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Found 20 results

  1. Hello everyone, This is probably mainly for staff members I guess. With the new rules changes released yesterday I've noticed the addition of the following under the "§5.1 - Server Auto Kicks" section: https://truckersmp.com/rules#5-disclaimer-amp-information Does that mean that the system is now able to detect people using another account and will auto-kick them? If that's the case that sounds very interesting as from my experience I'm pretty sure we have a LOT of people with new TMP accounts who most probably already played on TMP before. Please don't tell me there will be an announcement about it soon. I've been told the same a couple of weeks ago about the report system changes and I'm still waiting
  2. Hello I have a problem I can't get rid of some sort of console that shows warnings and FPS and tells me everything I just did in commands how do I get rid of it? Thanks! https://imgur.com/a/7UhIGvt?
  3. goede avond ik heb een probleem met het installeren en opstarten van truckersmp ik krijg deze fout melding direct na install als ik het spel wil opstarten iemand enig idee wat dit is ? en hoe ik dit kan oplossen Zie Screenshot. bij voorbaat dank
  4. Suggestion Name: ADD / Update Support Ticket Submission Confirmation Page Instructions (currently missing) Suggestion Description: Please update the support ticket system submission confirmation page to include communication to the original support ticket creator which provides instructions to visit back to their support ticket page. Any example images: N/A. Why should it be added?: There are currently no given instructions provided to visit back to the original ticket page (or any reply comment emails being sent out) and therefore a large amount of support tickets currently may not be getting resolved due to this missing information. Therefore more tickets may actually be getting created and again unsolved. How I experienced this (example): I was helping friend out who could not login to TruckersMP. He was unsure if he had an account. Therefore he created a support ticket but heard nothing through his linked steam email address. After two weeks we decided to create a new ticket and discovered this missing information which is quite vital to solving issues. Please do fix this.
  5. Suggestion Name: AFK System and AFK parking rule Suggestion Description: I have thought of an AFK system for servers that can be very efficient and in turn optimize the server. What is written here is a vision of what I mean, is it a approved, the developer will consider what factors to apply in this suggestion. My idea is the following: I have thought about the existence a command or using the game pause to get into AFK mode, along with an AFK parking rule in which you can report. The idea of this is that when parking, you can enter a command "/ afk" or use the pause provided by the game to enter AFK mode. I will explain it in the following way, since it is a bit complex to understand my idea: Out of AFK mode: > Kick spent 10 minutes of not moving (like the current system). Within AFK mode: > In our nickname, a label will appear that says "(AFK)" or, failing that, the entire label changes color (I find this option more useful for administrators to identify) > Good parking in allowed places (here comes the AFK parking rule) > The truck block and cannot move. > If there are more than 50 or 100 players within the 250m (or 500m) radius, this server kick you. > If the server has a waiting list, ignore all the requirements and kick you immediately. > I don't know if this is possible, but I still sugest him: When entering AFK state, cancel all truck modifications, and have a default truck and trailer configuration (to optimize the area). Why should it be added?: It seems to me an interesting and necessary interesting system, which can solve the problem of the players that when receiving the warning that in a minute the server will kick it, they write something to the chat so that the counter is reset and thus remain infinitely. As explained above, it would be a very good way to optimize the server, preventing players from staying in AFK mode for 10 minutes (or infinitely) in places with too much traffic overloading the area and lowering the FPS. Also to give realism to the simulation of others, such as going on the highway and seeing trucks parked in the rest area for example, and so the environment is not so "empty". Any example images:https://imgur.com/Y2rJgN1
  6. Доброго времени суток. У меня возникла такая проблема: Играла в TruckersMP. Находилась на первом сервере. Решила переподключиться к игре, чтобы зайти на второй сервер, к друзьям. И лаунчер просто перестал запускаться, выдавая одну и ту же ошибку: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gak5a9-EBB7Nswyu6Dn4IMlz01KVrg53/view Пробовала переустановить, несколько раз, лаунчер, запуская установщик от имени администратора и без. Безуспешные попытки запуска лаунчера от имени администратора. Пробовала удалять, несколько раз, полностью с перезагрузкой и новой установкой. Пробовала удалять *.dll из папки "C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP" Несколько раз перезагружала роутер. Перезагружала компьютер. Брандмауэр отключен. Антивируса нет. Ни чего не помогло. При нажатии на кнопку "OK" - ни чего не происходит. Процесс с лаунчером, в диспетчере задач, висит бесконечно. И с периодичностью выдает ошибку, которая на первом скрине, пока его не завершишь в ручную. При нажатии на кнопку "Отмена" - открывает страницу с загрузкой лаунчера в браузере. При нажатии на кнопку "Download Now" ни чего не происходит. Страница с загрузкой лаунчера даже не открывается: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hqUatCf0Jt9qf_823SmPXbpLWjsCNwRG/view Дополнение. Вся проблема улетучилась сама собой. По крайней мере лаунчер запустился и смогла зайти на первый сервер. Вот только на долго ли...
  7. Suggestion Name: Ranked Truckers and AI cars Suggestion Description: I think the only way to get rid of troll players is to place drivers at certain rank levels by scoring according to their driving scores. In this way, a server can be opened for people who drive well and on that server there is no speed limit. My other suggestion is a suggestion which I think is absolutely necessary. Artificial intelligence cars ... Multiplayer rooads are very empty. This really disturbs the game play. People get bored after a certain period of driving on empty roads. Any example images: - Why should it be added ?: Because people don't like being restrained. Besides, the speed limit can never solve anything. Rank system should be brought urgently. The presence of AI tools will also multiply the pleasure of multiplayer.
  8. Suggestion Name: Certification system for people who want to drive double or triple trailers in areas currently locked. Suggestion Description: This idea is to implement a system of trusted drivers to have special permissions where otherwise areas restricted. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Everywhere I go. I see comments on people wanting the doubles and triples to be allowed in Germany and else where. I can accept that C-D Will always be a NO for them. But I would really like to see something like this happen. If we can have rewards for racing on our profiles. Why not certifications. I seems like a good idea for a game based on simulation with a side of fun. Read the description in the video if you want to see the whole story on what I am trying to say instead of it just being on here. There is alot more said in the video then in the suggestion. Edit: Added Words: I know this might and will start an uproar. But sometimes you need to drive a mile to find a problem worth only inches. If you see people who are outraged(If this became a thing for HCT certification)about the whole certification thing. Then cool, be mad. We as veteran drivers who have been here a heck of a long time would like some special benifits. To help identify veteran drivers level 3 and up who I projected should get picked for certification have the green name in game or like how the Admins used to have in bold red letters when the mod first released. Instead of admin in big red letters, we could have veteran in green. I have a record. I won't lie. Being a year ban free feels good. I just want to get my driving path on track and with certifications. Like HCT, Hazmat, heavy haul or special. I would be a proud man.
  9. Suggestion Name: 5+ Year old bans pardoned Suggestion Description: basically players that have ban/s that exceed 5 years old should have a chance to redeem themselves and get them removed or " pardoned " depending on the severity of the ban and their behavior since that 5+ year ban. it would work like this: If player (A) has ban/s that are 5 years old and no recent ban within 1 year then they should get the chance to either have previous ban/s pardoned or removed permanently from their record. if player (B) has ban/s that are over 5 years old but has had a ban within the last year they shouldn't get a chance to have bans removed, and must wait until they have had at least 1 clean year of no bans on their record. by using a system similar to that ^ it should help find players that have genuinely learnt from mistakes and give them a chance to give back to the community. ( in theory ) Why should it be added: A lot of people have 5+ bans that where 3+ years ago when they were younger. as they have got older they have matured and grown up so should be given the chance to apply for TMP roles to help support TMP and the community. A lot of these bans where back in 2014-15 when TMP was new and the ban system was as acknowledged as it is today. Don't forget to voice your opinion! and have your own input on the idea.
  10. Ich möchte einen Vorschlag für ein neues Ban-System machen! Und zwar das man für die Schwerwiegigkeit des Verstoßes entsprechend Bestraft wird. z.B. Ich ramme jemanden und dieser bekommt 50%Schaden und kippt um, Das sind dann z.B. 3 Tage ban. Warum ich diesen Vorschlag mache? Ich fahre sehr viel die Calais Duisburg Route. Ich wurde bereits 2 mal für über einen Monat gebannt weil ich wohlgemerkt AUSVERSEHEN Unfälle gebaut habe.... Ich finde es ist Unfair das man für etwas das Ausversehen passiert 3 Monate bestraft wird.... Banned25 Feb 21:33 UTC In-Game Issued by Matt #CarLadMatt Reason : §2.5 - Reckless Driving - https://youtu.be/KSvIzdIHv70 // 3 m due to history Appealed : 0 times Server : ETS2: EU #1 Expires : 25 May 21:32 UTC Schaut euch meine SCHLIMME TAT an... Sorry aber 3 Monate für sowas? Ich hätte höchstens 1 Woche für Sinnvoll gehalten. Ich hoffe dieser Vorschlag wird Ernst genommen. Dies ist sicherlich keine Einzelmeinung!
  11. Name: Duration + Speed limit ban Format: Game Suggestion Images: N/A Why: As you all know, banning is the most efficient way to repent. I had a 2 days ban, for a Y rule in convoy, which isn't apply to server rules. I found out with 38 minutes before ban expired. So we talking about a 38 minutes actual ban. The problem is weekend players ("mommy and daddy let me play between Friday - Sunday" ) A two days ban, caught in mid week, won't affect him at all. I bet he won't noticed the bans, even if he had 10 in a row for example. You can not do anything about it, because you can't pin-point a weekend player. I suggest together with the ban, insert a speed limit restriction. ban value x 15. You have a 2 days ban and 30 days with 80kmph speed limit. Some of you will say that, they won't connect to the servers anymore. I say: Where exactly do they go?
  12. Suggestion Name: Ticket system & Patrol role Suggestion Description: I will split the description into parts. Profile system: This system will track how much kilometres a player did while playing in TMP. The player will have a rank similar to the existing one in the ETS2 but instead of earning XP for each delivery it would earn for each xxx kilometres. The rank will say how much the player will earn for each xxx kilometres driven. For example, a player with Rank 1 will earn 2$ per kilometre and a Rank 2 will earn 5$ per kilometre, etc... As TMP has a live map which tracks where players are in real time, I think it can also track how much the player has driven. If it is possible, it would be nice to only count the kilometres that the player drove with a trailer. "Patrol" role: This would be new role wich players can apply to. The objective of this role is patrolling the roads and issuing tickets to the players which don't obey the TMP Road Traffic Laws. As TMP Staff has its own police car skin, this role would have one so dedicated to their job so players can differentiate the Staff to the Patrolling players. This skin would have the Auto-Kick feature so only players with that role can use it. (I'm creating a new skin to Police Skoda and I will do the same to this role if approved). Ticketing system: The Patrollers can issue tickets in 3 ways as TMP Team can decide which to implement or not. Console, an in-game tool similar to the GM's use to review reports. In Chat using commands like "/ticket [ID] [Amount $$] [Description]" so an example: "/ticket 2525 200 Failed to give way". Or using a system in the website which I think won't work very well because the patrollers would have to stop their cars constantly to issue tickets. Note: Player cannot report any infraction. They have to be caught by a Patrolling player. Rules: Of course players can see the TMP Road Traffic Laws so everyone follows those rules and the ticket value of each infraction. This will prevent different laws from different countries to cause confusion. Ticket appeal: Of course mistakes can happen sometimes. The players can use a system in the website where they can appeal for a ticket wich as been issued. Firstly the issuer would reply with the proof of the infraction (video or image) and if the player disagrees he can escalate the case and an upper role will review it and remove the ticket if needed. Any example images: None. Why should it be added?: I think this feature will make the game more realistic and also players would start to obey the traffic signs.
  13. German: Hey lieber Leser Ich habe ein Problem, welches ich jetzt in schritten erläutern werde. -An einem Tag sah ich dass für ETS2 eine Beta Version für die 1.33 rausgekommen ist. -Ich war natuürlich gespannt und wollte die Version testen. Also habe ich das Spiel in der 1.33 gestartet und über mein Profil gespielt. -Neulich wollte ich wieder Multiplayer spielen, dann konnte ich mein Profil nicht auswählen und da stand: Inkompatibles Profil und ich soll es auf eine neuere Version machen. -Da Multiplayer nicht für die Version 1.33 verfügbar ist ,kann ich es nicht... Kann ich mein Profil jetzt nicht mehr nutzen? Muss ich warten bis Multiplayer für 1.33 Verfügbar ist? Bin gerade echt bisschen traurig wenn das so sein sollte. Würde mich über Hilfe und Meinungen freuen LG eisie_hd English: Hey dear reader I have a problem, which I will explain now in steps. One day I saw that a beta version for the 1.33 came out for ETS2. -I was naturally curious and wanted to test the version. So I started the game in 1.33 and played over my profile. -At one day I wanted to play multiplayer again, then I could not select my profile and there was: Incompatible profile and I should make it to a newer version. - Because Multiplayer is not available for version 1.33, I can not ... Can not I use my profile anymore? Do I have to wait until Multiplayer is available for 1.33? I'm just a bit sad if that's how it should be. Would be glad about help and opinions LG eisie_hd
  14. Hello there, i was working on a website wich displayed the game time. So i read that i should not make to many calls to the API. To prevent the abuse of the API i made my own system written in PHP wich works very well. I want to share my code for other web devs. (I couldnt found one on the forum) <?php header('content-type: application/json; charset=utf-8'); //Original 2015-19-10 19:28:23 +0000 The date on the Docs seems to be wrong :/ reverse coding of current api stamp in minutes give me this date $format = 'Y-d-m H:i:s e'; $date = DateTime::createFromFormat($format, "2015-19-10 19:28:23 +0000"); $unixStart = $date->format('U'); //Convert time to Minutes $gameTime = ((time() - $unixStart) / 60) * 6; //Convert time to Seconds $gameTimeSeconds = (((time() - $unixStart) * 6) - 3660); //Optionally use of Day Strings like the Navi ingame $day = date("w", $gameTimeSeconds); $days = array("Thu", "Fri", "Sat", "Sun", "Mon", "Tue", "Wed"); $timeString = $days[$day].". ".date("H:i", $gameTimeSeconds); $arr = array("timeString" => $timeString); echo json_encode($arr, JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE); ?> If someone found some errors or problems. Feel free to answer
  15. What it means to i can update my "System" in launcher? I recently was installing my launcher it installed. So i want to launch it, after it launched i've got "Install Available Updates" But.. there was an "System" Option. And me (Not from english america etc) dont know what it means to can anyone help me what to do now?
  16. Hello, I'm active on several forums, with every forum a other system for reputation. My question is: How does the system work on this forum? And how do I get it higher? Thanks for any replies!
  17. How can I learn my kick time? I mean when I am able to play multiplayer again? note: I am kicked because I made a pilot paintjob and I didn't know this.Please solve my problem
  18. Witam. Mam do was pytanie, ponieważ mój kolega dostał gdzieś w grudniu bana na 3 miesiące i jest zagrożony perm banem, a podobno o bana bardzo łatwo. Ale moje pytanie brzmi czy bany się jakoś resetują czy bany są stałe i mój kolega jest zagrożony permem przez cały czas? Z góry dziękuje za odpowiedzi oraz życzę miłego dnia.
  19. Guys please help me i need help because i bought the game yesterday and i was exited to ply multyplayer but after this update i cant play anymore multyplayer with my friends. Is there an option to play multyplayer on 32 bit system ? If exist a chance to play MP please tell me!!!!
  20. Topic Title: Report system is not working ETS2MP ID: 76561198168161407 URL: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198168161407/ Server Time / Date: - How to reproduce: Manage - Report System - Create Report - Fill in the blanks - Submit - Cannot create your report Screenshots / Videos: None I highly recommend to have an admin online in game, or create a working report system, because now your in game report system isn't working because there is no admin online (which in my oppinion is ridiculous because there are 1000+ players online) and your report system on this website isn't functional. Regards , Rob
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