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v2.3.0 Website release


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Today we released version 2.3.0 of the website, this introduces a pile of new features as well as fixes for existing features.



WEB-142 - Changed our Date and DateTime pickers to flatpickr, unifies the ui for time pickers and limits what dates and times can be picked.
WEB-165 - Added Neutral option for management on reports
WEB-166 - Added a new recruitment system
WEB-174 - Added new statuses to feedback tickets
WEB-175 - Limit the number of feedback tickets permitted to be submitted to 3 days after previous has been closed, and limit to 1 active feedback ticket.
WEB-178 - Feedback system now hides reply box if you can not reply
WEB-188 - Updated frequency to every 2nd week for username changes
WEB-206 - Fixed a bug preventing emails from being sent from the feedback tickets
WEB-207 - Added info box on feedback tickets informing users to contact support for technical issues
WEB-213 - Updated Media team excerpts


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28 minutes ago, the bored hermit said:

^^ Thank you does this give others a input or is it still only viewed by staff members


Management can create recruitment forms and recruitments, and when recruitment is open users can apply for positions through this system, on https://truckersmp.com/recruitment.

HumaneWolf - Website - Twitter - GitHub



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