driving by selfs and we can´t see each other (players)----http://imgur.com/Q2mnX7H

My dreams are now fulfilled, i can now die in peace :lol:


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I drove some and tested it, I notice these bugs first:


- Non-collision is not okay at some random dealers or places... 

- Trailers drive themself without a truck like scary ghosts.  :ph34r:

- I don't think you really improved "synchronization" and I've never believed it. Sorry... 

- A truck was like just respawned in front of me with a high speed or Idk if it's a bug about that 150-500 m thing at options.  :o


Sorry for my bad English anyways.

We still love you dear devs and ETS2 MP crew. Happy trucking all.  :)

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I don't think you can stop that snowing effect, this is actually the weather synchronization at this moment. Maybe I'm wrong..


Unchecking the box for the winter mod gets rid of the snow on the roads etc. but it doesn't get rid of the snow fall. It used to snow/rain almost 24/7 but recently these past few weeks I've started to notice there's more times now where I can actually turn off my wipers for once. How the snow falls doesn't make any sense either, it looks as if it's falling forwards and away from the cab rather than hitting against the windscreen. 

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