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  1. TMP has people based around the world in different time zones, and points of their life. This also isn't a "job" so it really is on a their time basis when they can get on and do admin activities. Yes it might take awhile for reports to get looked at, but that is because they are getting thousands! Look at their stats they posted earlier this year, you will see just how many reports come into them! I get it's frustrating, but they are doing the best they can I promise. Who knows they might do another recruiting session soon too.
  2. Great guy!!! Sleep well Speedy. You can now truck forever
  3. I mean i thought ATS trucks are not used at all pretty much in Euro? Or am I wrong im just American xD
  4. 404 Answer not found
  5. From someone who drives Semi's here and there I can say it definitely helps! More with ATS, you really understand the amount of space, and room you need to operate. From turns, acceleration, to braking ATS gives you an idea of what is needed to be successful. One big factor is turning right, ATS I can test to see what angle will fit with a 53 and 43 depending on the axles. In real life I use that to gauge my turns.
  6. They are in a top secret base guarded by an secret society somewhere in this planet. Knowing the exact location could cause mass chaos on the streets.
  7. I feel pretty great about it! It is fresh and new to the game, and looks wonderful! SCS did a great job with it! I think Renault players will enjoy the creativity.
  8. Well it is simple. CD is popular because, It is CD.
  9. I currently like the new layout. It makes it really easy to get to places needed such as the docks, city, etc.
  10. Games that have been going for along time always dip off. But this is a game that is universal to all ages, and locations in the world. I think we will always have the seasoned vets, and newbies! I mean what kid doesn't like trucks??? It's just keeping the interest of the next generations. Even I was a kid when I started playing, now I am an adult! Just all depends, but I think SCS, and TMP will be just fine. Specially with summer you'll see a higher number count with school being out universally.
  11. My favorite the Volvo FH16 2012. I really hope that SCS adds a feature to tune engines to get the amount of power/gear ratio needed for the types of loads pulled! Example I drive heavy haul and need more power on smaller gears. That sort of thing.
  12. Volvo FH16 2012 has been my main for tooooooo many K/M! Can't go wrong with 750hp.
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