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1.40 Development Update

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Greetings! We understand there is a lot of anticipation towards our multiplayer support for version 1.40, and with it, comes lots of questions. Therefore, we are happy to announce our Development Upd

Hello! Internal testing will begin tonight, so if it is successful, it could be out Monday/Tuesday. This is just an estimate, and the chance for setbacks in development is possible if there are critic

Tests are still ongoing. Critical bugs have been found - most have been resolved, but there are some minor outstanding issues.   A new build for ETS2 and ATS was released by SCS Software tod

11 minutes ago, FernandoCR [ESP] said:

I find it funny, somehow, so many people "can't wait" when they read: "Maybe next week" or "Maybe tomorrow", but they've been waiting for a month... I definitely CAN wait, as long as it takes. Better a polished and as bug-free as possible update than a rushed one with lots of bugs.

You are absolutely right, we must be patient and wait to have the version of the game in its best state in TruckersMP, the team members are doing hard work, we must be patient, and for those people who have no capacity to wait, then didn't go around saying that my engine shuts down etc ....if we want a good version in our hands let the TMP collaborators do their job without pressure, and instead let us declare our full support to them...I agree with your ideas @FernandoCR [ESP]

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They said last in april, so all between now and friday evening, unless there is complications 🙂

3 hours ago, snowmann1812 said:

Either im blind as a bat or have i missed a timeframe here? 
I appreciate the hard work the 2 guys are doing, but a approximate date would be nice for 1.40. 


Best regards from Denmark. 🙂


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And in the meantime, I already got the "#Bestcommunityever" paints for both ETS2 and ATS. A good way to let time go easier while we wait for 1.40 to be released. Cruising Iberia event finished too (of course, in single player and 1.40). Impatient people suffer only because they want to, there are so many ways or other things to be done and keep being entertained...

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