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  1. E2XU

    Save Editing Tutorial (In-Depth) + Video

    Thanks a lot @LordBenji! My issue was that I didn't change the last digit in the address line... By the way, I happened to see a video earlier in this thread of yours. And I noticed that you weren't taking any damage when you should of had. Is that also available through editing files? I can't find it on my own and you seem like a professional in this field
  2. E2XU

    Save Editing Tutorial (In-Depth) + Video

    Don't know if this thread is so active anymore, but hey it's worth a shot. Basically, my issue is that I want to put a roof grill from my Scania S 2016 on to my Daf XF. The thing is, I can't get it to work. I have tried following your tips as best as I can but it just doesn't want to go my way. My savegame crashes as soon as I start it up. Anyone care to help me out? Bear in mind that I'm not a complete beginner to save editing. I used to be quite good at in the past, but time has taken its toll on me... Thanks in advance! (Tag @LordBenji)
  3. E2XU

    New Car

    Suggestion Name: Add a new car to the shop Suggestion Description: I think we all both love and hate the Skoda car that already exists in-game. But we, or atleast I, am getting a bit tired of it. Therefore I would like to see some other cars added. I think it adds some variety on the roads, and while ETS is a truck simualator game I can still see the possibilities of the Management of TruckersMP to add a few other existing models. Any example images: See image Why should it be added?: Give people the freedom to drive what they want as long it follows the general rules of the servers. It's also refreshing to see different vehicles from time to time!
  4. E2XU

    Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack DLC?

    Thanks for your answers everyone, just can't understand why these have a different hitbox though
  5. Hello everyone! I don't know if this topic has been discussed before, but i decided to write one anyway. My question is regarding the Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack DLC that was released about 2 months ago. Why aren't the trailers compatible with the latest version of the Multiplayer? It just says; Select another job, please. This job is unsupported, but we can use the Schwarzmüller Cabin Accessories in our trucks? Why can't we use the trailers after 2+ months? They are the coolest trailers in the game, and we can't use them in Multiplayer, which is a bit dissapointing. That concludes my post, hope you have a nice day. Sincerely, KViZT
  6. E2XU

    Account Help ( Changinng e-mail)

    Thank you @LIGHTOFGOD! I was looking here on the forums and stuff, didn't find it. Thanks for the link, will gladly use it
  7. E2XU

    Account Help ( Changinng e-mail)

    ^ No no no, please dont ban me I just wanted to change my email, but i dont know how. I should of mentioned it in the main post, sorry i got you confused. Im still banned, and i know that. Unless the appeal gets accepted. ErikWinqvist
  8. E2XU

    Account Help ( Changinng e-mail)

    ^ I dont wanna evade my ban, i know that it's there for a month unless my appeal gets accepted. I just cant find where i can change my email, cause i wanna use my new one!
  9. Hello everyone, i just have a quick question. I dont know if this is the place to ask, but i'll leave it to the moderators to move the topic. My question is if you can deactivate/delete your account on TruckersMP, in order to create a new one? Thankful for answers. ErikWinqvist
  10. E2XU

    Guide to Making Hybrid Trucks/Cars

    Nevermind, mistake on my part. Didnt notice it said autosave, which is the actual latest save when you exit the game. It worked now when i did it with the autosave file. Thanks @DJ Lewis for this guide, really helpful. Will definitely play around with it more!
  11. E2XU

    Guide to Making Hybrid Trucks/Cars

    I just cant get this to work, i have followed all the steps, but my Skoda is still the same color that i bought it with. Im pretty noob at this so i just repainted my Scania R which was the example truck in teh guide, and copied and pasted all those lines of text, into the Skoda part. But it doesnt work for me, for some reason. I followed the guide 100%. Save format 2, Copy Scania R paint job to Skoda, and save the game.sii and put it back in the profile document. Can i get some help here? And also, would you mind expanding the guide so we can learn how to change the wheels/tires and lightbars because "doing the same as with the paint" is not a very informative answer to us beginners here / ErikWinqvist
  12. E2XU

    Public opinion about Traffic Control

    Ok, i wanted the forums honest opinion and now i have it. I will adapt to it, to avoid any more trouble in the future. Thanks for understanding. / ErikWinqvist (Edit: This can be moved into Solved section)
  13. E2XU

    Public opinion about Traffic Control

    I dont wanna be that whiny little kid yelling "Reported!" in the chat, i wanna help. Call me mini admin or whatever. Im gonna quit everything about my little fun hobby. Forum: 1 kViZT: 0
  14. E2XU

    Public opinion about Traffic Control

    I have seen alot of players with tags like this. I dont get it why i got so picked on. Traffic Guard? Traffic Safety Car? Help Car? As i said in my reply above, this is just something i do when im bored. From now on, ill stop doing it. @HumaneWolf, i dont understand how its misleading. I dont see how it would be connected with TruckersMP staff. If it was Traffic Police, ok. But Traffic Control, no. @littlerfoot_22, as i said, i have never blocked off traffic or such. I havent broken any other rules. I have only done this "control" twice. Is it such a big deal?
  15. E2XU

    Public opinion about Traffic Control

    But @jukeboxknox, im not physically controlling the traffic. All i do/did is/was to look over the traffic, if i see someone speeding i politely tell them to lower their speed. If im driving around and a crash happens, i alert other trafficants by typing in the chat about it and putting my hazard lights on (not blocking traffic). If i see someone ramming/trolling i tell them to stop what theyre doing, as trolls are ruining this game. If they dont, i go to the report section. Basically, i stay well off the road at some locations, just "controlling" traffic. I have never acted as police, such as pulling someone over, or blocking off traffic/roads. I wanna make that completely clear for everyone. I even talked to [Admin] Burner some nights ago (think it was May 8th or 9th) and i asked him about his exact topic (and some other stuff related) and he didnt really bother that much. As long as i didnt act as administration. And i havent done that. Seriously, all i wanna do is to help the community, and try my best to get rid off the trolls. I think we all can agree on that they are ruining our experience. I cannot understand how some arent more understanding.