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[FORUM] How to make a suggestion


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Hi there!


So you want to make a suggestion to the TruckersMP managers? Well, here's a quick guide on how to make a good suggestion to the TMP managers, to maximise the chances that your idea is accepted and what happens to it afterwards! :)


First of all, check that your idea hasn't been suggested already. If you go into the suggestions sub-forum (Not anywhere else, just suggestions) and click on the search bar on the top right of the screen (Or the magnifying glass if you're on mobile), and search for roughly what your idea is, you'll be able to see if there're any similar suggestions either already accepted/rejected or already open for discussion. If they're already open for discussion, you can add your point of view onto the existing thread. (NOTE: Don't just reply with "+1" or "I agree" or anything similar, this doesn't add anything useful to the suggestion and may be hidden by a moderator as it could be classed as useless content/spam) There's also a thread from a (now former) developer explaining different suggestions that will automatically be rejected, and reasons why here: 



Any game-related changes such as new maps, extra lanes on roads, new trucks, new vehicles in general or anything that modifies the existing game is for SCS (The game developers) to deal with, and will be rejected as the TMP team won't be able to change anything about the game itself such as these. SCS have their own suggestion sub-forum on their website here: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewforum.php?f=5 where you can add some game-related changes you would like to see.


Also don't suggest "more cars" or "ban all cars" or anything to do with the cars. Just, don't.


Next, always post in the new suggestions section. Now this sounds ridiculous, but trust me, some people do post suggestions outside the actual sub-forum. So always make sure it's in the 'New Suggestions' sub-forum, linked here: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/850-new-suggestions/ If you post anywhere else like in General Discussion, you risk your post being archived/trashed as it's in the wrong section (Although most of the time they're just moved to the right section and you're asked to change your post to follow the format).


Remember to stick to the format, this keeps your post easy to understand so that people can read it easily and give relevant feedback on it.


Suggestion Name: 

Suggestion Description:

Any example images: 

Why should it be added?:


Also, stick to English for suggestions. If you need to, ask someone to translate it for you correctly or start by posting it in your relevant language sub-forum, as Google Translate often isn't much help at all with forum posts.


Now you've started to create your topic, it's important to give as much detail as you can. If possible, include images or videos of your idea, as this helps people visualise your idea and get a good look at what it is you want. If you can't show images/video, make sure to give enough detail so that people can understand what it is that you want changing/adding. Vague ideas are often not understood correctly, so people will be confused and it probably won't be moved out of 'New suggestions' until you edit your post with more detail.


After this, your post will be in the 'New suggestions' section for a moderator or manager/developer to do a quick check on it, to make sure it wasn't already suggested and that it follows the format and it isn't for SCS. If it meets this criteria, the moderator checking it will move it to the 'Open for discussion' section under the relevant category (Such as in game, website, forums, etc.). This section is where the general players can write their point of view about it, and often they'll write "+1" and a reason, or "-1" and a reason so that you and the managers/developers can get a good idea about what people think. They can also give you rep (or reputation) to your original post, if they like your idea. Note, that people who just put "+1" or "-1" are technically causing spam, so these responses are hidden by a moderator if they're caught.


Finally, after some time in 'Open for discussion', a manager or developer will have a look at it, and depending on what they think, they'll move it to either rejected or accepted (and eventually Accepted>Done). They'll often add a reason to the end of the thread as to why they accepted or rejected it. This decision is often based on what the players think, whether it's possible to implement it, and how complicated it would be to implement it. If they need more help with what you want changing, they'll keep it open and ask for more details (Although you should've added enough detail when making it in the first place :P) so they can get a better understanding on what it is you want.


And that's it! Good luck with making your idea a reality, and I'll see you on the road! :)

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Thank you for enlightening us on this matter.


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