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Hi! Thanks for the update!

Fixed please nighttime and shaking accessories on the track standing .

Behalf of night-time if you think about the fact, that the clock goes backwards when driving to west I would think it's not really a bug, but a temporary solution to the daytime-night-time issues. Of course the most ideal solution would be counting the differences between the time displayed and time used by the server in the background and apply timezones, as in real life, but I assume this needs a bit more work.


I can confirm although the shaking accessories issue.

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increasing Europe's ability 1 from 2500 to 2800

hey diminished the capacity of the main server from 3500 to 2500 leaves at least to 3000 slots



Make a suggestion but it will be declined due to the amount of lag etc

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even if you don't, there seems to be a bug that sometimes arises when there's a lot of players on the server, witch makes some trucks able to drive trought other trucks outside of ncz

Dude, this is an internet forum. You can't expect people to read stuff. Jeez.

And we want players who can behave, I'm afraid we can't have what we want :(

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