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Does anyone else have graphical flickers? Dont know if its MP or 1.30 release but its there in MP at least. I am using 2nd most recent driver from Nvidia, don't know if its just from the fact that I only have a GTX 1050 Ti and it cant handle ETS2 anymore or what, but I can't play now. 



Picture of it: Will change in severeness and even go away with camera movement, but never stays away for long


EDIT: Fixed. 

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I would like to remind everybody trying to download the most recent multiplayer patch release, that there might be some issues. However, when you have issues, please create a topic in the Help Section rather than sharing your issues here.



Not only will it make the topic confusing if there are many replies to issues but it will also make important messages (for instance, by mwl4) appear more quickly.

Other than that, one could potentially experience bugs or unexpected events in-game. For the purpose of reporting that, I am kindly asking to post a new topic in the respective Bug Reports section.


Note that there is a mandatory format which needs to be followed.



Thanks for your patience and I hope that everything will run smoothly as soon as possible :)


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