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Found 19 results

  1. Howdy fellow truckers, I've been giving some thought to the "simulation" 2 server, as it hasn't seen much activity since its introduction. How about transforming it into a dedicated role-playing (RP) server? The server could be defined by certain pre-settings, for example collision mode enabled in all areas activated fines activated fatigue syncronized weather etc... As role-playing adds a layer of realism and immersion to the game, it would be beneficial for the part of the TruckersMP community which strives for realistic simulation. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this proposal. Please vote and if you like, share your opinions, ideas, and suggestions below.
  2. Suggestion Name: Revamp a quieter server to Real Simulation Suggestion Description: There are many different types of suggestions out there regarding Real simulation servers, my suggestion is to revamp one of the less used servers to become a Real simulation server. by doing this TMP are not having to create or pay for a new server, They are simply revamping one which is going to get more users. what I think a real simulation server should look like? • Max 90k/h Limit • collisions inside Companies • No Cars (But busses are allowed) • Disable /fix • Disable AFK (the purpose of disabling AFK is so drivers cannot sit at company bays blocking them, or there would have to be some sort of auto kick system if drivers were sat inside companies for more than 3 minutes, this is providing companies did become collision zones) Do you have an example image? No Why should it be added?: This is a simulation game, a lot of us want to drive as realistically as possible. If you do not like the chaos of Sim 1, you’re only option is a server which has an increased speed limit, which makes no sense, since when would a truck in real life go 130! if I’m completely honest, I have slowly gone off TMP, its just about getting as many people into sim 1 as possible and not thinking about the purpose of the actual game which is to simulate real life driving! This server would be a huge success to the people that generally want to drive professionally. I also feel like you should not be allowed access to this server if your account is less than 3 months old or if you have more than 2 active bans within 12 months. Also maybe slightly harsher bans could be issued in this server. The reason for these suggestions is keep the trolls away & keep the server for drivers who want to play professionally!
  3. Suggestion Name: One Way Duisburg (Roundabout). Suggestion Description: The idea is that Duisburg, which has a one-way square roundabout shape, attaches photos to understand, also including why the secondary traffic light should be removed. Any example image: https://imgur.com/a/NyGSaA4 In the link you can see what my idea is, it is easy to understand. Why should it be added?: This should be added because in the rush hour when the server is full and even with 1,000 people missing, Duisburg is already collapsed, there is no denying, this project will help traffic flow much better and hardly collapse. The traffic light below the secondary does not help at all, that is, Delay and constant retentions, and not everyone respects it, it also proposes a model of how it should be. In the traffic light photo, he sees a model that would help, considering that where the stop is, almost no one comes, 90% make the move to enter Duisburg and exit through the Gasolinera secondary. I think and I think it is a good idea and would help a lot, thanks!
  4. Suggestion Name: Synchronising Weather with ability to toggle on/off Suggestion Description: Many people want weather to be synchronised right? But there's a minority that don't as well, what about having synchronised weather but the ability to turn it on/off for those with low-end PCs or who dont like rain. Any example images: Why should it be added?: It would add to the realism/simulation that TruckersMP is wanting, and it would be quite nice to have synchronised weather, plus people who don't like it can turn it off.
  5. Guest

    Simülasyon 1 sorunları...

    Simülasyon 1 de neredeyse her akşam kickleniyorum. Bir süre sonra bazen tekrar kendiliğinden bağlıyor ,bazen bağlamıyor. Daha önceden ise bağlantı sorunları yaşamıştım fakat 1 2 dakika sonra otomatik bağlanmıştı. Bu akşam ise 1 saat denememe ve beklememe rağmen bağlanamadım . Simülasyon 2 boş olduğu için girmek istemiyorum girsem bile eğlenceli olmuyor... Bu sorun sadece bendemi var yoksa sizlerde var mı? Ve ya var mıydı?
  6. Hi guys, I was driving on the Kirkines Road on promods and i got reported by a other player saying i was driving to slow. My question is i was driving on the gravel road doing 40. what in my opinion is a nice speed to drive on gravel. the driver behind me tought otherwise. he reported me for doing 40 in a 70. So my question to you guys is was i wrong for doing 40 or should i speed it up to 70 (what way to reckless is and slippery)? Thanks for reading ?
  7. Suggest Name: Modify the TMP Speed Limit - The Future of TMP Severs I believe TMP need to have a talk with their community on how the servers should be handled/made, With the constant posts about speed limits and collisions I believe it is time for another sever overhaul, something needs to be changed. Suggestion Description: / Why it should be added Simulation 1 - Simulation 1 would be a server which has the base game speed limit (55mph) for all vehicles with in the game, this would be the ultimate simulation experience for truckers on the road who enjoy the lower speeds and can comfortably do jobs on World Of Trucks without the constant overtaking from faster players. Simulation 2 - Simulation 2 would be a server with a speed limit between 93mph to 100mph depending on which the community likes better for the players who enjoy a faster experience, There is still a speed cap so they trucks are controllable however still a enjoyable experience. Players who do not have hours to spend from going A to B will get a much more enjoyable experience if they can get their in a fast manner and still safely. (Collisions Enabled) Promods - Promods Server would be a server that is identical to Simulation 2 however of course, with the ProMods map. The map is huge and as seen, the servers do not get a huge amount of players on them, a higher speed limit would greatly improve the experience on empty roads where you may not find too many players and overall allow people to travel the huge diverse map at a reasonable speed. (Collisions Enabled) Arcade Server - A no collisions server where players can go whatever speed the please in which they do not have to apply to any of the TMP rules unless it directly effects their experience. (Collisions Disabled) Reason I think collisions are an important feature to keep are to at least keep the experience semi realistic, yes, its true a truck is not going to be driving down the road at 93mph, however neither can a truck magically /fix, teleport. ETS2 as much as it is a simulator game, its also a game where people play to have fun, just because players want speed and collision, it does not mean Rules I believe rules need to be slightly altered for the report system, Game Moderation has not improved IMO between the switch from EU1/EU2 to the Road to Simulation Update, this isn't strictly TMP's fault, their platform has grown and they cannot keep up with constant growing player count. In game reports rarely get looked at and a work around needs to be put in place. Allow players to be reported multiple times by unique players - If players can report the same user and they get alot of reports within a certain time, (e.g. 10+ reports by different players) and a admin cannot look at the the request as they are busy. The reported player should be put into ghost mod for a certain amount of time based on what TMP see's as reasonable. This would greatly benefit if a troll decides to block a road and a Admin cannot kick/ban them. Mass reporting on that player would resolve this issue as they cannot effect other players experience. I believe this would be better than a kick since that could easily be abused. Ban Offences - One of the main argument's to this that lots of players get banned from speeding related accidents. To resolve this, Players who have more than 2 Bans in the last year would not be allowed to connect to servers which evolve higher speeds. If players cannot be respectful to others while speeding, they should have an increased punishment rather than the current offences. This will keep both player bases happy. Let me know what you think about my suggestions!
  8. Suggestion Name: More number of level crossings with visible trains synchronized on TruckersMP. Suggestion Description: My idea is related to railway. As it is commonly known, SCS Software has been introducing many trains (as AI) for several years. AI Traffic is disabled on TruckersMP therefore we do not see these trains in most places. Especially on the new DLC maps. I'd like to see more number of working level crossing with trains on the servers, even if they are linked to AI, I hope can be adjusted accordingly, replace AI trains with other trains etc. I am aware that there are a lot of level crossings on the map. These can will be adapted gradually even with one train model in many places or in any other possible way to simulate a railroad crossing. *If this suggestion will be accepted, I can create a map of railway crossings to facilitate the work of developers. Any example images: level-crossing with train near Ancona (currently disabled on TMP) level-crossing with train in France (currently disabled on TMP) train near level-crossing somewhere in Finland: https://i.imgur.com/hFIzC2V.png Why should it be added?: It will add realism to the TruckersMP. The second reason is that there will be no new game mode with AI (including trains) in the near future. Therefore, other solutions can be found to enable simulation of a railway crossing. For example, through replacing the current AI trains with others so that these are visible on the servers.
  9. Guest

    Simulated Weather

    Suggestion Name: Simulated Weather For Everyone Suggestion Description: Simulating weather for all players (the entire Server), instead of it being client side only. I think this is pretty much self explained. I already wrote it as feedback to the support, and got a reply to share it here so the community can give their feedback about it. Why should it be added?: To go with the new monumental changes of Road to Simulation, i myself had a lot of moments when it was raining like crazy for friend of mine while i had sunshine and a blue sky. These moments are always funny but still wouldn't it be better to have the same weather for all drivers on the server. So now it's your turn to show what you think of this feature, if you want to see this relativ small, but for some maybe more immersive change. Also have a nice day/night, and stay safe while traveling on the roads of TruckerMP.
  10. Hi all, I have a suggestion that I would like to put forward about the Skoda Pilot Cars; I personally think that they should only be allowed on the Arcade servers, because it is a Truck Simulator game after all. So I believe it makes sense to only have Trucks on the Simulation servers (Apart from GM's), and Cars and Trucks on Arcade servers. Thank you for taking the time to read this, Kind Regards, Dan
  11. Bonjour à tous, Dans la suite des changements présentés dans le 1er sujet Road To Simulation, nous allons aujourd'hui vous parler de changements internes, récemment introduits dans l'équipe de modération du jeu. Notre but est de drastiquement réduire le nombre de joueurs qui ne veulent pas suivre nos règles, et d'encourager tout le monde à se diriger vers une conduite plus sûre, et pour cette raison, nous avons fait quelques changements dans la manière dont nous allons bannir les joueurs enfreignant les règles. La manière de bannir les joueurs indiquée dans l'article §2.8 - Comment les bannissements sont appliqués sera exactement la même, cependant nous donnerons des sanctions plus sévères aux joueurs qui enfreignent intentionnellement nos règles et commettent des infractions car ils ne sont pas assez concentré lorsqu'ils conduisent. Plus précisement, si nous pensons que certains joueurs rejoignent nos serveurs dans le seul but de nuire aux autres joueurs et de les empêcher de conduire librement, nous leurs donnerons des bannissements pas plus courts que 14 jours. Dans le cas ou le Game Management pense qu'un utilisateur rejoint TruckersMP dans le seul but d'enfreindre nos règles, le bannissement par l'historique ne sera pas pris en compte, et la durée de bannissement sera au bon vouloir du Game Management, où les bans permanents pourront être distribués quel que soit le nombre de bannissements que le joueur a. Bien que toutes ces informations puissent être effrayantes pour certains, ne vous inquiétez pas, les seules personnes qui seront affectées sont celles qui ne veulent pas jouer en suivant les règles. Cela convaincra clairement les joueurs peu attentifs de conduire plus prudemment et éloignera rapidement les mauvais joueurs. Pour terminer, nous avons apporté quelques petites modifications au limiteur de vitesse. Les membres staff disposant des autorisations pour modérer le jeu ont vu leur limiteur de vitesse augmenter à 160km/h (100mph) afin de leur permettre de remplir leurs tâches de la meilleure façon possible. Nous vous souhaitons de passer un bon moment sur nos serveurs, L' équipe de Game Management. Voir le poste sur la page d'accueil du site
  12. Здравейте всички, Като продължение на промените, споменати в темата „Първи път към симулация“, днес ви информираме и за някои вътрешни промени, които бяха внесени напоследък в екипа на Game Moderation. Нашата цел е драстично да намалим броя на играчите, които не искат да следват нашите правила и да насърчим всички да преминат към по-безопасен стил на шофиране и по тази причина направихме някои подходящи промени в начина на издаване на забрани. Работният процес на забраните, споменат в §2.8 - Как се издават забрани, ще бъде абсолютно същият, но ние ще издадем по-сурови наказания на играчите, които нарушават умишлено нашите правила и извършват нарушения поради небрежност по време на шофиране. По-конкретно, ако смятаме, че определени играчи се присъединяват към нашите сървъри единствено, за да навредят на други играчи и да ограничат свободата им да шофират спокойно, ще издадем наказания, които не са по-кратки от четиринадесет дни. В случайността Мениджмънтът на игрите смята, че потребителят се присъединява към TruckersMP с единствената цел да наруши нашите правила, обичайният работен процес в историята ще бъде заобиколен и продължителността на забраната ще бъде по преценка на Управлението на играта, където могат да се издават постоянни забрани, независимо от това колко забрани е имал един играч. Въпреки че цялата тази информация може да е страшна за някои, не се притеснявайте, единствените хора, които ще бъдат засегнати, са тези, които нямат интерес да играят нашата модификация по начина, по който трябва да се играе. Това ясно ще убеди невнимателните играчи да шофират по-внимателно и бързо ще премахне лошите играчи от сървърите. И накрая, направихме някои малки промени в ограничителя на скоростта. Членовете на персонала, които имат разрешения за модериране на играта, са ограничили скоростта си до 160 km / h (100 mph), за да им позволят да изпълняват задълженията си по най-добрия възможен начин. Приятно Шофиране, Управлението на игрите. Преглед на публикацията на началната страница
  13. Présentation de l'entreprise (FR) LTV Transport créé en janvier 2019 par président Président Général DeadVilsutax, âgée de 28 ans et vivant dans l'est de la France dans un petit village. Il est ensuite rejoint par Lucky Luke59. Notre entreprise achète des marchandises dans le monde entier, en évitant les accidents et bien évidemment les pannes pour toujours être au niveau des livraisons, il ne faut pas oublier les personnes qui achètent des marchandises, donc, elles sont retrouvées en retard. L'entreprise recrute en général toute personne voulant être chauffeur, il suffit d'être assez actif, être correct et polie avec les autres, avoir le sens du sérieux mais aussi de savoir plaisir, ce qui est important car notre entreprise est une entreprise familiale , conviviale, avec une bonne ambiance, donc il ne faut pas casser le rythme de celle ci. Nous avons plusieurs promotions dans l'entreprise: Quand une personne est recruté, elle est déjà passée par stagiaire , histoire de voir si elle se débrouille bien. Sa période-temps activités après , elle est passée à intérim , sa carrière Dans Verser au niveau de évoluer l'entreprise. Ensuite, il est donc employé . Après quelques temps dans l'entreprise, un employé en employé confirmé . Au niveau des promotions administratives, il y a: Gestionnaires, Chef d'équipe, Organisateur c'est ce que les gens ont fait de qui était actif avec une bonne cadence et une ambiance. Membres de la direction: DeadVilsutax, 26 ans, Président Directeur Général (Disponible toute la journée) LuckyLuke59, 21 ans, vice-président (Disponible le week-end) Règlements de l'entreprise: -> 1) Respect des autres. -> 2) Conduite en dessous de 100 / kmh. (90 kmh max). -> 3) Toujours effectué ces trajets avec le TRUCKBOOK. -> 4) être assez présent. -> 5) Respecté les panneaux de vitesse. -> 6) Respecté les clignotants. -> 7) Regarder dans les rétroviseurs. Nous avons respecté la limitation de la vitesse de tous les panneaux, nous sommes rapprochés, nous trouvons dans les rétroviseurs, nous ne sommes pas doublés pendant que nous passons une autorisation personnelle. Il est important de respecter ces petites choses pour éviter les accidents, et bien évidemment pour avoir une conduite correcte sur la route du monde, car nous ne sommes pas seuls sur la route! le respect de tout-ce-est-ce-est-ce-est-ce-est-ce-est-ce-est-votre-est-important Information de l'entreprise: Notre discord: https://discord.gg/gnvXFPC Notre Truckbook: https://trucksbook.eu/company/33217 Lien Forum Communauté Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/25/2789318172114053362/ LIEN PAGE FACE: https://www.facebook.com/LTV-Communauté-2166986063413684 LIEN TWITTER : https: //twitter.com/CommunauteLtv PS: J'ai créé cette entreprise virtuelle car je suis fan et accro de ce jeu et je trouve que de jouer avec plusieurs membres de son entreprise, de faire des recrutements c'est beaucoup ^ p plus plaisant que le simple solo. Nous sommes des personnes d'âge restreint pour un groupe de personnes désirées rejoindre, il suffit de respecter les règles.
  14. bonjour on viens de faire notre petite entreprises on a fait sa pour faire un peut de rp sur le jeux plus d'info sur le discord le lien serra sur la fiche de notre entreprises info age requis 18ans avoir un micro jouer rp merci a vous on vous attend ICI --> P.S.T.F.R
  15. First of all, hello everyone. 1) The basis of the idea that I suggest : I had an idea after what I saw today in server EU#2 ETS2 and I'd like to share it to see if other people share the same point of view. For several months we had a lot of DLC on ETS2 but unfortunately these DLC are not totally compatible with the mentality of certain groups of players. I think of the DLC Heavy Cargo and Special Transport where our trailers are very heavy and especially very delicate. Recently it was impossible to enjoy a pleasant session by pulling my trailer of 51 tones with my "little" Scania S 8x4 730hp. Several times I was harpooning the tractor and the trailer voluntarily and completely free for no reason. Reporting the players in the middle of the game does not work because the problem has to last long enough for a moderator or administrator to notice. It only remains to create a ticket with a link to a video evidence or attach screenshots. The processing time and response are desired because we are a lot of players to create incident reports. 2) The idea : Kicker, Ban temporarily or for a defined period a player can not be enough today. I propose that we remove the kick because inefficient. Apply a 24h banishment from the start to the first incarnation against the offending player. But if it is part of a vtc or a team should apply a ban of 2, 4, 6, 12 or 24h for all members of the team of the player to educate the whole team that did the offending player. Only then will you get the rules. There are tired of these players who play in ETS2MP as if it was a vulgar GTA, a simulation game is not to make the bumper car or mario kart, if not as much as they play solo. A multi-player game requires a deep respect of the rules. Here in ETS2MP too little respect the rules of the road (highway code), speed limits, distances, etc ... It is these players who are dragging down to the level of gameplay. - In this sense a second idea comes to me, why not limit the access to the MP according to the number of hours on the game ? Because the experience of the profile anyone can change that, but it is more difficult to change the time spent on the steam game. Prohibit access to the MP for players who have less than 30 hours of play on ETS2. Because the ability to drive well on ETS2 comes mainly from the time we spent on it. It is not having 7 hours of play "Steam" on ETS2 that one is good driver. 3) CONCLUSIONS : - Apply a ban of minimum duration to all members of a Steam group or a VTC when a player of the same group or VTC is penalized by an incident report to raise awareness of the group. - Limit access to the MP to all players who have less than 30 hours of Steam play time at ETS2. - Apply the same rules in ATS. Sorry if i make some errors of synthax, etc.. in english, i'm French and i use Google Translate.
  16. i was thinking about a AI Traffic server with random cars/trucks to pay more attattion on the road while driving cuz and emty road is getting bored soo i wish to see a AI traffic server
  17. [PT-BR] Empresa virtual para ETS2 e ATS com a finalidade de simular e divertir; nosso principal foco é reunir antes de motoristas, amigos, que saibam valorizar e respeitar o próximo considerando e respeitando as regras do TruckersMP bem como uma condução o mais prudente possível. Estamos com vagas abertas para o sistema de recrutamento através do site www.alpha.k6.com.br onde poderá encontrar também nossos termos de vinculação. Dúvidas poderá entrar em contato também pelo WhatsApp no seguinte número: +55 79 99626-8233 (Falar com Luther) [EN] Virtual company for ETS2 and ATS for the purpose of simulating and entertaining; our main focus is to gather before drivers, friends, who know how to value and respect the next recital and respecting the rules of TruckersMP as well as driving as prudently as possible. We are open to the recruitment system through the website www.alpha.k6.com.br where you can also find our terms of connection. Inquiries may also be made by WhatsApp at the following number: +55 79 99626-8233 (Speak with Luther)
  18. Bonjours et bienvenue. L'entreprise ALBATROS joue sur Euro Truck Simulator 2. Le siège social des Transports ALBATROS, ou, T.A.F. , est situé à Dijon, dans le département de la côte d'or, en France. C'est une entreprise qui exécute des transports de tous types, ainsi que de la location de camions en travaux publics sur toute l'Europe. ALBATROS se veut et se doit de donner une image de marque sur les routes et chez ses clients, aussi, nous recrutons des conducteurs routiers novices et expérimentés, tant qu'ils ont la passion du camion, respectent le code de la route et jouent de façon Role Play. Notre entreprise est active sur virtualtruckingmanager et TrucksBook. Nous avons notre canal Discord également. Voici notre règlement intérieur : # 1) POSTULER POUR UNE PLACE : - Vous devez avoir au minimum 18 ans. (peut être négocié) - Avoir au moins les DLCs "Going to East" et "Vive la France" - Ne pas faire partie d'une autre entreprise virtuelle - Candidatez sur virtual trucking manager : http://virtualtruckingmanager.com/company/13563 et sur TrucksBook, ici : http://trucksbook.eu/company/14869 . (oui, les deux) VOUS SEREZ CONTACTES PAR MESSAGE PRIVE (sur virtual trucking management) pour vous indiquer dans le détail la marche à suivre. * Informations : Nous sommes à la fois sur TrucksBook et Virtual Trucking Management. TrucksBook est un logiciel gratuit nous servent de chronotachygraphe, tandis que VTM nous sert de support pour rédiger nos feuilles de routes. (Les candidatures sont examinées généralement les weekends.) # 2) LES OBLIGATIONS : - Respecter le code de la route et jouer RP - Faire au minimum 8 missions par mois (aucune exigence pour les kilomètres) - Faire vos feuilles de routes sur Virtual Trucking Management. (ou automatique par le logiciel) - Ouvrir le logiciel TrucksBook quand vous roulez pour l'entreprise. - Respecter les consignes de la direction (envoyées par message privé sur VTM) . - Quand vous roulez pour l'entreprise, prendre le camion attitré par la direction, le skin d'entreprise et le Player-TAG " T.A.F. " et que en multijoueurs. - Les missions doivent être suivis. Interdiction de se téléporter, sauf dérogations spéciales délivrées par la direction. (( - Si vous roulez hors entreprise, effacez le tag "T.A.F.", ne roulez pas avec les camions de l'entreprise, ne faites pas de rapports sur virtual trucking manager, n'ouvrez pas trucksbook )) # 3) EVOLUTION DU CHAUFFEUR :- La direction vous donnera le camion pour débuter votre carrière (un choix entre deux modèles vous sera proposé).- Par la suite, suivant vos recettes, vos consommations de carburant, votre kilométrage et votre bonne conduite sur la route, la direction vous offrira la possibilité de changer de camion si vous le souhaitez. # 4) COMMUNICATION : - Pour joindre la direction, pour tous problèmes, ou besoin d'aide (ou autre), faites le par messages privés sur Virtual Trucking Management. D'ailleurs, pensez à vérifier vos messages, car l'entreprise vous donnera vos consignes par ce biais. - Pour discuter avec vos collègues, vous pouvez également utiliser le Chat de Trucksbook et le canal Discord de l'entreprise.# 5) ABSENCES :- Si vous ne pouvez pas jouer pendant un moment et que cela vous empêche de faire vos 8 missions minimum par mois, informez-en la direction par message privé. - Un système d'avertissement est en place pour palier aux chauffeurs fantômes. Si vous êtes intéressé par notre entreprise, que vous voulez vous faire une solide et positive réputation, n'hésitez pas à nous le faire savoir. Nous vous souhaitons une longue carrière et de vous amuser au sein de la société des Transports ALBATROS France. Bonne route à toutes et à tous ! La direction, Darsh 71.
  19. Oh, stop lights. How some of us actually uses you. Provided that all stop lights are synced (and they were the last time I played), everyone should stop at them. Regardless if you think you're clear. Yesterday, I was going through a town - the light was green for me, so I kept rolling through at the speed limit (50 km/h). Some other player bolted right infront of me from the right side making a left hand turn. All of my means of stopping the truck turned on; retarder, exhaust brake and the air brakes. All because someone didn't have the paitence to sit at a stop light for 10-30 seconds. Now, I'm not sure if this is a reportable offense. I've seen some players get kicked or banned for being disrespectful and not following the rules of the road back a couple of patches (before everything went freeroam). But if the former is true - that this is a reportable offense - report them. Same too for those who blaze through a town at 90 km/h. It's funny to watch two truckers crash and the two of them cuss at each other while you're an observer. But when it happens to you, it becomes an embarassment - and worse yet - you might have to load an autosave - which could be 30 minutes ago. Obey the rules of the road. If you have any questions if you're a foreigner (such as my self), then ask on the forums. Some people will be glad to answer.
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