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  1. I'm fully against this. Autonomous truck, seriously... it's boredom to the max, especially in a game. Might be usefull to use the chat while moving but otherwise, why would you use this? To do nothing? Just looking at your screen or do something else? That would be so silly. Playiing a game to be able to do something else instead... XD
  2. If only there were 2 spots to take gas... But there's only one, so only one way to enter. I always enter by the right entrance. I never have any issue doing so. I sure know how to handle my truck and the trailer. If I meet aynone going by the wrong side while I'm there, he will have to move away, not me, for sure. And he will hear my horn as well, big time.
  3. The International Lonestar truck looks badass.
  4. I'd say Kenworth even if at the begining I went to Peterbilt. But finally, the Peterbilt has a boring shape IMO. I like the modern look of the 680 tallest cabin and the retro look of the 900.
  5. $5 per year is nothing. I could pay of course. Even $20 would be alright.
  6. Well, I don't want to keep going if I get too much damages. I enjoy the immersion at my own level, thanks for your concern. Anyway it's broken since there are way more dumb drivers in this online mod than IRL, right? XD And I have my driver licence but I like to chill out in that game. Driving can be stressful enough already.
  7. IRL, there are even drivers who lower their seat and the gears levers are taller, something like that. That "style" has a name I don't remember, and it looks ridiculous IMO XD I saw one on a TV show. I wondered how that guy could drive without having an accident...
  8. I crashed on some dumb who decided to make a U turn just in front of me, in the middle of an highway. I reloaded a savegame. Another time, a silly stopped in front of me for whatever reason. Maybe I was too close but apparently his brakes were on maximum sensitivity, which can be an issue right? everyone should have the same parameter IMO. So, I decided to keep driving because the damage were not so high. And surprise, I payed way less than expected. It seems to have some insurance thing. Damages were something like thousands dollars worth and I payed less than 1000 in total, which looked weird, but hey, I won't complain XD.
  9. I agree. Sometimes it's silly. You get inside city limits while driving on highway. Please fix that.
  10. Hello, So it's been updated to, I install it, I go online but I don't get any job. Usually, sleeping fix it, but this time I can't sleep, even if I spend some time driving from one city to another. One said to repair the truck, I did it but no change. Now I've no clue. I don't know what to do, please help.
  11. I didn't buy it for MP because it didn't exist at the time, but since I play MP I don't play much solo.
  12. I don't think you have the right to share this mod. The author worked hard and ask money for it. Sorry I know it's not the english part but I landed here from google... and what a surprise... Nie sądzę, żebyś miał prawo do publikowania tego moda. Autor pracował ciężko i jeśli go pobierasz to musisz zapłacić. Wybaczcie, wiem, że to nie jest angielska sekcja, ale wylądowałem tu z Google... co za niespodzianka...
  13. Visit the Typing Test Words per minute (WPM) 43 Keystrokes 215 (215 | 0) Correct words 36 Wrong words 0 You are better than 52.73% of all users (position 3068 of 6491 - last 24 hours) XD Those words don't make any sense. I could be faster otherwise.
  14. Testing and polishing phase, sounds good to me. We won't wait for long. It might be released in december.
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