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  1. I personally Love the CB! It makes me laugh hearing all the random stuff being said over it xD
  2. I would say its a computer graphic problem, Try Updating whatever your graphics card if you can, and if that doesn't work, Reinstall the game. Probably a corrupted file
  3. Update!!! Their also seems to be a crash with people loading into the servers with triples... They keep spamming to come in game and it crashes everyone in the Load -In range we will say. I can confirm this.
  4. For some reason when I load into the game, I get a "Fatal Error" and it crashes my game. I am not running any mods or scripting at all. I have verified my games integrity. It was working last night CST but wont work after this new patch today.... The crash is when I load into my truck. It does work in single player. Please help<3
  5. I also +1 this! Traffic would be able to flow easier during peak play times! Would also decrease the amount of reports due to people not knowing its a damage area.
  6. I have experienced this problem before, What I had to do to fix this problem is drag my whole profile file in my document folder, Uninstall ATS, then Re-Install it. That fixed it for me!
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