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  1. Hi. ... well, i think you may just enter in the game with allowed random events and you can see all of this bugs... Yes they is all still here, half drawed events(with collision boxes but without any objects from traffic) and the shaking articulated trailers, but i'm not sure about issue with Xbone(maybe XBox?) controller which @enjoyingorc6742 is talking about
  2. Hi, please enter in game and try to follow anyone player(ex. in ATS) with HC/Double/Tripple/RMD(any articulated trailer) when he is passing profiled turns (eg. Kingman->LasVegas) and you will saw what happening with the second and next trailers(technicaly, dolly it's a one fully trailer! so look at HC Flatbed or Double/Tripple/RMD first dolly) If you so lazy to do it(what i talk about, that bug exists more than one year and no one react here...) let me know and i attach fresh screenshots, i will wait for your answering for a one week
  3. Dear @TUNANKA and other support guys, please don't ask question like "Have you turned on your PC"! i'm already tell [RusTK] Alex KERNEL - i'm not a common user and not an idiot! Please read first messages! but if you want to be sure... ok maybe NET, Java, J#, XNA, Silverlight, Updated drivers? TOP hardware? Nothing of this will fix my trouble! NOTHING! Only full understanding, debugging and fixing that bug. !And yeah this trouble celebrate his fourth anniversary! But I don't expect that TMP will do something to fix it... and sometimes i glad what my CB work only in one direction.
  4. One little funny thing: in Jan or Feb update you add small feature - test your mic with playback received sound and it's work as well but in log files i found this ravings maybe you can make same implementation for general output device initialization like for test mic?? it's may solve my trouble!
  5. @Aestrial yep it fixed but may has one trouble(solution in post end) @NeffArt open taskmanager and try to find Launcher.exe or amtruck.exe proccess and kill process tree(in context menu)
  6. Crash with ATS on startup! Many injection error(about byte offset or something same and then App crash)! Thx for fast fix, If you have warning about unauthorized connect(window with alot of strange text and with yellow triangel), open taskmanager find amtruck.exe and kill process tree (in context menu), then try again
  7. Hey guys, any progress with that? That trouble is celebrating its second(or third) anniversary and my CB keep silent about 2 or 3 years...
  8. Mod Version: Controllers Used: nvm Description of Issue: Wrong sync: Mobile Barrier(both!) Food Cistern Global Mills paintjob Visual issue: ANY beacons from 1st view have wrong flash position(higher than should be), 3rd view - all good Most events in MP displayed incorrect (ex. overheat bus - smoke was displayed, bus no; crashed cars - smoke from engines and police's light was displayed, any cars - nope), but why?, Why you can't cause(call) render traffic vehicles as you do it with second trailers? Events not a dynamic and not happening in real time, we just see already happened events, so render it like not local player's trucks and trailers. In SP all events displayed correctly(i keep silent about events sync) Functional issues: CB radio from cab haven't any reaction on buttons(change channels, power switch) You "create" second and next trailers of not local players like an independent objects. And it's cause shaking because independent objects not have any relations between themselves and don't allows any collision penetrate. But in the junction point (ex. between any wabash and any dolly) penetrate is. That too hard for fix but i hope it will be fixed before my end Also would be wonderful if you "teach" your server to detect players vehicle. Screenshots / Videos: will be later
  9. Thx for UCS-2 Little Endian but why log-file in Macintosh encoding by default ? or it's a notepad++ mistake? And what about sync of train with 10 and more axles and sync slave trailers positions right after (re)load player? what about sync of license plate number on slave trailers?
  10. @[RusTK] Alex KERNEL, it's full client log for a one session I can speak in the CB radio and other player can hear me, but i can't hear them P.S. Please read my first post carefully they contains all need info(include tags), and i'm not a common user , please do not ask questions like "Have you turned on your PC" И ещё одна дописка: источник проблемы уже давно установлен - конфликт по правам доступа к аудио-стриму, PortAudio либо не знает как обращаться с разделенным аудио-стримом либо пытается бесцеремонно влезть вперед паровоза(V4W) и драйвер либо ОСь блочат это, отсюда и ошибка. Это как если бы вы пытались удалить видосик, который сейчас открыт в плеере
  11. @[RusTK] Alex KERNEL, и вам здрасьте, сижу на Win 7 Ultimate x64, административные права имеются по умолчанию / Hello, i'm using Win 7 Ultimate x64, administrative privilege is permanent allowed
  12. Mod Version: second patch to 28.08.17 nightly patch) Controllers Used: nvm Description of Issue: When any player enter in your tab-area, console write "Incorrect rear wheel definition for /vehicle/trailer/wabash/trailer_45.pmd" and when this player enter to render area game crashed. Crash happened with any double axle new trailers(i think you know "all new trailers") How to reproduce: Take a double trailer composed from medium and short trailers(wabash_45 & wabash). Come to any player and his client will crashing and he drop from game in short time. Screenshots / Videos: nope I think it was caused by new suspension definition(now not requred write definition for each axle) Also in this morning(nigth) all work correct
  13. Mod Version: Controllers Used: nvm Description of Issue: I understand - this is may be one of your optimization trick, but it bad trick. You don't synchronize Roll axis angle of trailer segment following the first and when one player roll over to side any other player can send him to deep space(partially reproduce NoCollision cheat). And second, but not critical, bug with sync it's a license number on next for the first trailer - he just not displayed(because text with texture path not synchronized) How to reproduce: Take you friend with attached heavy cargo, roll over him and look at his second and third trailer segments, than try push that segments and you can see what happen Screenshots / Videos: Server version: Client version: Be better if other players don't see this bug report(it's really critical bug)
  14. Mod Version: since voice chat was added for both games Controllers Used: nvm Description of Issue: After start, game logged this lines in game log file I don't know how you initialize portAudio and what lib was used but if something using audio device on low level (like Viper4Win or audio driver), portAudio create that exception. How to reproduce: You can easy reproduce this on any internal Realtek audiocard by select in advanced settings "Separate all input jacks as independent input devices" option, or if you install Viper4Windows and activate him(required PC reload) on any audiocard Screenshots / Videos: nope(needed synced videoline from two sides, maybe later) Help from my side this link(useful for devs): http://sites.music.columbia.edu/pipermail/portaudio/2012-October/014538.html
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