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  1. @sko0923 I have 4GB VRAM and 8GB RAM, and the game runs fine normally when it works, but it'll still sometimes boot to a blank screen.
  2. This is an error that sometimes occurs. After logging in, I will click the "Drive" button in the lower left of the menu to enter the map. But, after doing this, the game will load into a completely blank world, without scenery, or other vehicles rendering. Only solution I found is to force quit with task manager, launch the game again, and hope it doesn't occur.
  3. The ETS2MP launcher says it is not responding when I attempt to click play. I am running windows 8.1, I've verified ETS2 on steam, and I have fully re-installed ETS2MP. None of that has helped, can anyone give me some help? EDIT: Launching with DirectX or OpenGL does not help. EDIT #2: All fixes provided in this thread do not work. EDIT #3: Each time the launcher crashes it opens a backround process named "Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Steam"
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