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  1. Suggestion Name: Removing AI cars from Special Transport DLC (ETS2) in exchange for player pilot cars. Suggestion Description: One of two main problems with special transport DLC is AI driven cars, as we know they cannot and will not be implemented. So why not just remove them? (I know, easier said then done) in exchange make it OBLIGATORY for truck with oversize load to have at least one pilot car. Of course pilot car for reason of warning other players, not to control traffic. I can even come with set of rules for such a situation that truck and pilot would have stick to. Any example images: none. Why should it be added?: As it is one of most interesting DLC (IMHO), it should be natural path to try to somehow implement it into mp. As we already have really huge cargos (double trailers, multi axis transports), it wouldn't change that much in terms of players crashing into each other. It would create more player to player interactions and mabye temper a little bit habit of racing trucks 150km/h over highway corners ;] Thanks to truckersMP staff and developers!
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