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Wintermod Released

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Hello and Happy Holidays! We’re very excited to share some news with you! First: WINTERMOD IS HERE! Following our normal winter traditions, we are allowing players to play with Frosty Winter Weather

plz add physics, i have been waiting this like years :3 add atleast them to Eu1 or somewhere then where speeds are lower or create new server with speed limits? if you guys afraid chaos  

I've personally seen better quality winter mods out there that could have been used.

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5 hours ago, Kat_pw said:

(Kat_pw wanted to make them out of paper and scissors but it was decided this was too dangerous.)


when kat can't be trusted with scissors and paper



No electrons were harmed during the creation, transmission or reading of this posting. However, many were excited and some may have enjoyed the experience





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Great work TruckersMP ^_^ 

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Guest ..Anonymous..

@darkneon2002 Use ^ when commenting on posts, you'll save the forums mods some work.


Yeah it is stupid, that's my opinion. This is a game, and in this game (to me) it's considered stupid to have your headlights on when it's a sunny day.

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Hi guys! Winter mod is definitely interesting and brings some variety. However the sky is quite difficult to call winter. Course really want to change with regards to physics. At least something in the spirit of the physics of rain from SCS(In this case, if the rubber is worn out, the truck can be dangerous to slide on the road, almost like winter). Good luck to the developers of multiplayer, we really appreciate your efforts!

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