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  1. EricPlayZ137

    GeForce NOW

    Yep. You can now close this thread!
  2. EricPlayZ137

    GeForce NOW

    I know it is against the rules, but I wanna enjoy the game in 60 fps :/
  3. EricPlayZ137

    GeForce NOW

    Well, I have successfully ported it to GeForce NOW and works just fine at max graphics! No lag! I find it so enjoyable at 60 fps lmfao!
  4. EricPlayZ137

    GeForce NOW

    I've found some bugs which allow me to access files from GeForce NOW and stuff, I got to the point of TruckersMP installation, but I need admin in order to install it (since it does registry things from what I could see from decompilation). I'm trying to make it portable by somehow manually putting the directory of the game in the TruckersMP launcher code and stuff, no luck so far. Still trying. Any help? Really wanna play the game at 60 fps lol
  5. EricPlayZ137

    Can I use a changed steering physics mod?

    Yes. This thread can be closed.
  6. EricPlayZ137

    Can I use a changed steering physics mod?

    Ah, thank you. I didn't even know I can't use mods in TruckersMP
  7. Can I? I don't want to risk getting banned since I just got the game. I did play this game on my brother's account so I have experience with TruckersMP (a lil' bit), but I really don't want to get banned. Can I use it? If you wanna check what mod I wanna use: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=192045 .