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  1. Random events will be supported in future? As MP disables AI vehicles, i have events spawning without vehicles but the cones, concrete barriers and workers remained, the mobile barrier event on fast lane also is there. Or its out of your control and the recommendation is to leave events OFF or take the risk
  2. Some Service stations and gas stations doesn`t have Colision Zones enabled in NM
  3. I hauled a Rocky Mountain yesterday, no problem
  4. That is was i call: Fast response, thanks!
  5. i'm running great on this version and MP is fine for me after almost 1 year away i'm back. BTW, when MP will support Scharzmuller trailers pack?
  6. 1758 new drivers today. ! million it`s going easy. It`s organic growth, the bigger it gets, the bigger it`s gonna be!
  7. The game just got updated to version but the mod still working!
  8. Thanks and there is an estimated date to release the 64bit client?
  9. Do what you have to do to make it even better! And thank you for the greatest mod ever!
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