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Found 120 results

  1. Since that SCS has officially released the beta version of v1.36 of ATS, I believe many of you have upgraded to that version for trying new features. So what do you think of the new upcoming version and new features?
  2. Beaucoup de personnes postent des messages à propos des Status Updates qui ne fonctionnent pas, donc aujourd'hui j'ai décidé de faire un petit guide auquel on peut facilement accéder. Premièrement, repérez votre nom en haut à droite du forum. Voici une illustration: Deuxièmement, cliquez sur le menu déroulant, là où la flèche montre, et appuyez sur Profile. Voici à quoi ca ressemble: Troisièmement appuyez sur le bouton "Edit Profile" sur votre profil. Voici à quoi cela ressemble: Pour finir, trouvez le bouton basculant qui correspond à "Enable Status Updates ?" et assurez-vous de l'avoir activé, comme ceci: J'espère que cela vous aura aidé, Trademark
  3. MarkON

    ATS 1.35 Update

    Hello community After several weeks of testing (ATS 1.35 Experimental/Open Beta), update 1.35 ATS appeared. There are many new things, for example: 3 new routes GPS Voice navigation Use your own trailers in External Contracts (WoTR) Online garage purchase I want to know what you think about that. Official information: https://blog.scssoft.com/2019/06/american-truck-simulator-update-135.html
  4. Yes guys, We have an issue or good news (both can be) that DOUBLE TRAILERs I think its going to be hard for most drivers. We have lots of reckless drivers with 1 trailer, so what about the second trailer? Are we going to see more crashes? at the corners, turns, while overtaking... We have to be more carefull about that. Long trailers need more patient! Think about Duisburg-Calais road.
  5. Polish community found something about expected update TruckersMP to 1.35. Source: https://www.wykop.pl/wpis/42050959/eryk-dwornicki-z-scs-software-oglosil-ze-odchodzi-/#comment-147774099 We don't know why this information was published on external platform and why not published on official TruckersMP forum or site but it's good to know something.
  6. Hello. As you know, the 1.35 update for the Euro Truck Simulator will soon be released. Is the time near? Do you think this update will be released in a few days?
  7. Hello, this is my first question post in TruckersMP forum community. I want to ask you guys if you know what are the things that will be added to 1.35 or will possibly be added to 1.35. Thank you!
  8. Hi there, I was downloading Truckersmp, as I wanted to start the application this error message pops out. Can anyone help me? -kenny
  9. Hello! I recently reinstalled Bootcamp (due to the fact my mac couldn't work out where it was) and installed ets2 and truckersmp. Keep in mind since this is a recent installation, there is no malware present, only things installed are graphics drivers, steam, truckersmp, and MSI afterburner. My laptop specs is 8GB ram, 1GB VRAM GeForce 650M. I am using an external SSD, Samsung 860 Evo to store ets2. BOOTCAMP is basically running Windows 10 on a Mac, keep in mind I am not saying "MacOS". Now time to get down to the problem. My game (on windows 10) was silky smooth after installation. I had to lower the graphics quality for optimal performance. Windows (10) recently automatically updated. I restarted the computer, started up ets2, and it seems there is a lot of stuttering. Before the update, my resolution was 2880x1800 and low/medium graphics. (Mostly low). After the update, I have to change my resolution to 720p, change all settings to low/disabled. Even now there is still slight stuttering. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?. This is because this is a new installation with 10 or fewer applications. I have also optimized settings in windows from the tutorial on the forums, ie turning superfetch off, prerender 1. I have done all the things in that post. On MacOS, ets2 silky smooth with medium settings, and my native resolution, 2880 x 1800.
  10. What do you think? What's new in 1.34? Will the MAN TGX Euro6 be added? Please leave a comment.
  11. Unsupported game version detected! Expected: ver. You have: ver. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And the game version changer just crashes every time. -Any help ? -When will TruckersMP update to ?
  12. When I open the client and click 'Load Available Updates' on request, I see the' WebClient requested a special situation. I've been having this problem for 2 days. Thank you for your help in advance.
  13. Hello there I'm having some kind of launching problem. Apparently there is some sore of connection problem and launcher doesn't update TMP. I've red some topics in Turkish but that UltraSurf thing doesn't work and it sounds weird to download some other app that doesn't belong to TMP to fix the problem. There is some pix of it. TY
  14. Update 1.33 When will it be released? Beta 1.33 released. And the players are testing it. But we're waiting for release 1.33 officially. How many other days will 1.33 be minted? Is it like 1.32 long? !!!
  15. Updated: 2019/09/26 (yyyy/mm/dd) Downgrading and Upgrading Euro Truck Simulator 2 Version Whenever Euro Truck Simulator 2 gets an update from SCS you need to downgrade the game version in order to use TruckersMP, because TruckersMP doesn't have support for the latest version right away. How soon TruckersMP gets an update depends on how many changes there are in the new ETS2 update. On average it takes less than 5 days for TruckersMP to receive an update after ETS2 update. In this guide, I will explain with text and GIF's how to downgrade ETS2 to a supported version and how to upgrade it after TMP update. Supported version: temporary_1_35 - 1.35.x for incompatible mods Downgrading Euro Truck Simulator 2 Version (Downgrade to supported version)* *Explanations: The latest version supported: No need to downgrade to the previous ETS2 version. Downgrade to supported version: The latest version of ETS2 is unsupported. Follow the guide to downgrade to the supported version. Upgrading Euro Truck Simulator 2 Version Unsupported version detected when using the supported version If you have followed the steps provided in the downgrading or the upgrading guide above, but the launcher still claims that the version of ETS2 is an unsupported one, view this guide created by ResTed for a possible solution. Unsupported DLC Packs and Map Expansions Special Transport Supported DLC Packs All the DLC packs and map expansions excluding unsupported DLC mentioned above. Note: these lists do not include Steam inventory items. For more detailed information, view this topic. If you spot a mistake or out-dated information, please contact the author with a personal message or comment below.
  16. so after doing all the updates within the Truckers MP Launcher I tried to load up ATS MP clicked to join the EU server which apparently 0 people are on and then get the message below about the launcher, I have tried uninstalling the mod and re installing but nothing and have now just found out I CAN join the United States server but NOT the Europe one, does anyone know how to fix this or are the team aware that there may be a problem with it? thanks in advance fellow truckers.
  17. NORD SÜD LOGISTIK GMBH Tobiasjohn84 / Veranstaltungsteam www.alphafungamer.de Grafik ***** Wir suchen neue Fahrer einfach melden .... GeburtstagKonvoi SimLiveRadio sei dabei ... Update 1.32.3s, Krone Trailer Nord Süd Logistik GMBH -Ets2 LG Tobiasjohn84
  18. I want to play the latest version of this game in MP, but when I try to download the update, it hangs on this file and then just cancels all progress.
  19. So I've been thinking ever since the 1.32 trailer update had been announced about the /fix command and how it currently works. For those that don't know or haven't had to use it yet /fix fixes your truck in one of those "I'm stuck in the middle of the road and my engine won't start" situations. the way it currently is it will fix your truck ONLY if you have a trailer attached and doesn't fix the trailer probably due to people that would abuse it to turn in perfect trailers even though they drove like maniacs the whole way there. My question is with the introduction (and support on multiplayer now (Thank you game team for the hard work to get it up so soon)) will the /fix command stay the same and only fix the truck OR will there be some check implemented so that if the player is hauling a trailer they own (as in actually purchased and not just picked up from the job site) will it fix both truck and trailer but NOT the cargo? Since the new cargo market exists there is now a third damage counter so I didn't know if there was some way to check that so the people who are driving around with their own trailers don't get punished by the lag and usual assortment of trouble on the roads for deciding to run them instead of hauling normal freight market. Personally I would like a check to be able to fix our own trailers as well but if its something that currently is unable to be done or will take some time, I would still like to toss the idea into the ring.
  20. Nachdem ich mit dem Dry Liner einen Auftrag in Rom angenommen habe und mit diesem Trailer zum Verladen rangefahren bin gab es einen freeze und ich kann weder die Lieferung bzw den Auftrag nicht abbrechen (erneuter freeze im Hauptmenü) oder vor Ort irgendwas tun. Nach einem erneuten Spawn bzw Re-Login habe ich keine Möglichkeit aus dem aktuellen Auftrag (Pasta nach Bern transportieren) rauszukommen und kann somit nicht weiter im MP spielen. Auch ein Wechseln in den SP habe ich versucht, da scheiterte es aber schon nach einer Schnellreise zum vorherigen Ort bei dem ich im MP war. Also auch hier direkt ein freeze. Eine übrigens vorherige gefahrene Lieferung von Palermo nach Rom verlief ohne Probleme (mit dem Profi Liner). Liegt es hierbei an dem Auftrag? Oder evtl an diesem Ort in Rom (Trigger-Punkt defekt)? Oder liegt es womöglich an dem Krone Dry Liner der hier ein Spielen unmöglich macht? So in der aktuellen Situation kann ich derzeit leider nicht weiterspielen :/ Das Problem ist auch erst nach dem Hotfix bzw dem Serverrestart aufgetreten.. Um eine Rückmeldung würde ich mich freuen.
  21. After accepting an order with the Krone Dry Liner in Rome and driving with this trailer for loading there was a freeze and I can not cancel neither the delivery nor the order (re-freeze in the main menu) or do anything on the spot. After another spawn or re-login, I have no way out of the current job (transport Pasta to Bern) and I can not continue to play in the MP. I also tried changing to the SP, but after a quick trip to the previous location I failed in the MP. So there was a freeze, too. An incidentally previous driven delivery from Palermo to Rome went without problems (with the Profi Liner) -> before the server-restart. Is this the job? Or maybe in this place in Rome (trigger point is broken)? Or is it perhaps due to the Krone Dry Liner that makes playing impossible here? So in the current situation, I can not play unfortunately currently :(: / The problem also occurred after the hotfix or the server restart. I would be glad to receive your feedback. And sorry for my bad english - I am German.
  22. Why update 1.32 is not released 27 days since the beta has passed
  23. Hello there, when can we play the new update with the custom trailers online? Thanks for help Paulter
  24. Guest

    1.32 Problems

    Hey. I saw the 1.32 is now available. Thats why I installed it and tried to join a server... It said "Connection refused. You are using a invalid client. You should install the mod through the launcher." I tried reinstalling the launcher, and it didn't work. My game is correctly 1.32, and I also installed the update. I tried also verifiying game files of ETS2. Everything is correctly installed.
  25. What it means to i can update my "System" in launcher? I recently was installing my launcher it installed. So i want to launch it, after it launched i've got "Install Available Updates" But.. there was an "System" Option. And me (Not from english america etc) dont know what it means to can anyone help me what to do now?
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