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More detailled TMP Staff "Icons"


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Hello everybody,


I decided to suggest this improvement because I am not sure whether it is possible to implement and whether it is even worth to add.
That is the reason why I would like to hear your opinion about this.


The Suggestion Name is to add multiple TMP staff icons which contain every group of the respective employee. When it comes to the point of Suggestion Description, I would suggest that our Web Devs implement more of these tiny icons which are underneath every user's avatar. The main aim is to create more specific icons that also provide information about all the groups, i.e. Media-Team and Support or Moderators and Support.


Additionally, the primary group of the user will be shown bigger and the second group will be added by a little icon (see pictures).


Now, I will show and explain some of the example images (not all of them, but the most common icons):


As all of you know, on the forum there are groups for developers, web developers, project - and community managers, game administrators, as well as all the other. Because I did not prepare every single one of them, I will only add the most common images of the Support Team, the Media Team and finally the Moderation Team .


Because there are a lot of users who actually belong to more than only one group, I thought it would be useful to add little icons to show their additional groups, i.e. Support (), Media () and Mods ().


When a user is mainly responsible for support but also in the Media Team, I thought he'd get this kind of icon: implying that he is a supporter as well as a Media Team member.


I did this for various groups, so I'll just show them:


=>Mainly Moderator, but also Media Team:

=>Mainly Moderator, but also Support:       

=>Mainly Support, but also Moderator:       



Those kinds of icons are also possible for three groups, for instance:


=>Mainly Media Team, but also Moderator + Support: 

=>Mainly Moderator, but also Media Team + Support: 

=>Mainly Support, but also Moderator + Media Team: 



Last but not least, Why should it be added? In my opinion, it should be added because I'm interested in getting to know who belongs to which group and what the main group is (i.e. the group he joined first, right?).

I came up with this idea as I read a post by @fyzz08 claiming that "[MOD] @Alv4s0r failed to pass trial support" [TruckersMP Team, 01/12/17]. Then I wondered why did he fail but is a Moderator? That was the point where I decided there should be more specific icons on the forum.


As you may have noticed, I am not the best creator of images because I only used Paint for this, so do not expect anything better ^^

I am quite sure our Web Developers would do much better.



If you made it to this point, I am very grateful that you read everything I wrote.

I am looking forward to hearing your personal opinion but please avoid posting anything like "-1 won't be implemented" without any substantiation.

However, if somebody somehow suggested this before, I really apologise because I was acutally searching on the forum for a post like this but didn't find one.


As of now, this is everything I have to say :)


Kind regards ;)

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Thank you very much for replying Community Manager @Rekoil_.


I didn't know anything about the permission system and that is possibly why I did not take it into account when creating these little icons.


But, however, it could be possible in the future or even only for some of the groups. I mean, if it was added to the forum for only the Mods, Medias and Sups it wouldn't be bad either.


Anyway, thanks to all of you who liked the idea. :)

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