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New DAF XD series trucks


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Some time ago, scs Software released a brand new truck. This is the first truck in ets2 to focus on short-haul freight. Since DAF XD has been launched, will Scania G Series and Volvo FM Series trucks also be launched in the future? This is something I personally look forward to. What do you think about that? Do you approve of the introduction of this short-haul truck?

In addition, I heard that scs is developing a new electric Renault truck, which is very exciting!😍

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I think it's great to introduce smaller trucks instead of just the top of the range ones!

Also for TMP, having trucks with less power introduces more variety in driving style on the road. And only the kids racing might keep on driving the usual Scania and Volvo with 700bhp+ engines.


Another thing I would love to see in the future are small/medium trucks who don't necessarily have a trailer (don't know how you call them 😅)

Example: Volvo_FL_210_mit_Kofferaufbau_(2018).jpg


And with these smaller trucks they could introduce even smaller roads/streets where only these types of trucks could drive 🙂

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I do appreciate adding DAF XD, it's a great move.

However, I'd like to see more different vehicles, and I agree to origin about Scania G and Volvo FM.


Moreover, I also like to see Scania P series added, and forgive me being a bit off topic, I would like to see Scania T series being added, introducing Ford, and more permissions for AI traffic which is for singleplayer.


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