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Found 27 results

  1. Suggestion Name: UTC time display. Suggestion Description: I wish you could add a digital clock (or something) to top-left-corner, or somewhere. Why should it be added?: It will help video reports, and more...
  2. Hi! I created a table where you can see the In-Game time in a certain hour in real life. This will be useful if you like to drive in the dark or with daylight. In the timetable, you can see in Blue colour the night time and daytime in Yellow. This info was taken in UTC time zone, daytime and nighttime can vary upon your location. I'll do my best to keep it updated.
  3. Hello all, I am just asking you take a minute out of your day to cast your vote in the poll. I would just like to you know, do you think that the staff ban is too long after being banned from the game? Thanks all, Josh - Happy Xmas!
  4. Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator Mod Version: Controllers Used: Logitech G27 & Microsoft Xbox 360 Pad Wireless Description of Issue: The time returned by the /time and /cest-time commands on the ETS2 EU#3, ETS2 EU#4 and ATS EU#2 servers is not synchronized with the real time so that the returned time in the game chat is moved 4 minutes and 45 seconds forward relative to the correct time. After analyzing the servers API, I have concluded that the machine with the IP address on which the ETS2 EU#3, ETS2 EU#4 and ATS EU#2 servers are hosted has a problem with time. The error has existed for many months, at one time I myself informed mwl4 about this error, which he temporarily fixed (synchronizing time), but for a long time no one did it. I will add that the time difference grows with each passing day. A few weeks ago, it was only about 3 minutes, now it is 5 minutes and if nobody will do anything about it then the difference will grow. Why is it so important to me? This causes complications in the delivery of waybills in VTCs. For example, our system doesn't allow you to pass waybill from the future. How to reproduce: Login to server, write /time or /cest-time on chat and verify time. Screenshots / Videos: ETS2 EU#1 - time is ok ETS2 EU#2 - time is ok ETS2 EU#3 - time is wrong (difference about 4 minutes and 45 seconds) ETS2 EU#4 - time is wrong (difference about 4 minutes and 45 seconds) ETS2 SA - time is ok ATS EU#2 - time is wrong (difference about 4 minutes and 45 seconds) ATS US - time is ok
  5. Hello there, i was working on a website wich displayed the game time. So i read that i should not make to many calls to the API. To prevent the abuse of the API i made my own system written in PHP wich works very well. I want to share my code for other web devs. (I couldnt found one on the forum) <?php header('content-type: application/json; charset=utf-8'); //Original 2015-19-10 19:28:23 +0000 The date on the Docs seems to be wrong :/ reverse coding of current api stamp in minutes give me this date $format = 'Y-d-m H:i:s e'; $date = DateTime::createFromFormat($format, "2015-19-10 19:28:23 +0000"); $unixStart = $date->format('U'); //Convert time to Minutes $gameTime = ((time() - $unixStart) / 60) * 6; //Convert time to Seconds $gameTimeSeconds = (((time() - $unixStart) * 6) - 3660); //Optionally use of Day Strings like the Navi ingame $day = date("w", $gameTimeSeconds); $days = array("Thu", "Fri", "Sat", "Sun", "Mon", "Tue", "Wed"); $timeString = $days[$day].". ".date("H:i", $gameTimeSeconds); $arr = array("timeString" => $timeString); echo json_encode($arr, JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE); ?> If someone found some errors or problems. Feel free to answer
  6. Hello all, New user here to ATS and Truckers MP. I have 3 annoying issues that I hope someone can help me fix. 1) I keep having an issue where there are no jobs. The fix I found was to go into your profile's config file and set the economy to 1. That seems to work, but it is a constant problem. Seems to really be a problem after I go up a level and it asks you to use your points. After choosing to have better gas mileage or be able to have longer drives and then go back to the jobs list, it is usually blank. After resetting the economy, I think that leads to the time issue in my number 2 problem below. I have triggered it to refresh by clicking around, but not sure what I went into to trigger it. I have tried twice, finding what I did and not sure. The only thing that works reliably was editing the config file. 2) I have been only playing ATS using Truckers MP for the past few days. I launch Truckers MP and click to launch ATS. I login and choose a quick job to do and at random times after starting a job I have 0 hours remaining. If I quit the job I lose 12k, if I complete the job I get nothing and lose points. Since I am new, I haven't purchased a truck or shop yet. I just have been taking jobs that the game provides along with the truck etc. I have read that it's a time sync issue with the server. I read to rest at a rest station and that didn't work. I have read to not play single player and then quit and start it back again using MP. But I don't do that, I have only been starting/finishing delivers in the same session only using Truckers MP and I don't notice the issue until I have already started a job and end up getting points taken or losing money. How can I stop this from happening or correct it after starting a delivery? 3) I can't get the beacons to work. The shortcut key is O, but I press it and nothing happens. I have a key setup on my G27 Wheel as well and nothing happens. I can clearly see them on the trailer, the truck says Oversize Load, etc. Not sure why they won't turn on? Mods are disabled. Thanks for the help!
  7. Jxsh_y

    Job time.

    Hiya, I actually have a problem with my quick jobs, whenever I decide to leave the game, (after saving of course), I come back at a different time, and as I had a job active at the time of leaving the game, I return to find that my remaining time has gone way over. I find it very annoying as I can't always stay on the game until I've finished the delivery. When I park up my trailer at it's final destination, it says I'm something like 350h late or something like that. If someone could help me, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  8. Hey truckers Do you know, if theres a way to change the interval of autosaving on ets2mp? I already took a look on the document files. I havent found anything. I would appreciate any help =) Regards Jason
  9. I've bought Vive la france DLC today and I can't see the oferts from market,I must go to the firm and check the deliveries from DLC.Theses not from DLC are showing normally in market,and theses from DLC has very long expiration time like milions of hours when normal has max 20h hours.Is it global bug or its just me?
  10. Hi How long will the admin respond to your ban appeal and how will you know they have?
  11. Hello every body, I have a problem with the ETS2 MP, because when I start a job , a message come to the GPS " the boss want his thinks, give him in time " but when I check my time do to my job, I have 0h.... and at the end of the missions, I have a penality of 200h late ... it's strange ? could you help me ? Other thing, I haven't walk mens in streets, y any cars ?! normal ?
  12. Thomz024

    Ban Appeal

    I was wondering how long it takes for an appeal to be reviewed. I just got banned 3 days for the first time and I appealed but how long will it take? Like it doesn't really make sense if it gets reviewed after my ban already expires right...
  13. Hi guys, I have a question : why always when I finish to deliver I receive delay penalization (-7000h , ALWAYS ! And i don't have quick jobs ...why ? ) . Thank's for help !
  14. Hello! I was wondering, i have tried to find an answer, but without luck. Is there a reference to how long after a trip with a recording, a report should be issued on the websitepanel? Eg. i take a trip today, see and record an infraction, and i dont get a report sent until in a month, will the report then be dropped on the floor, due to the time passed until, i actually make the report? Or will it be handled, as any report ever? If so, does it matter how long it takes, for this to happen? Its just a question i thought about. I normally myself, try to make the reports as quick as possible, after ive filmed something/someone. But sometimes i take multiple days until i get time enough, to do it. And then i just though, if someone took really long, or forgot a part of a clip in the chaos
  15. Helloooooo This is not an appeal, and im not furious about your mistake, im just pointing it out. I got banned yesterday, for one day, nbd. But, when im in my punishment history, and i see that my ban is going to expire at 17:46. But then if i open the multiplayer game, and try to log in, it says 15:46. Thats it. Its a mistake or error, and should be fixed Topic Title: Bantime bugs [WEB] TruckersMP ID: 12187 URL: http://ets2mp.com/index.php?page=banAppeal Server Time/ Date: 2016-09-04 15:58:00 How to reproduce: I guess its only visible to me, because im not giving my login out Browser: Mozilla firefox 43.0.1 / ETS2mp Screenshots / Videos: http://truckersmp.com/en_US/user/12187 http://i.imgur.com/huNj2Nt.jpg
  16. Mod Version: / Current in OpenGL Controllers Used: Keyboard & Mouse Description of Issue: time warps back and forth constantly during deliveries. How to reproduce: Do deliveries and drive around. Screenshots / Videos: video in 480p for faster upload time.
  17. Hi all, About 6 days ago, i was banned for 2 days(that was what it said on the chat) for going on the wrong way. Then i waited for my ban to expire but it now says expires in 04.07.2016 10:14:00 and my ban hasn't expired yet. Any solutions? Euro Truck Simulator 2
  18. I got banned for 1 day , at 17:22 I should have gone , but still ... What do I do ? Can You help me ?!
  19. I love the multiplayer but the only problem I have is no matter how fast I finish my job it always says 'late 15000 hours' and it's getting quite annoying that I don't get money because of a bug. I know the multiplayer has a warning saying there will be bugs but please know that this is a major issue.
  20. I just downloaded this mod and I loved it! I started my first trucking run and it was super fun seeing other people. All seemed well but when I got to the end I was very confused and concerned. I took about 2 in-game hours but it said I took 15603 hours, which of course I did not. Since this was the time it ended up in taking away so much money I got nothing from my work! Please fix this or is there a way I can fix this? Thanks for any help!
  21. Hello.Im not unban time my period for unban is 2016-01-01-18:44:05 And now i'm not unban. I send one photo please help me!
  22. So earlier today, I got banned by fyzz08, for driving on the wrong side of the road. I appealed the ban, but the appeal got rejected. (Which I was okay with). But the ban appeal was reviewed by fyzz08, and then he decided to double my ban time, just for appealing the ban. This is ridiculous, and this admin is just being outright stupid and obnoxious. I have a picture of him doubling my ban time. (It was only supposed to be 2 days, but now its 4.) This is outright stupid. I cant play the game that I spent 30 dollars on for another 2 days because I appealed a ban!​
  23. Hello world! TheEpicGabriel0 here. I was wondering how the server time is regulated. Specifically, here are my questions: a) When you take the ferry/Chunnel, do you come out at the same game time as you left? When you sleep, do you wake up at the same time as you fell asleep? c) If you leave the game halfway through a delivery, will you come back finding that it's very late? d) If c) is true, are there any disadvantages to, say, stopping whilst you have no job and rejoining many game weeks later (i.e. truck deals, market differences, etc.)? e) Is the weather globally regulated by time, area, time and area, or not at all (i.e. Rains between 17:00 and 18:45; Rains on German highways 7, 9, and 45; Rains between 17:00 and 18:45 on German highways 7, 9, and 45; or each system is different)? f) If a) and are true, then there must be advantages to playing on multiplayer rather than singleplayer, such as that in singleplayer your delivery's deadline will come five hours sooner since you took the ferry to get there, or am I mistaken? Thanks in advance, even if you answer only a few of my questions!
  24. I recently played MP on a new profile that didn't have a truck of it's own yet. I took on a job from the search menu. When I started it, I was already late. (about 2 days and 5h) I know server time runs differently and jobs expire at a much later date, than they would in SP, but is this usual? Do the jobs run out after their supposedly delivery time, because the run-out-time is longer, or is this a bug?
  25. Server Space! This is a big issue! I really do not understand why the server space is either too high or way too low. I think that having the server space at 3000 is a better idea. This will allow people to join without having to reload the game each time the server denies connection due to space. I just think that 2000 is way to low for EU#1. Sorry to sound pushy but I was waiting a whole hour the other day before there was room. This is ridiculous. -Lucas -Thanks - Dzieki
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