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  1. Happy Birthday! 🎉

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. I understand. You just reminded me of it, because of your description. It's one of my favorite games, cause I love off-roading and the physics are just insanely amazing. But yeah, Asia would be really fun as the next Truck Simulator.
  4. @Farm Shark you described a game, that actually is quite similar. Have you heard of Snowrunner?
  5. Okay, I understand. I was confused since it's the first time I'm applying, so I didn't exactly know. Thank you all for your answers The issue has been solved for me. The topic can be closed. Thank you Kind regards to all of you, Jon
  6. Hi, I was just wondering, if it is normal, that an application is under review even after the recruitment gets closed? My application for a Game Moderator has been under review since May 22nd and I haven't got any notifications since. The recruitment closed today and I still didn't get a reply. I hope you understand my dilemma. Kind regards, Jon
  7. That's so joyful and sad at the same time, so I don't know if I should smile or cry.. I absolutely feel you for everything you wrote, since I also lost a cat and some other animals too (due to different reasons), but my family can't live without animals so we always have at least one pet. But thank you for sharing your story and I must say that your name choice is very good Especially Kaya is a really nice name for a dog, I like it a lot!
  8. Imagine being able to drive through the Himalayas
  9. Hey fellow truckers! I know that some of you are not exactly acquainted with Discord thoroughly so I offer you help with anything you need regarding Discord. I am not an official Discord Support member and I do not know the answer to everything, but I have been helping with the making of many Discord servers throughout many years and I even now moderate and control three Discord Communities. Our fellow truck driver @.Rhys. made an absolute awesome introduction to Discord, which you can visit on this link: What I offer you is an upgrade to what he showed. Do you own a VTC and want to create your own Discord server with BOTs (that help moderate) and a good server structure? I can help you make one under your supervision. Even if you already have a Discord server and are searching for someone to help you re-new/modernize it, etc. I can help you with that too. I speak English, German and all the Balkan languages so I can make your Discord server in those languages. Let me know in the private message or down in the comments below if you're interested! Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with TruckersMP and they are in no way responsible for any issues/problems regarding me helping you create a VTC Discord Server. P.S.: I DO NOT request any money for creating and upgrading your server.
  10. Ugh spiders.... I see one and I run as far as possible.
  11. I currently prefer ETS2 over ATS because I have all the DLCs for ETS2 and none for ATS I suppose that if I were to get all DLCs for ATS I would probably like it as much as ETS2. Though I can't say for sure yet.
  12. Which continent do you think should be made as a Truck Simulator next? Vote in the pole above and maybe explain why you think so.
  13. I'd have to say that one of my absolute favorite TV Show/Series is The Blacklist. I love criminal and detective series (like Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, Law & Order, CSI, NCIS, ...). I love series more, because they can contain more interesting moments than movies which (compared to a whole season of series) last just 1,5-2 hours. But if I had to choose movies I really like historic ones, with wars and stuff, cause they often are made from true stories.
  14. Cats are just awesome and simultaneously evil at times. You probably can agree But yeah, I'd have a lot of animals as pets, if it were possible, but having a wild animal as a pet is just torture for the animal, cause it needs freedom and independence. Nice! Horses are great, but are too big for me I prefer smaller animals, like cats, dogs, racoons, otters and similar
  15. I think I got around 200 games on my PC, but I play around 15 of them regularly. I have around 1,5 TB of disk-space filled up with games currently.
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