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  1. pls go with "happy new year" only once new year has actually come for everyone :)

    1. Blackeh


      otherwise no no

    2. Dziada


      People have different time zones and it's already new year for some people :wesmart:

    3. BL4CK$K1LL


      Happy New Year :troll:

  2. thanks for the follow, have it back ;)

  3. thanks you so much 4 this guide, it is very helpful to people who are not used to forum mechanics, good job!
  4. ohh my god these are some very good photos, good job!
  5. very good release, you won't believe how long i waited for it so i can use Euro Truck Simulator 2 ver. 1.33.2s [c4bd46c22d4d] and Baltic Sea DLC! thank you a lot!
  6. Blackeh

    New to Discord?

    oh my god, thanks for this guide, i found it very useful,entertaining and i believe many people can learn something new from it! good job on writing it and posting it here, thanks! a lot!
  7. sure but it's supposed to change parallel to changing my TruckersMP one, amirite? if so then i demand my forum name to be updated because i cant accept having this username when i never chose it, you're literally forcing it onto me and i do not like that
  8. yes i do so my cocaine caliphate name was removed and changed to the user one but it stayed on forums, when i changed the user_12894912419824129847912 one to a new one then User stayed on forums what is this anomaly It's obviously not happening for the first time the thing that your name doesn't get updated on forums, so i have no guilt for that and i demand my forum name to be changed to my current truckersmp one because i can bet 9 billion dollars that even if i change it on the provided date then it will be Blackeh instead of my new one i demand my name updated on forums because of this anomaly that happened (and i believe will keep happening) also about the kick thingy, i spawned in an area with 000000000000000000 trucks and i literally got insta-kicked upon connecting while i was on the loading screen after clicking "Drive" (this happened a few mins ago when server was empty and happened 10 times in a row last night when spawning in a 0 trucks area, i was trying to play with friends but truckersmp just clapped me with the fact that it will not allow me to do so for no apparent reason, my fps and internet connection were stable as long with little to none trucks around me)
  9. duh i already changed my name and it's still the same on forums, explain this and change my name right now because i can't change it till a certain date this is so stupid and pls remove the unreliable connection kicks, they're so random and stupid
  10. why do salty admins keep deleting my profile posts, there was no profanity at all and the drugs mentioned in it are legal here, hello?



      why cant u just be normal

    2. Dziada


      You swore, and there is evidence of it. Please do not spam the forums, or it will result in warnings.


      If you have any questions, feel free to message me.


      //Locked Status Update

  11. why the [CENSORED] has my profile name been changed? admins? HELLO?
  12. if an admin removes my name or avatar once again

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Blackeh


      well yes? it's not as if it was NSFW, it's just the word "cocaine" and a pic that contains weed(which btw is legal in many countries, SO IF IT'S LEGAL IN MINE YOU CAN'T EVEN STOP ME FROM POSTING VIDEOS OF MYSELF SMOKING IT, ALRIGHT??????????????)

    4. Dziada


      Dear Caliphate,


      If you would like to make any complaints you can use the feedback system which can be found here --> https://www.truckersmp.com/feedback

      Here is a guide that can help you:


      If you have any other questions, feel free to meesage me.


      //Locked Status Update

  13. Замислям да започна българска фирма, ако някой е навит и е пълен с идеи може да се свърже с мен.
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