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How many hours have you played ETS2? What kept you going for so long?


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I started playing Euro Trucks Simulation 2 in 2015 and TruckersMP in 2017 (I didn't know this existed before?). It's been over 750 hours, and I just wanted to play it all the time. When I stopped the game, I wanted to go online immediately! Can't stop at all! ! !? Oye


In addition, I think we should intensify publicity to let more people know the existence of TruckersMP.:HaulieLove:

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I have 1827 hours played and still play it daily. It is a relaxing game, especially driving with some friends. Well, I think ETS2 is the best truck simulator game where you can pick up and put down when you want and have the time, do short runs or long ones.



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I have about 800 hours of playtime on my current account and about 1000 hours on my old account.

Among the things that connect me to the game, we have a lot of fun when I drive with my friends, or I can be better when I open the game when I am depressed.

                                                                                                                                                          Kind regards,


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Languages that I know;

Turkish, English, Spanish, German


Have a safe trucking and have a good day!

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I had played this game since 2016 but in 2016-2020, i played the crack version and 2020 till now, i bought the game and spend almost every time playing TMP. It shows that ive spend 800+ hours. The time includes when i discover the map, the time i hangin out will my friends and join my VTC convoy/trip.


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I've been playing on ETS2 mostly for about 3,847 hours, since 2015 I believe it was first bought. ATS has not so much playtime at 177, but playing them with quite a few mods to use offline, with others, occasionally to try mapping & also the manner to play both games has kept me around at the end of the day for about 6 years at it currently stands. Likely staying for quite some more too despite my burnouts from time to time for playing other things instead. Always came back in the end to drive some more

Inactive forum account, can be most easily accessed via Discord as all my socials are on DND

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I have 1,940 hours in ETS2 and I have 31 hours in ATS. I really like to spend time with my friends. :HaulieLove:



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Before I bought the game from steam, I played for about 50 hours in 2014. After I bought it from Steam, the game was a little more developed and I liked it more. I played there for nearly 300 hours. And in my current active account, I have close to 500 hours, that is, I played almost 850 hours. ?




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