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Hello @seamustrainfan25,


TruckersMP has no relation to World of Trucks and would not be able to explain the outage of the WOT jobs yesterday. Generally, whenever you are unable to contact WOT servers, it is due to an update or similar done by SCS, so the update to the website with the new log book feature would be most likely the reason for this but I cannot confirm this.

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Hello!! We are pleased to announce support for the latest SCS patch:   ETS2 : [d6893b8f540b] ATS : [d6893b8f540b]   Features: Support for DAF Lift DLC

I am grateful to the developers 

Updated network code with some fixes to improve sync.

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@seamustrainfan25 this is copied from the SCS blog (Trade Connections France event announcement posted 31st of August 2017) 
"We are introducing a new feature to World of Trucks called the 'Log Book' - it will allow you to check on your past transportation jobs. Refer to it to check on your progress in the event."

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@[BR] Marcos

The forum is not the proper place to be discussing ban/appeals or to send reports. It won't help you at all.
Please use the ban appeal system and follow the appropriate ways rather than posting status on Staff profiles, posts or topics in the forums.

Appeal your ban here : https://truckersmp.com/appeals

Also, note that it can take some time until an admin reviews your appeal as they are very busy.

If you need more information, please read to the following topics :


Finally, you can complain about your ban by contacting the TruckersMP upper staff if you feel that the Admin did not issue it properly. If this is your case, use the Feedback Email System, you can find it in the following topic :


Thank you for your understanding.

TruckersMP Forum Moderator

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Thx for UCS-2 Little Endian :D but why log-file in Macintosh encoding by default ? or it's a notepad++ mistake?

And what about sync of train with 10 and more axles and sync slave trailers positions right after (re)load player? what about sync of license plate number on slave trailers?

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On 9/20/2017 at 3:17 AM, RTM93 said:

Can you please bring back the E3 Server ?

Cause we Need a place to be when E2 is overcrowded as usual...

When there is no other normal Server like the E3 was before the recent updates, I can´t Play ETS2 MP


What's wrong with Europe1? That's where I play with my mates as it doesn't have so many people seeming to crash you on purpose.


(We haven't played MP for that long so I could be missing something)

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