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  1. Hi - This looks great, nice work on it!
  2. Hi - TMP does not support beta versions and SCS only release beta versions for testing. TMP only updates for official ETS updates. So once it's publicly released, TMP will adapt.
  3. As stated, only Game moderators can drive, otherwise you would be kicked for the game, luckily for Game Mod applications are open, more information on that is here https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/announcement/39-active-recruitments/
  4. Jxsh_y


    Hi, take a look at this forum, as it was sent to solved, it worked for this player, hope it works for you. https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/18483-lag/
  5. Jxsh_y


    ^ Well, if you have 8gb RAM, you should have plenty more to feed ETS. I recommend you try this: https://fossbytes.com/how-to-fix-high-ram-and-cpu-usage-of-windows-10-system-ntoskrnl-exe-process/ After completed, you should have more RAM to feed ETS. If that did not work, have to considered the problem being your internet?
  6. Hello! As stated by others, check the rules on reporting and see if you have broken any of those rules. Also, try checking your profiles punishment history and see if anything is there regarding this situation. Thanks.
  7. Wow! I will definitely have to check this out via steam!
  8. Hi, again. Lol. I agree it will make MP very interesting, I've tried it out on Singleplayer and it's great! I can't wait until TMP get's round to implementing this update (When SCS releases it that is).
  9. Jxsh_y


    Hello! Our administrators would review the game clip and review whether or not it was an accident, and from what you've said, it certainly was, and he possibly could've been saying it to the person he crashed into. Either way, you weren't in the wrong, just try to keep more of a distance next time! Thank you, Jxsh_y.
  10. Hi! As my last post seems to have been removed, I will try to shorten it and use less links. Have you tried: Ensuring your internet connection is running correctly? Gone and checked with the official VTM Live support? To do so, go over to their website, scroll to the bottom and click support Re-installing VTM Live? You may have an outdated Microsoft .NET Framework, most VTM's require 4.5 or above. Try searching up Microsoft .NET framework on google. I sure hope this helped. Thanks in advance, Jxsh_y.
  11. Hello! Two things that most VTM's require would be Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or above An internet connection A few things that could be causing this: Your Microsoft .NET Framework is either out of date or you do not have one installed, head over to https://www.microsoft.com/net/download/dotnet-framework-runtime/net472?utm_source=getdotnet&utm_medium=referral to install it if it's not already. Have you tried troubleshooting your internet connection? https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/10741/windows-fix-network-connection-issues The install might not be fully functioning; have you tried re-installing it? And probably the most obvious, have you tried running with either ets or ats? If all of these do not fix it then go over to the VTM support, and submit a ticket. http://virtualtruckingmanager.com/support I hope this helped, thanks in advance, Jxsh_y
  12. salut! Cela semble certainement être une excellente occasion de rencontrer plus de monde et je vais certainement envisager de participer! Bien que mon application de camionnage Viva soit en cours. Dépend des résultats que je suppose .. Je vous remercie, Jxsh_y.
  13. Hello! This could possibly be due to your settings, maybe with your settings, try changing it to 'Simple automatic' in the car. Otherwise, other reasons the speed limiter may be turn on. In the Eur #2 server, the speed limiter is automatically turned on, it limits all vehicles to 140km/h. However, upon entry to a city, it will be limited to 90km/h to prevent accidents etc.. External contracts also enable a speed limiter. To ensure the speed limiter is disabled, don't do External contracts, (of course that is optional). As this is a known bug to the developers, I have helpfully found you a forum: I sure hope this answers your question! Kind regards, Jxsh_y.
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