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  1. Hello, So it's been updated to, I install it, I go online but I don't get any job. Usually, sleeping fix it, but this time I can't sleep, even if I spend some time driving from one city to another. One said to repair the truck, I did it but no change. Now I've no clue. I don't know what to do, please help.
  2. I don't think you have the right to share this mod. The author worked hard and ask money for it. Sorry I know it's not the english part but I landed here from google... and what a surprise... Nie sądzę, żebyś miał prawo do publikowania tego moda. Autor pracował ciężko i jeśli go pobierasz to musisz zapłacić. Wybaczcie, wiem, że to nie jest angielska sekcja, ale wylądowałem tu z Google... co za niespodzianka...
  3. Well... I live in France, near the Channel, and I have around 45ms since the last update. I had 37ms before.
  4. I don't like the fact that distance between us and other players is not showing anymore on the scoreboard (tab key). I used it to know if someone was coming, when I want to overtake a very slow or not moving truck on small roads. Now we don't know if the other players around are moving or not, if they are coming toward us or not. And if we want to report an escaping rammer, we must not forget his name, otherwise it's quite hard to find him among other players around.
  5. Same again since EU1 has 4000 slots. It was better with 2500. I don't understand why they raise it again. Not as laggy than before but still, it's not really enjoyable. And with 4000 slots in EU1, EU3 is useless right?
  6. Congratulations ! It's deserved. But it's sad to see so much denigrating comments on Moddb about this game. Yeah haters, it's a truck simulation game, so what? They rage because their beloved mods don't have a big loving community as ETS2MP have. They are just jealous.
  7. Hi Mod Version: Version 0.1.2 R2 Controllers Used: 360 pad Description of Issue: The mouse works when I launch the mod so I can click on "play" but just after login, it doesn't respond anymore. I seems to work properly on single player. Restarting Steam fix the problem. How to reproduce: I don't know. Seems random. I do nothing special.
  8. And how is the Europe #1 at the moment? Is it still laggy as hell? I just can't connect to it because it's always full when I want to play.
  9. Hi ! I've just seen that there is another Europe server. When will it be available? http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?app=ets2mp&module=game&section=servers
  10. I still get ping spiking. I jump from 40 to 200 or 300 in one second. Get back to normal, then jump again... And this very often: http://www.noelshack.com/2014-51-1419084262-lag.jpg
  11. That mod is ideous. And yeah, WTF about snow covered roads in tunnels? XD
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