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  1. Guys thank you so much for replying and helping me out. @SalePro Yes exactly, I have two installations of ETS one I got from my friend and I play that as single player and second one I bought from steam. I will keep your solution in mind if the problem occurs again. But for now it fixed automatically right after an hour I posted this thread. Its strange I didn't try to fix anything all I did was to play the single player and take "World of Trucks" jobs and after an hour I thought to give it a try and it worked my profile was back on ETS2 MP as well. Thanks again, its fixed. Thread can be archived.
  2. Hi, so this evening I was playing the game online normally and due to afk I think I got kicked and then tried to login again but my profile was gone as well. Checked it playing in signpe player I can see my profile there but not showing up on online mode. Please help me with this cant play starting a new one.. ;(
  3. Hi So I started up truckersmp app to play the game today like normally and saw that they enabled the winter mod but as soon as I went into the game there was no snow all the map was normal for me. Please gyide me to enable the mod?
  4. Loving the "Beyond the Baltic Sea" DLC <3 :D

  5. Suggestion Name: Crowded Ghost Mode Suggestion Description: As you all know the traffic situation in cities like Calais and Duisburg where nobody follow traffic lights and the service station road in duisburg is always jammed. So system in such situation should automatically activate ghost mode for all players in that area. Basically system should apply ghost mode for all who are stuck for long in a tight defined radius. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: prevents chaos in tight places like getting in out and out in service areas etc and saves time for many drivers who are on urgent deliveries.
  6. Actually I am new to online trucking world although being playing this game from 2 years. There is no problem actually I was not accepting any external contracts jobs world of trucks only takes that information not your normal quick jobs information. Its resolved thank you
  7. Title says it all. World of trucks profile is not getting data from game but when I uploaded the avatar on world of trucks profile it reflected on in game profile. But the data from game to world of trucks profile is not updating although it shows connected and when quiting game it some seconds to synchronise dats to world of trucks profile but nothing is there. Please help
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