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  1. Happy birthday, may all your wishes come true as you enter the new year. 🎂

  2. I like driving at night! Seeing all the lights and all. Also During the "Autumn" time of year
  3. It is worth it everytime to come back.
  4. I started play ATS from playing 18 Wheels of Steel. I learned about TMP from the streamer Lirik who streamed ETS2. It looked super fun, and a way to play with real people. So now here I am!
  5. ALWAYS use your turn signals... Unless their is no one in in your sync haha!
  6. They have a process open now that will bring in new people! Hopefully this will add a good bunch to handle all issues.
  7. People always blow through this area all the time. Sucks because of this mechanic.
  8. Gotta be quality for sure! I also think having both is optimal for a great player experience!
  9. Lets do it! If it does not impact performance, or gameplay I'm all for it.
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