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  1. Okay, I understand. I was confused since it's the first time I'm applying, so I didn't exactly know. Thank you all for your answers ? The issue has been solved for me. The topic can be closed. Thank you ? Kind regards to all of you, Jon
  2. Hi, I was just wondering, if it is normal, that an application is under review even after the recruitment gets closed? My application for a Game Moderator has been under review since May 22nd and I haven't got any notifications since. The recruitment closed today and I still didn't get a reply. I hope you understand my dilemma. Kind regards, Jon
  3. Nevermind I managed to solve it somehow and to be honest with you I don't really know how. I messed around with some configs in the normal gam (not TMP) and got it to work. After that I tried it in TMP (run from within the Steam Client in Big Picture Mode) and funnily enough nothing worked at all. Not just the gears, but not one button worked. Then I opened up TMP normally, without the Steam Client and now everything works flawlessly. I can change gears again and everything... I am astonished as probably you will be while reading this, but I am just glad it works now. Thank you for your help with the issue! Greetings, Jonek1999 Yes, I got the help I needed. Thank you. Kind Regards, Jonek1999
  4. Thank you for your answer, but I'm still having issues where the game doesn't recognise the controller at all. I tried the Setup Wizard for a controller but when I then look at the "controls" menu it still just says Keyboard only and the "Controller Type" is grayed out. So I'm not even able to set any buttons or anything because the game doesn't recognise it.
  5. I use a Steam controller for driving ETS2 and up until 2 weeks ago I had no issues whatsoever to change gears myself with the additional pads underneath the Steam controller (refer to image below). But at some point it just stopped working and now all those pads do (either of them) is zoom-in when inside the cabin. I can't change the controls in the settings and funnily enough when I play in "simple automatic" mode they function as gear advisors (I can suggest to shift to a lower or higher gear). It is only when I go into "sequential" mode that it doesn't work and I can't change gears. I would like to know if anyone has those same issues and how they fixed them (if they managed to fix them). Any ideas?
  6. Hi, yes. My problem has been solved. Thank you! Kind regards, Jon
  7. Thank you a lot for your explanation! Kind regards, Jon
  8. I posted one picture today and as I checked the "My attachments" tab today for the first time I saw that my attachment quota is almost full (refer to the picture below). I only posted one picture ?. Is there a way to make this quota bigger or does stay like this forever? Does this mean I have only 70 kB left to post attachments? Any helpful answer appreciated.
  9. I use Steam Wallpaper Engine for wallpapers, but all of them are minimalistic. I personally don't like clogged up desktop screens.
  10. I voted for every alternating vehicle poll up to now. I am very satisfied with the decision to implement new vehicles, because I think it spices up the just a little bit more. I personally don't mind the same interior as the scout is. What I kind of would want to see is that cars/personal vehicles could drive a little faster than trucks. The limit for trucks is 110 km/h outside of the city. Maybe the cars could be allowed up to 130 km/h. It's just a thought that you maybe even already considered but found a valid reason why not to do it.
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