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  1. Honestly, I didn't read through all the comments, but I suppose I am not the only one pointing out the following: You are talking about >trolls<. Which means, players, that like to annoy people through reckless driving, blocking and damaging serious players' vehicles. Now what would this "solution" bring? Sure, some players might make good use of this. But most of the trolls are here to literally frick you up. And they can still join the Simulation servers and keep doing what they were doing so far. Those are the main problem in my opinion. Trucks without trailers, that come with 150km/h from behind and while they overtake, pull into you, you, completely wrecked, behind the guiding rails, them, driving off with almost no damage. So how would that help?
  2. Finally released, instantly downloaded. Put the .scs in the mod Folder, but starting it through TMP doesn't work. The game starts normally, but it doesn't Show the mods in the mod Manager or even tell me that there are new mods available. To a friend of mine, the same Thing happens. But if we launch just the ets2.exe, so in Singleplayer, all fine. everything works, mod Manager Shows it all. Looking Forward to answers! Happy trucking :)
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