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    Italy, Foggia
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    My Interests are Do convoy control, create beautifull photo. :heart: Prime Staff , Pries and Harmony CC :heart:
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    California: Los Angeles
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    Italy: Bari
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  1. i'm using daf xg+ at the moment but i love scania s
  2. Happy Birthday to you 

  3. Happy Birthday! 🎊🎉

  4. Happy Birtday! 🥳❤️

  5. Happy Birthday i wish you a very nice day! ❤️ Enjoy the day with your family and friends ❤️

  6. Happy Birthday 🎂


    All best for you, 🎉


    RedWolf [CZ] 

  7. Happy Birthday!🥳

  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. new renault for me is beautifull, have a good front face and headlights when tmp upgrade to 1.40 i'll buy it.
  10. secondo me per rendere perfetto ets2 basterebbe introdurre lo sporco esterno dei veicoli e la manutenzione dei camion
  11. io ho fatto tutto entro per giocare ma non mi legge le mod l'online invece se vado su single si vanno
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