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  1. Looks like Balkan. Some people say it's traditional Bulgarian bagpipe whatever. If that is Bulgaria then it would need to connect to the main map somehow. Connecting only Romania to it and ignore the ex-yu countries would be weird. Selling a large DLC that contains ex-yu as well as Romania all the way to Bulgaria seems like quite a big map, a bit too much for just one DLC.
  2. Is this a render or an actual graphic mod?





    1. Snotra


      To me it looks like some color correction, temperature, shaders modification and maybe high res texture's on the environment.  

      Don't look extremely better than the vanilla game, the last pic the trailer and Renault T Range look totally out of order with the scenery. Looks very bright.

      Also it might been edited later with Lightroom or such. 

    2. Ediin


      It does, but it's completely different to the vanilla game in my opinion. There are so many detailed parts.

  3. 535cff48aa684bcd8105a7d8856198ef.png


    I am massively impressed right now :|

    1. Mirko9
    2. Ediin


      Hehe without letting you down too much: ksdu1BZ.png lLqk5b5.png x4kePui.png j4Bh20f.png GIgj2Ow.png zANQWPE.png These countries have very similar language. gXILc45.png syQskDP.png LzW4REA.png These three also have many similarities. 4QDpL1L.png405TxXl.png These two I either learned in school or by myself :D!

    3. Spieker


      I only speak German (mother language) and some English that I've learned so far in school xD and I know some french words too

  4. For those who haven't seen it yet, but in the Options GIF you can see this:
  5. Ediin

    Hey man! I watched your winter mod trailer, really good! How did you get those smooth camera angles though?

  6. Here's my video of the problem @Wolsey @1nYX:
  7. Thanks for the video @Wolsey! It didn't work however... I'm going to try what @1nYX said and come back to you !
  8. @1nYX Could you link a picture where I do the installer part? @Chris.D Probably because of the Force Feedback Engine or the gain option, had the same problem some times.
  9. @Wolsey Alright thank you! I probably won't respond until tomorrow just so you know !
  10. @Wolsey I have the latest drivers and the latest software update downloaded and installed
  11. @chatyo If I were to have those settings, my wheel would twitch alot lol
  12. I got my Logitech G920 yesterday. When I play Euro Truck Simulator 2 the wheel is really hard to turn if the Force Feedback settings are default. So I changed them all to be at 0%, putting gain on like 1-5% and stiffness to 1-5% as well and it's not as hard to turn as it was before. However, I'd like the wheel to be smoother, there must be a way. In the Logitech settings I also have to disable the centering otherwise the wheel becomes harder to turn again, I'd really like it to be on. In-Game if I change the Force Feedback options to the way I want the wheel will suddenly twitch and behave completely unaturally, even though it's a straight clear road. I can post a video about this if you want to see. Does anyone have a solution? If not, how did you install your Logitech G29/G920 wheel and what are your settings (both In-Game and in the Logitech Settings)? Thank you! The Logitech G27 does not have the same settings software, therefore people with G27 - please don't post your G27 software settings, however it would still be appreciated if you posted your In-Game settings !
  13. The page "Aurora's Texture Pack" isn't available, the download still is. I can't guarantee it supports the current version of TruckersMP since it hasn't been updated, but try it out: http://www.mediafire.com/file/b7c23cavn2u7b79/Aurora's+Texturepack.7z Also here's a mirror to what it looks like, before you download it, that someone posted on a Turkish forum http://forum.wotmp.com/konu/auroras-texturepack-0-2-0-1-1.2576/ @MrHarv Thanks for @ Mention.
  14. Road between Duisburg and Dusseldorf was crowded today, amazing :D http://plays.tv/video/57ed6c76c9f2daefb3/2016-09-29-21-29-09-crowded-

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    2. Ediin


      In deed Bonnm. The entire road way crowded more or less all the way, so fun. It's pretty common these days which I like. I guess he/she gave way due to going slow yet he/she saw there was much traffic from both directions.

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Its great that the road is so busy, like EP and Rotterdam but a nice long drive :D lots of crazy drivers on that road too, especially overtakers  :lol:

  15. This picture was taken in 2013. We almost had Rotterdam back then :D


    1. DJ Lewis

      DJ Lewis

      San Andreas <33333

    2. spider.r0ot2


      big respect! 
      Love that old memory B)

    3. Ediin


      Truckmania on SA:MP if anyone is wondering :D

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