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  1. Is additional customization mod legal on MP? i saw some pictures and videos with this on mp but im a bit scared that i could get bann'd. Can you help me?
  2. Alright I have read the news, I have downloaded and installed Frosty 7.0 to the Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod and I can play Euro Truck Simulator 2 with snow without any problems but I cannot play TMP mod with the Frosty 7.0. I cannot even activate it. Screenshot related, look at the red ! mark
  3. Youtube kanalımda çektiğim canlı yayınlar ve videoları burada paylaşıyorum iyi eğlenceler dilerim arkadaşlar Youtube Kanalım Twitch Kanalım Discord Steam grup Facebook kapalı grup Facebook Sayfası
  4. HI, Im pretty curious to know how did he manage to fit those lights on the roof without a bar?, also carefully look at some other modifications such as lightning at the bottom. Please tell me
  5. Od danas je i Generator na Hrvatskom jeziku. Kompatibilan je sa zadnjom vezijom TMP-a. Link: Generator (u desnom uglu izaberite jezik) Original Post : Ovdje!
  6. Just a General question many of my friends and I would like to know the answer to.
  7. My computer is very bad and cannot run multiplayer ETS2 so i use GeforceNOW to play Ulra settings and stuff, is there anyway i can play multiplayer on there? Workshop mod or anything?
  8. Whats a good XP gaining mod to get for Truckers MP?
  9. Hago este foro es para poder permitir que este modo en el modo multijugador, no causa conflicto alguno, ni nada Mod de enlace: https://ets2.lt/en/danish-curtains-for-scania-next-gen-v2/ Gracias
  10. Can I? I don't want to risk getting banned since I just got the game. I did play this game on my brother's account so I have experience with TruckersMP (a lil' bit), but I really don't want to get banned. Can I use it? If you wanna check what mod I wanna use: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=192045 .
  11. Fransa DLC Eklenti Paketi Olmadan Multiplayerda Çalışmaz! Görseller: [Göreseller Alıntıdır.] Schwarzmuller Eklentisine Ait Dorse: Not: Birden fazla aynı mod oyunda çökmeye sebep olabilir. Mod tüm oyuna ait dorselerde çalışmaktadır. Fransa DLC eklenti paketi olmadan multiplayerda çalışmaz!. Dorseler 1-25 Ton arasında çıkmaktadır Test Edilen Sürüm: 1.30x Yapımcı Black Sky Orjinal Konu → Normal Oyuna Ait Dorse Modunu İnirmek İçin Tıkla ←
  12. When I find mod recommendations in other topics, many answers mentioned a list of mod which can be used in EST2MP, but when I click in, system said that I don't have promission to see the content, just like the image below shows. Is there anyhing wrong with my account? I can't find instructions about how to unlock promissions or get new promissions What should I do?
  13. Arkadaşlar biri bana yardımcı olabiir mi ? birinde görmüştüm ön cama yazı yazmıştı bende yazmak istiyorum lütfen biri bana yardım edebilir mi ? save mı paylaşsam yardımcı olabilir mi ?
  14. Bonjour a tous ! J'ai besoin de votre aide aujourd'hui car je reprend ets2 et pour améliorer mon expérience j'ai télécharger deux mode : Real European Gas Stations et Real European Companies mais ses dernier (qui fonctionne très bien en solo ) lorsque je passe en multi , le jeu me dit : "incompatible ou supprimer" Donc ma question est :les mods même graphique sont interdit en multi ?
  15. I tried a mod for open window sound from the steam workshop but it's apparently not allowed in MP.
  16. I know mods in general, are not allowed in TruckersMP, but I do not see what the problem is to make small changes in textures. I particularly hate the interior of the Volvo (2009), it was made in a time when SCS did not pay much attention to detail. I wonder if there is any way to bring these minor modifications to the multiplayer, or if there is a place I can submit mods for approval. Sorry for any error, was translated by Google Translate.
  17. Hey! So i wanted to try ETS2 multiplayer again but i was wondering if this mod is allowed to be used in TruckersMP. I am running a triple screen setup, and each time i want to look at my navigation, or look at my damage i have to break my neck to see the values i want to see. With this mod its right in the center to view for me. As far as i am aware this is not a game breaking mod and (imo) should be able to be used. But I will not try this until i am sure i won't get banned for using this mod. Thanks. Niek
  18. Hey I'm Interested in using my VR Headset in ETS2 Multiplayer I know that VR works in ETS2 but don't know how to use it in MP. Does anyone use it and could help me to set everything up? Greetings Morris
  19. Game: ETS 2 MP Mod Version: Installed & Current Updater Version: Supported ETS2 Version: Current Patch Version: Controllers Used: Xbox One for Windows 10 (with wireless adapter) Description of Issue: I deactivated the winter mod since months, but I it is snowing. Yesterday I didn't have snow for 1-2 hours. But today I have snow again since I get connection to EU#2. And also we've got an ne wupdate today with the following text: "With winter over it's time to start the spring cleanup and to start
  20. 4ntolGaming


    Hello Do you know some good and working on mp mods?
  21. I got this message ingame.... but why xD
  22. Guest

    Mods im ETS2MP nutzen

    Hallo zusammen, Ich habe schon bei vielen auf dem MP Server gesehen, dass sie Lampen und Lackierungen von Mods hatten. Also habe ich mir im Steam Workshop einige Mods abonniert, die im Singleplayer auch funktionieren. Im Multiplayer werden sie allerdings gar niicht im Mod-Manager angezeigt. Weiß jemand was ich machen muss, damit diese mir auch im Multiplayer angezeigt werden? MfG Kilian
  23. I've clicked every single link on Youtube and Google, and I still cannot figure out how to get my mods working on ETS2. I tryed making saves, changing trucks and everything - doesn't seem to work, doesn't detect them in any way. Is it possible that ets2mp is attempting to load mods from different location than ets2 (non-multiplayer)? Well, I created folders everywhere, and still doesn't work. (just ate half of my remaining empty hard-drive space) Thanks in advance Here's another question What do other people see, when I equip modded truck paint
  24. Hello. I would need information on how to add a second function to a key. As for MP, the police turn on the siren I'd like to know what I need to do to add this option to the modification (not necessarily .ogg playback) i mean when you press in MP as police button "J" then lights was worked normal but in the same time is turned sound .ogg (siren) specific one sound and i would know how to do that DO NOT USE IN MP ! ! ! DO USE SP ONLY !
  25. Hi guys, may i know how to indentify that the player is using no damage mod or not?
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