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How do you deal with trolls in Euro Truck Simulator 2

Guest Rebeloutlaw22

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Guest Rebeloutlaw22

Do you use any streaming software while you are driving in game or do you have a recording software that you use if something happens. I generally stream on twitch and have shadowplay open and also medaltv and my obs studio so if anything happens I have it on video. What do you prefer to use and what are you likes and dislikes about it. 

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Yeah, everytime I'm driving, I always use Medal for recording evidence in case I want to report someone. 



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I use windows recording..

Well, I don't do report though..

I just later delete the videos...


 I don't record always 


I really don't care about trolls 

But you see baiters ...

am afraid of them than trolls 


those trolls that sometimes stop me on the way ..

than start checking me out ..

I just stay and look at them ...

when they are done been childish ...

they drive away ..


I continue my delivery 😃😃

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6 hours ago, iiMilan said:

I'm still looking for something that doesn't eat my PC like medal. 


Win + G is a thing (Xbox-Gamebar recording function) 🙂

You can set the time for how long recordings should be saved. I set mine to 10 minutes and that's more than enough time to click "Save Last 10 Minutes" for a report 😉

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Guest Rebeloutlaw22

I use shadowplay, streamlabs obs and my twitch stream so if you ever see me on the road know I have three different softwares going at once and recording and streaming 🙂

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