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i did a  bus job & i had the free roam message coming up all the time

the route was a multi stop run & didnt see any of this anywhere ---> More information about the bus job can now be found in the Current Job tab in the Route Adviser

This includes the name of the next bus stop, the expected arrival time at the next bus stop.


Finished bus job is now rewarded with a payout - when route was done i didnt get any type of payout & had 0% damage on my bus


i like the idea of getting paid for when you do a bus route run


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6 hours ago, Alex Rosca said:

Great! I would like to see in the next feature an update for Dbus on Promods. Would be great since there are bus routes but not playable on promods server.



I believe that Dbus will certainly be able to do this in the near future. Although it is difficult because he needs to cooperate with promods to develop new projects, Dbus will certainly be able to achieve this,I hope that Dbus can achieve this goal faster :HaulieExcited:

@ShawnCZek Thank you for the update :HaulieLove:

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