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Android or iOS  

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  1. 1. Do y'all prefer Android or iOS?

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Android as you can have phones from different manufacturers with different specs letting you choose depending on your needs and budget

I prefer ios. Because it is more secure than android

Not sure why people are laughing exactly. Android devices pose a higher risk to viruses and malware since the operating system is widely used on many devices. iOS is only used for Apple products there

I prefer Android, but because of personal preference and not because I would think Apple's devices are bad.

Both are equally good but for different types of people.

I often see people using Android devices because of the features and customizability of everything and sometimes just because they are used to it.

People using Apple devices usually don't need a ton of customizability but just a very well functioning device, that makes what they tell it to do.

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I prefer android as I have never used iOS because they are too expensive and battery runs.... FAST from what I've heard sooo I don't want to run around with a charger in my hand and being in search of a plug all day long 😂

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I know I will get flamed for this, but neither of them is better than the other. And both of them are not good.

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I would have to say iOS for multiple reasons. Fragmentation on Android, easier-to-use UI, easier to develop for (albeit more expensive) since you don't need to worry about supporting millions of different device types and screen sizes and what not, and the Apple ecosystem is just pretty nicely tied together, all of their devices seamlessly integrate with each other, and iOS generally being less privacy intrusive. I understand why some would say Android though, I used Android since Jellybean was released (only recently switched to iOS) and the customization that Android offers is amazing.

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Are we talking only the OS or the whole phone? Either way, I prefer Android.

Android is more customizable, with different themes, icons, etc. And it's not that difficult to use, but it takes time getting used to. iOS is simpler, and often not so fidgety as Android sometimes can be.

Talking about the whole phone, Android doesn't break as quickly as iPhone. I have dropped mine from all kinds of heights and on different surfaces, I have only a few small scratches. But as soon as you drop an iPhone, you will have your entire screen broken.🤷‍♂️


But one thing about iOS (Apple), is their ecosystem of devices and how they communicate with each other, sadly Android doesn't have such an easy ecosystem.

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