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  1. Hi @Yoyo_ManSg, Yes I am satisfied with these answers thank you everybody. However I am attempting to appeal a ban as of which I shouldn't of been banned for in the first place. You see two players were attempting to run me off the roads, causing chaos and that got me really frustrated at them as they were intentionally trying to wind me up and they did so. So I told them all where to go and got banned for it. So I shouldn't be punished, I apologised to the admin for the bad language which was used and are awaiting a response. If somebody 'intentionally' tries to cause chaos and flip you off the road it is bound to make you feel in this way. Do you think I should of been punished for this or not? Thank you, Heapsteriser
  2. Thank you @Mike Dragon for your reply. I am happy to wait until an administrator replies back to me. I got banned for a week because I got really frustrated at two players in-game for attempting to run me off the roads and I used bad language in the chat towards those players. That was my mistake however I should of been warned for it. I believe you don't get a warning, you just get banned for a certain amount of time, am I right? There are many players in-game who shouldn't be playing on TruckersMP, let alone the game itself. Many of them are nice, however you get some of them who smash into you, chase you across the city and just generally cause havoc. Not to mention that people can be very rude. Thank you, Heapsteriser
  3. Very nice updates! Keep up the great work everybody. I personally love TruckersMP. If it wasn't for you great people we wouldn't have multiplayer on ETS2 and ATS
  4. Hi TruckersMP and players, I am looking to know how long it takes for an admin to respond back to the appeals of bans through the TruckersMP website. Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated, Heapsteriser
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