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  1. when I came on the main screen multiplayer password in the password section gives an error found such an e-mail password, but the system can not log in to the right you help me
  2. Game: Eurotruck Simulator 2 Mod Version: Controllers Used: Keyboard Description of Issue: During the login screen i can't use "@" on field "e-mail adress",you have to open a text app like notepad, write an "@" and copy it into the e-mail field How to reproduce: Start game, wait for login screen and try to type an "@" (STRG + ALT + Q or ALt GR + Q) Screenshots / Videos:
  3. Hello. I have question, can you unregister my old account " email-deleted "? I registered it in 2016 and i lost ETS2 on my old steam account. Now I have new steam account with ETS2, but i can't login, because I can't register new account on TruckersMP. Thanks for answers.
  4. Hey guys, The password I use for TruckersMP does work for the TruckersMP website, but not for the client... How do I resolve this issue? Thanks in advance... -Tom
  5. Hello! I've been trying to connect my World of Trucks account to my TruckerMP account. I took a break for a few months (playing ets2) and back then my World of Trucks was connected to my account, since i started playing again i was wondering if i could do some external contracts. From what i saw i had to connect my World of trucks again, so i tried to login but with no succes.. I thought you know what maybe i just forgot my password, so i tried to change it on their site but it kept saying(see image). This also appeared when i tried to do 'forget my password' ?? Now i really don't know what the problem is or what i did wrong or am i missing something? i have no clue.. If someone could help me with this i'd appreciate it! Love Yung Ken
  6. Hello, I have just downloaded trackersmp. I’m registered and i have linked my steam account where I have ETS2 purchased but when I try to login I can’t. First the screen window didn’t let me to use ‘@‘ so I had to copy and paste but now it just says that the information is wrong. I have tried some things from forums but nothing.
  7. So yesterday i played truckers mp for the first time after some time,and it worked perfectly.Now,after one day, i can't log in ,with the same informations,but on your site i can.I have Ets2.How?
  8. Hello, I have been playing TruckersMP for a while and today when I wanted to log in I got the "Invalid email or password." notification. What do I have to do to fix this? Things I have tried: Changing email : Did not work Changing password: Did not work
  9. When I enter the server, my game exits the main screen.I enter, everything normal, I choose the profile, everything normal, loads normal then when I boot into the drive it loads up a part and when it connects on the server the game minimizes and it stays that way.
  10. Hello all! Sorry for my english! I played ETS2 yesterday (muliplayer). But today I can't enter to multiplayer mod (see attached image). Please help me! Note: I read these 2 pages (but these didn't help me):
  11. This is an error that sometimes occurs. After logging in, I will click the "Drive" button in the lower left of the menu to enter the map. But, after doing this, the game will load into a completely blank world, without scenery, or other vehicles rendering. Only solution I found is to force quit with task manager, launch the game again, and hope it doesn't occur.
  12. Hallo Community, ich bin hier neu und habe eine Frage an euch. Vielleicht, kann einer von Euch mir dabei helfen. Mein Kumpel möchte auch den Multiplayer zocken, leider scheitert er bei der Registrierung auf truckersmp. Immer wenn er "Sign in with Steam ID" drückt und sich dort versucht mit seinen Steam - Daten anzumelden, kommt eine Fehlermeldung, dass er das Spiel nicht besitzt... Er hat ETS2 natürlich in seiner Steam Bibliothek. Er hat es ca. 16h gespielt. Sein Steam Profil ist öffentlich. Theoretisch, sollte sich doch dann das ganze verbinden lassen. Falls irgend jemand hier dazu eine Idee hat, wir wären Euch sehr dankbar! Mit freundlichen Grüßen Stephan aus Nordhausen / Thüringen und Thomas aus Garmisch Partenkirchen / Bayern
  13. Ok so i'm developing a system and i really want my users to link their TruckersMP account with their account on my system. The way i want to do it is by them linking their truckersmp account which would allow my system to automatically update their truckersmp id on my system. Have you guys got OAuth2 setup so that would be possible? If not would you guys be up for doing this?
  14. Eu gostaria de saber se vcs podem atualizar meu jogo ATS, para versão, essa versão foi atualizada pela Stean, a alguns dias, e depois disso não estou conseguindo logar pelo Louncher de vcs, eu quero jogar online, e todas vez que tento logar sou informado que a versão que tenho não é compativel, a versão do louncher esta em Por favor me ajudem, só quero ter o jogo que comprei do jeito que eu comprei. Isso é meu direito. obrigado pela atenção.
  15. Hello, Got the last version of the game and the launcher, but when I press "launch ETS2" button it start the game and then the menu to log in don't show and my mouse is blocked ...
  16. Hello there, I've been using ets2 for a long time with joy and i really appreciate your efforts on that. however, i've bought ats couple months ago, and decided to play it on mp but my login information does not working with ats. i can play the ets2 without problem according to site: Linked games: Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator but not working with the same password or information tried both username or mail but not working at all. any suggestion for this problem? all those faq ones on the forum tried already. oh also a side not. my single player ATS game has world of truckers connectted already if anything releated to this one. thanks
  17. hi i try to login on the client it says invalid email or password. then i reset password and try again but still says invalid email or password!
  18. Hi, I cannot log in on the program it self that loads up and then you have to select a server to login in. I can however log in on to the website but not the software to use the actual multiplayer function. The program just keeps saying that the credentials are wrong, but they work on the website.
  19. Hi guys! I have some problem.. I can login to my account at the website but i can not login to the game.. Thanks!
  20. Best TruckersMP I cant login with my account. It says: invalid email or password. Also if i want a new password it doesnt work. Help me please Erik
  21. Rumak

    cant play MP

    i can't play multiplayer after the update. when will you update your truckersmp servers?
  22. Здравствуйте, друг забыл почту на которую регистрировал аккаунт на сайте, что ему делать? Вот ссылка на профиль стима http://steamcommunity.com/id/Thu_Reiaze/
  23. Hi, My friend would like to play ets2 mp, but he forgot his e-mail and password. When he tries to create a new account it says "Steam ID's already associate with this account". Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/SirGustavo
  24. Before today, it is shown Login page when I click TruckersMP.exe. I can select which server I want to play on. Hongkong, Europe 1, Europe 2....... However, I click TruckersMP.exe today, login page wasn't shown. Program linked steam and start the game directly. I couldn't play online with Multiplayers. Please help ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sorry, I found problem. I put some music in \Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\music. Is my behavior prohibited ? Can I listen my own music via game radio when I play multiplay ?
  25. I cant login on game screen! it keeps saying invalid email or password! im sure its correct, i already change it to see if works... nothing its a litle stupid when i can login on web site and in here, and i cant on game I already copy pasted from a note pad and nothing. when im typing the email i cant wring the @ too its like its a bug from my key board.. its realy anoying
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