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  1. so now we are saying that people who actually drive realistically and use it as a- dare I say- simulator are just "not good at speeding"? I drive at the speed limit because it's a simulator, not because I can't handle speed.
  2. Also, going 150kph equals no realism. Yet here we are. I agree, but I do propose an idea: Maybe TMP could add a rank of people like game admins, but only to an extent. Not allowed to ban, so no banning everyone, but then there could be a lot more scattered. They could be allowed to give out warnings and have some form of authority over normal players, and if they find anyone who they think (from a professional standpoint) should be banned, they could report it to Game Admins. Also allowed to control traffic, do some more of the traffic managing to take some of the load off of the admins so that they can focus on reports and such. I don't know, this is a lose-lose situation.
  3. Okay, here's my take on all of this: As someone who drives realistic, follows real-life traffic rules (I don't care if the game won't fine you for running stop signs, I am going to stop at stop signs... stuff like that), and drives as if I had a 65mph in ATS or 90kph in ETS2 limiter... I am tired of getting my doors blown off by people with their huge Scanias with windshields full of thingies and technically illegal lights galore who are going 180 down the highway. If you are going to play multiplayer, you are doing so because you want to drive with other people. By driving with other people, you acknowledge that you are supposed to drive nicely around them because they are real people. In SP, you can make a family sedan go flying into the ocean and nobody will care except you. In MP, people are affected by what you do. If you want to go extremely fast, apex corners, throw aggressive blocks, and drive like a maniac, go play a racing game like Forza. TruckersMP exists to make the game more realistic in the sense that you can communicate with other drivers, drivers are (in theory) more realistic than in-game AI, and many other things. I'm just ranting here, but TL;DR: if you want to drive faster than you would be able to in real life and cut people off, go to Arcade or don't bother with multiplayer.
  4. CarCat

    Traffic Warning System

    +1 it would help a lot. This most likely won't happen, but maybe the TruckersMP team could hire field workers? Not authorized to ban or kick, but to report problem spots, traffic, direct traffic, etc.
  5. I have a potato PC, and although useful for the 60% of users with good PCs, the other 40% of us will get more lag. Draw distance increased means more strain on the server. The more strain on the server, the slower everyone gets.
  6. Yeah... the game requires 4gb... I'm surprised if you can run it without MP. I'd think it wouldn't let you. But a dedicated graphics card of any sort is better than integrated graphics, just saying.
  7. I have an AMD E2 w/ integrated graphics, don't talk to me about powerful machines. I can run it just fine. What're your specs? @GEB 031 Space (MG)
  8. I still hope we get physics, at least on one server...
  9. ...on what? @Jhoni30 [BR-EN]
  10. I agree on the headlights, low beams are blinding off of the snow. Reflection needs to be fixed.
  11. It's realistic. Most drivers for a company IRL are required by company policy to use their lights 24/7. I know I do in-game, both games. All the time. Also, I have a horrible computer and I have noticed absolutely no fps difference from the winter mod.
  12. @gamenator16 I don't see it... what do you mean?
  13. Awesome! Looks forward to it! By the way, my answer to question number 1 is you should.
  14. Also, if you want to slide around, (I probably shouldn't be saying this even) go into SP and drop your truck from high up into the air a few times until everything is 100% (or at least tires). Then TP to service and repair everything but the tires (by unchecking the box next to "tires"). Then, you slide around, and everything else works. Only gripe is that the truck will always say visit service and 100%. @ThatOvertakenPokeman I honestly hope it's that one...
  15. I have no former VTC experience, except that managing my own VTC (Cydot Farms), which is a one-driver operation (me ). But, I have experience using Trucksbook and other VTC boards, and I can keep track of everything in a spreadsheet to manage things like loads, drive time, etc. [for realism purposes]. So I might be a *mediocrely* good manager. EDIT: Also, what do you think you will name it?
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