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  1. Scanva

    İberia Dlc

    When do you think Iberia Dlc will be released? What Are Your Views On This Dlc?
  2. Suggestion Name: The new option is the log of the game. Suggestion Description: Add the ability to record short game log. Any example images: none (see example) Why should it be added?: If configured to include the spawnlogs, they will get very large. I suggest that the ability to record only relevant information. Now one week spawnlogs can be larger than 200 megabytes.(C:\Users\Username\Documents\ETS2MP\logs\) I want to show you an example: Here is the log today: Here's what I suggest What are the benefits?: The size of the log will be much less. Find a Player in the log easier. There not will be a lot of unnecessary information, which almost nobody uses. Thank you for attention. Who cares, it would support the suggestion.
  3. Hello, is it possible for users who have bans to have access only to arcade servers ??? Please accept because it's a good idea
  4. [COMING SOON] We're just making some updates, standby. → Website: http://valtoxgaminggroup.com/ → Discord: http://discord.gg/valtox
  5. I believe that if developers added other cars to players, Euro Truck Simulator 2 MultiPlayer would be much more interesting and would bring more success to MultiPlayer mode. Add cars like: '' Skyline '' https://ets2.lt/en/nissan-skyline-gtr-r34-v2-0/ ... Some buses and bus trips, such as: '' EAA BUS '' http: //www.ets2world.com/eaa-bus-map-v5-1-update-1-35-ets2/ ... It would be much more interesting and would arouse more interest in many more users ... And if adding more car options to the '' Simulator '' in '' MultiPlayer '' mode would be much more interesting and not just a specific car model on the road. ! (Just a good tip for Multiplayer mode creators and good for players who just want to ride a varied car in Multiplayer mode) - ((Would make Multiplayer Simulator Mode a lot more realistic)) Ass: Sérgio L.
  6. Hi everyone, this suggestion is a trailer for cars. It's a flatbed and we can load some merchandise on it like cars, wood or palets. I think it might be a good idea because you can really load and unload this trailer, and it will change caravans !
  7. I'm new to PC gaming and ETS2 multiplayer and after creating a new profile I completed the first job which was no more than 30 seconds away. After completing it, I was told it was late by a long time, i can't even do any jobs on the market because there aren't any there. I've looked at money and XP mods that I've found out are ok with multiplayer, but no luck there. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Suggestion Name: Twitch Streamer Suggestion Description: I think TMP should make a team under the media team that stream on the TMP twitch channel Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: This should be added because, Horizon is very hard working with him community manager role and others in the media team don't really do as much.
  9. Hi , i have a problem with the CB RADIO CHANNEL. I use the default key that is "x" to active the left turn light , so suggest that in the options menu on the ETS2MP to activate the option "CB CHANNEL KEY" to change the defult to the user one. Sorry about my english. Translate this: ----------------- Hola estimados desarrolladores y usuarios de ETS2MP y ATSMP. Me gustaría dar a conocer mi problema y a ser posible , su solución, para que sea implementada en las siguientes versiones del mod. Mi problema es que para utilizar la emisora incluida en todos los camiones con este mod para hablar con otros jugadores , se ha de pulsar una tecla por defecto, la letra "x", en anteriores versiones la letra "v". Ahora va mi solucion. En los ajustes del tabulador del mod, incluir una casilla para seleccionar la tecla deseada para que funcione como activador de la emisora, ya que en mi caso la letra "x" la utilizo como intermitente izquierdo. No les puede adjuntar una imagen de lo propuesto por el momento, si algun admin lo requiere se la adjuntare con su debido permiso por otros medios. Gracias, y un saludo. "JOSE ANTONIO (ESP)."
  10. Boas, sou novo no mp, jogo ets já a 2 anos quase 3..... Gostava de saber se existe algum "grupo" ou "empresa" de Portugueses
  11. Hi there! Probably way too early to ask this as it is still in beta and under development as shown in the video, but i can't help it but ask some info on this really awesome new game mode you've been promoting where you can drive together ALONG ai traffic and such Mostly my questions are: How many slots are available to play together with What sort of server can we expect (as a public EU server, or entirely different) What or how will troll behavior be dealt with when in such a type of game mode Will (drivable)vehicles become a part of this game mode I completely understand if you don't feel like releasing too much info on this topic yet as it is in testing, but im just way too curious to not ask about it Kind regards, Alex
  12. SCS Software tarafından uzun bir süre boyunca beklenen ve Schwarzmüller DLC'sinden sonra oyuna eklenecek 2. römork DLC'Si olan Krone kapıda! oyuna daha fazla gerçekçilik katan bu römork DLC'sini SCS Software resmi İnstagram sayfasından aynen şu şekilde duyurdu; #SCSSoftware ve @kronetrailer arasındaki müzakerelerin başarılı bir şekilde sonuçlandırıldığını ve yeni bir DLC olarak kendi römorklarının bir listesini getirme konusunda el sıkıştıklarını gururla ve mutlulukla bildirmekten mutluluk duyuyoruz. Herkes için merak uyandıran DLC'nin fiyatı ise şu anlık belli değil. İyi oyunlar
  13. 1. What all does TruckersMP change, besides the job market? 2. Is it possible to disable TruckersMP, and still be able to use the profile? 3. What if you accidentally hit someone, will you be banned? 4. Should I record my gameplay at all times in-case I get unjustly banned? 5. Can you still hire drivers and such? 6. This is sort of off-topic, but what is World of Trucks? Thank you all.
  14. Hi there guys. I'm wondering if New Route Advisor by XEBEKzs is allowed to be used in MP? For me, it's more convenient to use. Thanks for all responses.
  15. Witam, mam problem z grą w świecie multiplayer, mianowicie chodzi o to że razem z bratem mamy jednego steam'a do ATS'A lecz dwa oddzielne konta na TruckersMP, mu działa a u mnie wyskakuje invalid email or password. Dodam że jego konto było połączone pierwsze z World of truck Jest ktoś w stanie mi pomóc ?
  16. Hey, I just recently joined the forums and I am excited to be here. I saw that many veterans etc. replied to my posts and I was wondering when I looked at their profiles, they have this +16 community reputation. I was wondering how you can get this or something like that. I know how the truck cargo works but about this community rep. I am not sure of. Could you guys tell me how it works. Thanks
  17. When they are going to insert double trailers in multiplayer, for years the developers show videos in the trailers, but they are not inserted into the game, I think they should create a server only to play with double trailers with some restrictions. Whoever wants to play with the doubles would enter a server and whoever does not want to play with the double trailers plays on another server normally Video: Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-TNFMyk6JE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNIn_P8wxmw
  18. Guest

    Can I update to this?

    There is a new update available: http://prntscr.com/fonkhl Can I update or should I wait? Regards, xaverracer
  19. Hello, This morning I wanted to play ETS2, I noticed that a new version of the game was released and I was asked by the laucher to downgrade the game, and so I did, after that I was able to launch the game through the TruckersMP Launcher but i was stuck "in Queue" when I tried to join the server, later I understood that the new version of the game was now supported, I re-updated the game and again the laucher asked me to downgrade, i talked to a friend and he could join ez, then we noticed that our launchers were different and I tried to once again to re-install the launcher but the problem persisted, I learned to press F1 and that openned the "Update WIndow" in the laucher and now whenever I press the "Install Available Updates" key he does it and goes back to the begining. I seem to not be able to update the laucher. I tried to remove all the files remaining after unninstalling the Launcher to fully reset everything. nothing seems to work. Here are some prints that might help u understand my problem: My launcher print: http://prntscr.com/epnkht (the launcher says that the supported version is 1.26) My friends launcher: http://prntscr.com/epnthq (1-27 is the supported version on his) My Steam version of the game: http://prntscr.com/epnkrv P.S: As if that wasn't enough now I cant close the update window in the launcher.
  20. Bonjour, bonjour à tous & à toutes ! Je suis Morpheus ou Gnikolic pour faire simple et nous sommes une nouvelle entreprise qui recrutons ses premiers chauffeurs ! Si vous, Aimez les convois Aimez discuter Aimez la route Ou pour passer du bon temps, Alors venez chez IGAME, nous recrutons nos premiers chauffeurs ! Comment postuler ? - Tu as plusieurs options, soit en allant sur notre site web : Igame.pe.hu/forum/candidature, ou alors sur notre team-speak : Si tu as plus de questions, n'hésite pas à nous les poser
  21. - coucou a tous je viens de crée ma team et je recherche des chauffeurs pour me rejoindre. je recherche des chauffeurs qui respecte les règles le codes de la route et les autres chauffeurs^^ mais aussi des chauffeurs qui soient souvent connecté ( selon leurs temps disponible ). Si tu est Français, portugais, ou brésiliens, et que tu respecte les meme choses que moi alors tu est le bienvenue ajoute moi sur steam : hooligann93 bon jeux a tous
  22. Hallo liebe Community! Schaut mal bei Chris Maximus vorbei, der hat ein tolles Info-Video zum kommenden Schwertransport DLC hochgeladen! MfG Xaver
  23. Türkiye haritasının oyuna dlc olarak gelmesi için destekte bulunursanız çok sevinirim. En azından yeterli çoğunluğu toplayıp ''TruckersMP'' yöneticileriyle konuşup ''Bakın biz bu kadar imza topladık lütfen gereğinin yapılmasını arz ederiz'' deme şansımız olur. Bu iş ciddiye biner. https://www.change.org/p/truckersmp-türkiye-haritası-nın-oyuna-dlc-gelmesini-isteyenler
  24. Is it better to start a new profile or use one used before? I have one profile and bought the game yesterday about 20 hours ago to be more exact, and i started that profile back when i used the demo, it doesn't have any mods with it but i'm a level 3 and have about 20,000 Do you recommend i restart or keep using that profile
  25. Новое обновление уже почти здесь. Мы хотим избежать огромного потока сообщений об обнаруженных багах и прочих замеченных вами недочётов, поэтому релизы обновлений будут выходить поэтапно - сперва в свет выйдет обновление 1.24 для ETS2. Разумеется, это вынуждает Вас чуть дольше ждать, но уже через день-два мы запустим открытое тестирование нового патча и для ATS, вместе со штатом Аризона. Как и при любом крупном обновлении в патч вносятся сотни изменений и настроек, но мы хотим заострить ваше внимание на двух самых главных нововведениях, а также не большим списком прочих изменений. ОСНОВНЫЕ НОВЫЕ ВОЗМОЖНОСТИ: Онлайн-заказы теперь доступны прямо из игры - так же заказы доступны по всей карте, включая дополнения Скандинавии и Польши. Смоделировано физическое сцепление грузовика и прицепа.(опционально) - новый вариант сцепки полностью симулирует физическую сцепку прицепа с грузовиком. Новый продвинутый способ сцепки в действии: ◉ Код: Отключение сообщения о превышении скорости; Существенно улучшена симуляция гидротрансформатора; * Улучшено автоматическое переключение передач; Добавлена поддержка XInput; Добавлена поддержка 4-го и 5-го контроллера управления; Поддержка контроллера SKRS; Поддержка селекторов переключения передач (диапазон, сплит) для определения положения рычагов. ◉ Данные и моды: Переработаны грузовики Scania, добавлены некоторые аксессуары (бампер, брызговик, решётка и пр.); Изменены названия групп некоторых аксессуаров для интерьера, модам потребуется обновление; Параметры повреждений и некоторые другие (включая износ и факторы повреждений) "вынесены" из game_data.sii; Данные управлением двигателя (график крутящего момента, ограничение максимальных оборотов); Добавлены данные обратной связи для Xinput ( (force_feedback.sii) Добавлены данные физики гидротрансформатора, отдельные данные для сцепления трансмиссии с ручным управлением. (physics.sii).* (* Ред. @alex-rondo) Уже сейчас вы можете установить новый бета-патч из Steam (клиент Steam → БИБЛИОТЕКА → ПКМ на Euro Truck Simulator 2 → Свойства → БЕТА → public_beta - 1,24 public beta) ВНИМАНИЕ!! 1. Перед использованием тестового патча сделайте резервные копии ваших профилей игры. 2. Мультиплеер НЕ поддерживает тестовый патч.
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