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Found 16 results

  1. Hello truckers and carrers! () It seems that a lot of you want to use the Scout car mod in singleplayer. Either just for fun, or to solve issues; like your car turning into an old Scania when you load your multiplayer profile in singleplayer. I have a simple solution that doesn't require you to download anything. This solution allows the game to use the files of the mod that came with the TMP client. It works by creating a symbolic link in windows, which will allow the game to find the files from multiplayer and use them in singleplayer. It works for both ETS2 and ATS. This will also make sure you always use the latest version released with the TMP client, until the devs change the file names or add additional files. There are two requirements: You need to have administrator rights on your computer and you need to have file extensions enabled. To enable file extensions, check this guide: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/show-file-extensions-in-windows Start by creating a new text (.txt) file. It doesn't matter where it's located or how you name it. Open the file and paste the following text: mklink %USERPROFILE%\Documents\"Euro Truck Simulator 2"\mod\sh_skoda_car.scs %PROGRAMDATA%\TruckersMP\data\shared\mods\sh_skoda_car.mp mklink %USERPROFILE%\Documents\"American Truck Simulator"\mod\sh_skoda_car.scs %PROGRAMDATA%\TruckersMP\data\shared\mods\sh_skoda_car.mp mklink %USERPROFILE%\Documents\"Euro Truck Simulator 2"\mod\skoda_car.scs %PROGRAMDATA%\TruckersMP\data\ets2\mods\skoda_car.mp mklink %USERPROFILE%\Documents\"American Truck Simulator"\mod\skoda_car.scs %PROGRAMDATA%\TruckersMP\data\ats\mods\skoda_car.mp pause Save the file and change the filename from anything.txt to anything.bat Right-click on the file and execute it as an administrator. Administrator rights are required because the Scout files used by the TMP client are located in a system folder. If you don't own both of the games, you will see 2 errors. That's normal because this batch file tries to enable the mod for both games, regardless whether you own them. Now start the game and check the mod manager. You should see two new mods: "sh_skoda_car" and "skoda_car". Enable them both and you will be able to use the car in singleplayer. Happy trucking carring!
  2. Good Afternoon all! Recently, I looked back at some old pics taken in tmp by admins and I saw that they were driving the Pilot Van from the special Transport DLC. Since then I always thought, wouldn't it be cool if we had the pilot vans instead of the pilot cars? Now, I know that the Pilot Vans that admins used to use have been changed to what now are our pilots cars/ police cars. However, having a pilot van is way more realistic than a pilot car and that is why the Special Transport DLC uses vans not cars. If we had Pilot Vans, it would make everything much more realistic and much more enjoyable; piloting our friends while they haul a heavy load would just add to the realism we all are trying to find within this game. Obviously the Police cars should stay, since that is how it works irl as well. I know Pilot Cars exist in real life too, but in this game Pilot Vans look 10 times better and they look much much nicer since they aren't a mod, but rather something the actual developers of the game did. Not to mention, Vans could be considered as small trucks; and since this is Euro TRUCK simulator and not Euro CAR simulator, then having a Van would make more sense. I hope this suggestion becomes reality and we finally see Pilot Vans instead of Pilot Cars, please if you like the idea, give it a like so more people can see it and hopefully the tmp devs will see it too.
  3. Cześć Wszystkim Pisałem to samo w języku angielskim, ale chciałbym też poznać opinię Polaków, na ten temat, w TMP jest tylko jeden samochód ,,wielozadaniowy'' ( w sensie pilot, policja itd.), lecz fajnie byłoby gdyby zawitał do nas nowy mam na myśli VW T5, jest spotykany w Polsce w malowaniu ,,PILOTA'' chodzi mi, bardzo byłbym ucieszony gdyby go dodali, gdyż brakuje takiego samochodu ,,PILOTA'' jest tylko ta skoda i moim zdaniem na dłuższą metę nie pasuje, do tego, nawet w samym dodatku do ETS 2 jest T5 i bardzo ładnie się komponuje, i mieli by gotowy szablon pod niego, ale to nie ważne, jestem ciekaw czy Wy też by chcieliście taką T5, ja bym był bardzo ucieszony, nawet patrząc na to że jest tylko skoda jaka pilot itd. urozmaiciło by to drogi, konwoje i ogólnie, po prostu super byłoby jakby go dodali. Co Wy o tym sądzicie, a może wiecie czy dodadzą jakiegoś ,,PILOTA'' w najbliższym czasie? Pozdrawiam i Szerokiej Drogi!
  4. Name: Proper use of the colour pilot car Suggestion: The use of pilot colour should only be directed to users who are part of a VTC Reason: The misuse of colour has get users to embody activities that are generally practiced at events by staff members. Many abuse the colors and are parked in inappropriate places breaking rule §1.5 and §2.6 This behavior can be clearly seen in Calais city, crossing the train line (C-D), Duisburg petrol station and Duisburg city center. The control method for using pilot car colour should follow the system authorized company manager TMP. Conclusion: The proper use of car pilot colour by players who are registered in VTC will alert other users safely about the passage of a Convoy by companies in areas permitted by the rules.
  5. Suggestion Name: Removing AI cars from Special Transport DLC (ETS2) in exchange for player pilot cars. Suggestion Description: One of two main problems with special transport DLC is AI driven cars, as we know they cannot and will not be implemented. So why not just remove them? (I know, easier said then done) in exchange make it OBLIGATORY for truck with oversize load to have at least one pilot car. Of course pilot car for reason of warning other players, not to control traffic. I can even come with set of rules for such a situation that truck and pilot would have stick to. Any example images: none. Why should it be added?: As it is one of most interesting DLC (IMHO), it should be natural path to try to somehow implement it into mp. As we already have really huge cargos (double trailers, multi axis transports), it wouldn't change that much in terms of players crashing into each other. It would create more player to player interactions and mabye temper a little bit habit of racing trucks 150km/h over highway corners ;] Thanks to truckersMP staff and developers!
  6. Suggestion Name: VOLKSWAGEN AMAROK V6 V1R4 1.34.X CAR Suggestion Description: CHANGELOG: Log spam fix Base fix Any example images: Why should it be added?: because there is now only 1 kind of car and maybe that is luek to put a 2 car in the game and if you can ski well you can also put a pilot skin on it and for the game moderator a police skin on it
  7. Suggestion Name: Enable Cars on EU#1 as PILOT or Escort for CONVOYS . Suggestion Description: Enable Cars on EU#1 as PILOT or Escort for CONVOYS, always following the rule §2.9 - Inappropriate Convoy Management / Car Abuse. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: With the server limited speed , Some VTC would like to make realistic convoys at simulation speeds. To do it at this moment we have to play on Eu2 (or Eu5 if keep it open..) to get acces on the Skoda for true convoy managment or PILOT puropse, and we all know the dangers and probabilities to found a rammer or a Troller, which are, on the other hand a lot less on Eu1 Simulation server . And if you may think cars will be used for trolling purpose, with 1.32 update, devs have improved the car phisics, doing it as same level, or even less destroyer than a Truck ramming you at .
  8. W zasadzie "§2.8 - Inappropriate Convoy Management / Car Abuse Convoy pilots are not permitted to slow down, block or control traffic, acting as a moderator and otherwise abusing the pilot scheme paint job. You are not permitted to take a convoy into highly populated area intentionally. This can include (but is not limited to) Calais, Duisburg, Calais-Duisburg road or surrounding areas." Jest napisane że Piloci konwojów nie mogą spowalniać blokować ani nic podobnego... Moje pytanie brzmi: Dlaczego Piloci nie mają żadnych uprawnień? W rzeczywistości Piloci mają lekkie uprawnienia do delikatnego sterowania ruchem np. Spowolnienie ruchu podczas zmiany pasa lub tymczasowe zatrzymanie ruchu na skrzyżowaniu. Mówię tutaj o kwestii CHWILOWEJ maksymalnie trwającej 20 sekund. Zdaję sobie sprawę że chodzi tutaj by ludzie nie nadużywali tego przywileju. Ale nie można brać każdego do jednego worka i niektórzy chcą Roleplay, a nie robić zamieszanie. ETS 2 to symulator transportu ciężarowego,, twórcy SCS Software dodali nawet DLC Pilotów którzy mogą pomóc w transporcie.. Multiplayer zostało przez was stworzone po to by zapewnić ludziom realistyczną jazdę z innymi graczami. Ja osobiście uważam że zatrzymać się i poczekać te 20 sekund aż konwój przejedzie to nie jest żaden problem. Jeśli chcecie mieć pewność że Piloci niczego nie popsują, moją propozycją jest wprowadzenie systemu podobnie jak podanie na administratora tylko w zmienionej formie jako na Pilota, wtedy by nie było takiego zamieszania a kulturalni gracze którzy nie utrudniają nikomu rozgrywki mogliby legalnie robić to co lubią. Piszę to ponieważ z moimi znajomymi bardzo lubimy jeździć w konwojach i brakuje nam tego że nie mamy uprawnień. Czasem znajdzie się ktoś kto to rozumie i nas przepuści ,ale zdarza się to niestety rzadko. Bardzo bym prosił by rozpatrzyć moją prośbę na temat PILOTowania w TruckersMP.. To nie tylko moja prośba ale i też wielu innych. Zachęcam do wspólnej dyskusji! Pozdrawiam Z poważaniem, Asscred
  9. Witam Nazwa sugestii: Malowanie Pilot na ciężarówki. Opis sugestii: Zostałem przekierowany do stworzenia wątku tutaj. W multi dostępna jest skoda, która jako jedyny pojazd w kliencie ma malowanie pilota. Największy problem jest w tym, że bardzo mały odsetek gra skodami z głową, a jeszcze mniejszy wykorzystuje je jako pilota. Przykładowe obrazki: moge przygotować, obecnie nie posiadam. Dlaczego Twoja sugestia a nie inna: Nie inna, bo innych nie ma. Moja w tym temacie jest pierwsza. Z moich doświadczeń wynika, ze 99% normalnych firm podczas konwojów i tak używa ciężarówek na pilota, z tym problemem, że maluje je na malowania gabarytowe dostępne oficjalnie co jest jakimś wyjściem, ale niezbyt dobrym. Mógłbym przygotować ew. próbkę i ew. jeśli nasze polskie grono jest zbyt małe napisać na anglojęzycznej części forum. Pozdrawiam
  10. salve a tutti. cerchiamo personlae per la nostra azienda virtuale di steam, siamo già più di 20 membri e questo fa capire che è un'azienda seria. quindi se siete interessati dovrete partecipare ai convogli (in caso non vi sia possibile quel giorno basta comunicarlo a uno dei moderatori o il capo Francix125_ita). principalmente si lavora d'estate in quanto durante il periodo scolastico è molto difficile trovare orari che siano perfetti per tutti e ci ridurremmo a pochi players. quindi cosa aspettate? la ditta si chiama "ETS2 mp mondial transport" con il seguente tag "ETS2MPmt". CI SI VEDE IN STRADA... CIAOOO
  11. hi how can i get the pilot on ets mp? thank you for listening !!
  12. So I've gotten the Skoda car with the Pilot skin and beacon. I've read the rules and tutorial on how you are supposed to Pilot correctly and safely. The only missing information is how to actually become a pilot. So it brings it down to this question. How do I become hired to be a pilot car for convoys and stuff? How do I actually get hired for this kinda work I am very interested in? Thanks for reading.... and do respond please!
  13. Svatekl


    Nie wiem za bardzo co mam robic jako kierowca samochodu Skoda PILOT. Czy to jest jak nasza Straż Miejska? Czy to coś innego? Jak by ktoś mógł mi wytłumaczyć to był bym wdzięczny! Z góry dziękuję
  14. How to be a police officer or pilot?
  15. Witam jeśli chcecie zorganizować konwój do Euro Truck Simulator 2 MP i szukacie Pilota który pomoże w ogarnięciu całej trasy to jestem dla waszej dyspozycji. A oto więcej informacji: 1.Posiadam Volvo FH16 2.Moc 750KM nie ma niczego co mi ucieknie 3.Wyposażona w światła ostrzegawcze tzw "Koguty" oraz sygnał dźwiękowy tzw "Trąbki", no i dodatkowe oświetlenie. 4.Mam 15 lat. Co do umawiania się oraz ustalenia terminu: Możliwości: 1.Team Speak 3 tzw."TS3". 2.Komunikator Skype 3.Poczta Więcej informacji na priv. Pozdrawiam TrollikiPL (Może mnie znacie z trasy)
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