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  1. i have been using the one that RRS provided above, and it has been working without a flaw in MP. no bugs, no chrashes have been passing around other DAF trucks and not and no one got a problem ^^.
  2. Thank you very mutch, i didn't got to drive it mutch because it's 5:60 am and i'm almost off for today, but i drove it around the block and it worked like a charm.
  3. too bad.. got to wait then and see if some one wants to give a hand on this matter, will keep with other trucks till then. Don't know if i should make a topic about this in the Suggestion category or just wait.
  4. Yeah every time i try some DAF XF 105 750hp mod i either get an invisible engine, or extra truck parts that don't belong there and are just floating... either way it breaks the game.
  5. Hello, I've looked into the topic of supported mods and around, i found and used the 750 supported mod, for Daf Xf in the past, but right now i can't use it and i don't find any that works. I always get a front grid of the Volvo truck in the way. The question is, does anyone knows of some that works for this truck without changing the look of it?
  6. well i just got rammed, the other player intentionally turned the truck to my trailler in a turn, i'm also not recording so i just took a picture and reported him, but well there goes my trip like this
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