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Reaching 5,000,000 Registered Users


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Congratulations. :tmp:




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5 million is a really big number. When I registered for the game before, the dates were November 2015...


Although the number of instant players decreased during the development process from 2015 to 2023, I think that tmp managed to maintain a certain quality.


I hope TMP will have more successful periods in the future


Thanks TMP and Community <333

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1 hour ago, AkiraKurosawa said:

The important thing is not an increase in the number of players, but an increase in the number of good players.


also, what is really important is the number of unique players, which is much lower than the number of registered accounts; the number of registered accounts is not relevant:kappa:

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Congratulations to Truck Driver MP on reaching 5,000,000 registered users, a huge milestone indeed! Thanks to the TruckersMP staff for their hard work, I have always been passionate about the TruckersMP community and it is great to see this achievement finally come to fruition. Also I would like to thank the TruckersMP team for their dedication to providing a great experience for all players. They've obviously been working hard to make sure the platform is always running smoothly and players are always having a good time. Thank you Team Truckers MP for all your hard work and dedication!

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