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  1. Why not both? But pc if I must pick one. Green apple or red apple?
  2. Calling the assistance center is the thing you have to do to accomplish this. Go ahead and do what you've been doing and when you call it should bring you to the garage.
  3. If you have windows 7 make sure you have service pack 1 installed. If you already do try to download from a different browser or disable your antivirus during the install.
  4. The file that gets downloaded currently is a .zip folder. Make sure you have an unzipping program such as winrar, or 7zip (free) and right click the file, and choose extract here. An executable should appear in the folder that the .zip is located, and you should be able to run that. If this is not the issue, can you clarify on what you do to get up to that point where the error occurs.
  5. Your using an older version of the game. In your steam library, right click the game, go to properties > betas > and choose temporary_1_25 - 1.25.x for incompatible mods.
  6. Do you have no crash logs? Here is a couple of troubleshooting steps I made for you: 1. Restart your PC. 2. Re-download the installer from a different browser. 3. Disable your antivirus during the download and install of the mod. 4. Right click the game in steam. Go to properties > local files > verify integrity of gamecache 5.Reinstall the game (Not the mod), to make sure the game's directory is correct at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common. This is all I can give you with the information you have provided. What DLC do you have? Make sure the Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack is disabled. I hope this helps you, but if it doesn't then I may need more information.
  7. I tried to look into your issue, and I was surprised in what I found. It turns out that you have the game already linked to your account. HOWEVER, if you were trying to do this because you cant play, it is because you have been banned for attaching a trailer to a car, and you will be re-able to play again on the 19th of December, 14:04 UTC. Just to let you know, your next ban will be a permanent ban, so I recommend you read up on the rules before you play.
  8. I've had this problem before, and luckily I do have the solution. This crash only seems to happen when you go to the interior view of a truck while customizing it before you purchase it from the dealership. So so buy the truck and skip over the customization of the interior. Then drive the truck to a repair shop and do the customization there. The crash shouldn't happen there.
  9. If you don't have winrar, go ahead and download a program called 7zip. Once you you have either winrar or 7zip, right click the .zip file, and click extract here. This way the program handles opening the folder rather than windows. If the issue still continues, go ahead and try to download the mod from a different browser, or disable your anti-virus software. To me me if the programs winrar or 7zip cannot open it, then likely the .zip is being corrupted, either while it's downloading by your browser, or by a false positive from your antivirus. If if you disable your antivirus, be sure to download the mod from this site only. Hope this helps.
  10. Nope, this is an ATS DLC, and the same issue occurs in ETS2. It's the new update since the steering wheel is now rendered separate from the dashboard to allow the steering wheel adjustment, then SCS took advantage of it to add steering knobs, and create the DLC Yes, its seems they brought the compatibility to the repair shops, but forgot to bring it to the dealership. Or something like that.
  11. Or you could visit a dealership before taking a job since it connects when you go in a dealership. Simpler?
  12. Vá para o seu Steam biblioteca, clique com o botão direito no jogo e selecione Propriedades. Na janela pop-up vá para beta e escolha 1_25_x. Desculpe, Idont falam português, que eu espero que esta se traduz bem o suficiente para que você possa entender.
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