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Virtual Trucking Company

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Found 145 results

  1. [RLC] TehRamsus_

    Heads Up Display (HUD) Work MP

    Hey truckers! Are you tired of the normal navigator? 1. Go the Binds settings --> And search Quick save --> Set bind, what do you want 2. Go the game and press button, when you just set (Quick save) 3. Attention!!! Do not forgot buy gps to glass. (Customice your truck). 4. Now time to download HUD files. Link: https://sharemods.com/paonbcrpbm9c/extern10.zip.html 5. Search your Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder. Windows: Documents --> Euro Truck Simulator 2 and extract to file (extern10). 6. Download SII Decrypt. Link: https://sharemods.com/h6pozzt4ti8h/SII_Decrypt.rar.html It is safe. 7. Search your Quick save --> Euro Truck Simulator 2 --> profiles --> your current profile --> save --> And search quicksave folder. Drop the SII_Decrypt file here 8. Drop game.sii on the SII_Decrypt 9. Now open game.sii and search "gpslight". You maybe see this: 10. Now you delete this command (red bar). Replace at this: "/home/extern10/def/vehicle/truck/scania.s_2016/accessory/drv_plate/gpslight.sisl_tr.sii" 11. Now save file and start game. 12. Load Quick save. Enjoy! You can try at this mod to multiplayer. Please ask, If you have any problems with the mod! -Rasmus
  2. Winter fashion for multiplayer . Will snow this year be multiplayer? Last winter, a mod winter was released for multiplayer. Now we are approaching Christmas. How many days does this mod be released?
  3. Presents 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaway! Atlas Gaming Group WILL be doing a giveaway each day until 12th December on their DISCORD Server! All you have to do is head to the #12_days_of_christmas channel and enter there! We'll be giving out a range of steam keys at around 4:30PM GMT everyday. Click Below to join our server NOW! Merry Christmas from all of us here at Atlas Gaming Group
  4. Youtube kanalımda çektiğim canlı yayınlar ve videoları burada paylaşıyorum iyi eğlenceler dilerim arkadaşlar Youtube Kanalım Twitch Kanalım Discord Steam grup Facebook kapalı grup Facebook Sayfası
  5. Godishere

    How did he do that?

    HI, Im pretty curious to know how did he manage to fit those lights on the roof without a bar?, also carefully look at some other modifications such as lightning at the bottom. Please tell me
  6. BlackEagleTMP

    [Mod] Generator za uređivanje prikolica

    Od danas je i Generator na Hrvatskom jeziku. Kompatibilan je sa zadnjom vezijom TMP-a. Link: Generator (u desnom uglu izaberite jezik) Original Post : Ovdje!
  7. Just a General question many of my friends and I would like to know the answer to.
  8. My computer is very bad and cannot run multiplayer ETS2 so i use GeforceNOW to play Ulra settings and stuff, is there anyway i can play multiplayer on there? Workshop mod or anything?
  9. E2XU

    New Car

    Suggestion Name: Add a new car to the shop Suggestion Description: I think we all both love and hate the Skoda car that already exists in-game. But we, or atleast I, am getting a bit tired of it. Therefore I would like to see some other cars added. I think it adds some variety on the roads, and while ETS is a truck simualator game I can still see the possibilities of the Management of TruckersMP to add a few other existing models. Any example images: See image Why should it be added?: Give people the freedom to drive what they want as long it follows the general rules of the servers. It's also refreshing to see different vehicles from time to time!
  10. G4M3P1X3L

    Favourite mods in ETS2?

    So this is my first post and I would like to hear from some other players what are your favourite mods you use in ETS2? I like using ReShade and the winter mod when it is winter.
  11. PRC*LongmenInt'I.215

    What's the best mod you've ever played in this game?

    What's the best mod you've ever played in this game? Can you share your feelings?
  12. Hello, I started creating modifications that allow me to take from the market one and the same load (eg. a yacht) from each company (in other words, only one and the same trailer is available on the entire map in market) but I would like that after switching off this modification (or wanting to be more precise I mean enter the multiplayer mode thanks to the TruckersMP mod) I still have a hooked yacht and the game to see that it is a yacht with a given weight (not a cement for example). I have created several versions of this modification, but each has some disadvantages. Version 1 (base) - Download This is a base version of modyfication. This is only visual change of trailers but the cargos and weights are not changed. Every files in \def\vehicle\trailer\ location has changed. For example: brick_trailer.sii excavator.sii Version 2 - Download Here I modifired the same files as in version 1 but here in additional I edit a every .sii files in \def\cargo\ directory without subfolders. For example: acetylene.sii carrots.sii The success is even ok, but only partially. Yes, all loads are called Yacht, weigh 6.5 tons, but in the game files they are still not yachts and after switching off the modification the appearance of the trailer itself remains as a yacht, but the game informs me that I carry, for example, cement weighing 22 tons. This is a section of game save after save with this mod: This is a 2 main versions of mod but I try to every variables: - Version 3: with *.sii files in \def\cargo\*\ location and try to change a trailer def: but this is not working, - Version 4: with edit a \def\cargo.sii and similar from DLCs and try to remove all @include except a yacht cargo. It even worked but the number of generated trailers in market not satisfied me because I would like a many the same trailers from the one city (in this example from Poznan I have one yacht trailer and from Lodz I have nothing). - Version 5: with edit a \def\vehicle\trailer_storage.sii and similar from DLCs and try to remove all @include except a yacht trailer but it works the same or worse than the previous example (v4). Sincerely? I ran out of ideas, so I thought to try and ask for help here. Maybe some of you know the golden mean for my problem. I want the modification to always show that I am carrying a yacht (as a trailer and as a cargo in information - F6 or menu) and that it doesn't generate an economy reset. Examples 1 and 2 don't generate an economy reset, but the others probably do.
  13. xKyranStormx

    Xp mod?

    Whats a good XP gaining mod to get for Truckers MP?
  14. TimeTimes

    Best modded truck

    What do you guys think is the best modded truck in ETS2? With this i don't mean truck accesories, but actual trucks.
  15. [TZ] Juan Pi [COL]


    Hago este foro es para poder permitir que este modo en el modo multijugador, no causa conflicto alguno, ni nada Mod de enlace: https://ets2.lt/en/danish-curtains-for-scania-next-gen-v2/ Gracias
  16. FernandaTrans


    Researching found several photos and footage proving the existence of frosts and snow during the winters in oregon in real life, it would be very interesting a mod during the winter in the ATS enabling snow in the parts of the states that really snow during the winter .... there could also be bogs with the high snow index, hinder the passage on some roads, making the players appreciate the natural beauty of this phenomenon of nature and can feel a bit the adrenaline of driving on the snow in oregon during the winter
  17. Can I? I don't want to risk getting banned since I just got the game. I did play this game on my brother's account so I have experience with TruckersMP (a lil' bit), but I really don't want to get banned. Can I use it? If you wanna check what mod I wanna use: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=192045 .
  18. Mandarin Adam

    Renault Dorse Modu (MP)

    Fransa DLC Eklenti Paketi Olmadan Multiplayerda Çalışmaz! Görseller: [Göreseller Alıntıdır.] Schwarzmuller Eklentisine Ait Dorse: Not: Birden fazla aynı mod oyunda çökmeye sebep olabilir. Mod tüm oyuna ait dorselerde çalışmaktadır. Fransa DLC eklenti paketi olmadan multiplayerda çalışmaz!. Dorseler 1-25 Ton arasında çıkmaktadır Test Edilen Sürüm: 1.30x Yapımcı Black Sky Orjinal Konu → Normal Oyuna Ait Dorse Modunu İnirmek İçin Tıkla ← → Schwarzmuller Eklentisine Ait Dorse Modunu İndirmek İçin Tıkla ←
  19. When I find mod recommendations in other topics, many answers mentioned a list of mod which can be used in EST2MP, but when I click in, system said that I don't have promission to see the content, just like the image below shows. Is there anyhing wrong with my account? I can't find instructions about how to unlock promissions or get new promissions What should I do?

    Cama yazı yazma

    Arkadaşlar biri bana yardımcı olabiir mi ? birinde görmüştüm ön cama yazı yazmıştı bende yazmak istiyorum lütfen biri bana yardım edebilir mi ? save mı paylaşsam yardımcı olabilir mi ?
  21. Riolou

    Impossible d'utiliser des mods

    Bonjour a tous ! J'ai besoin de votre aide aujourd'hui car je reprend ets2 et pour améliorer mon expérience j'ai télécharger deux mode : Real European Gas Stations et Real European Companies mais ses dernier (qui fonctionne très bien en solo ) lorsque je passe en multi , le jeu me dit : "incompatible ou supprimer" Donc ma question est :les mods même graphique sont interdit en multi ?
  22. I tried a mod for open window sound from the steam workshop but it's apparently not allowed in MP.
  23. MateusDamazio

    How to use texture mods

    I know mods in general, are not allowed in TruckersMP, but I do not see what the problem is to make small changes in textures. I particularly hate the interior of the Volvo (2009), it was made in a time when SCS did not pay much attention to detail. I wonder if there is any way to bring these minor modifications to the multiplayer, or if there is a place I can submit mods for approval. Sorry for any error, was translated by Google Translate.
  24. HomePage670

    That Poppy Dorse Modu

    Merhaba Kamyoncular! THAT POPPY Bildiğiniz gibi İllumunati üzerinden prim yapan bir insandır. Bende eğlencesine yapayım dedim. HİÇ BİR GİZLİ MESAJ YOKTUR! Görsel : Modu beğendi iseniz lütfen yoruma yazınız : ) Modu paylaşırken Lütfen bildiriniz. Fotoğraf: HomePage670 Yapım : HomePage670 İnşaat : SCS Software,Euro Truck Simulator İndirme linki : http://www.dosya.tc/server12/sj1u2l/t-poppy_dorse.zip.html DUYURU! : LÜTFEN DOSYANIN İÇİNDEKİ NOTU OKU!
  25. HomePage670


    18 MART ÇANAKKALE ZAFERİ KUTLU OLSUN! NE MUTLU TÜRKÜM DİYENE! Dorse yapımcı : HomePage670 /ben/ Sürüm : Fark Etmez Alım : TRANSİNET ŞİRKETLERİ Kurulum : Modu yükledikden sonra EuroTruckSimulator 2 > Mod klasörüne atınız. oyuna girin ve mod yöneticisinden aktif edin. indirme link : http://s7.dosya.tc/server4/v7sju3/18_mart.zip.html